Sean V Sean



Sean v Sean is the premier podcast for people who enjoy uninformed idiots arguing.


  • Sean vs Sean: Valentine’s Day Special


    Love is in the air as the Seans talk about their successes and failures in love. Mostly, Sean George’s failures. Advertisements

  • Sean vs Sean: Of Presidents and Musicals


    Seangeorge asked Sean Sullivan to write a blurb for this episode but  Sean Sullivan was walking Escape from New York and only has one thing on his mind: saving the President from the Duke. So while Sean Sullivan starts an endless series of sit-ups to get in 80s Kurt Russel shape and while Seangeorge figures out a […]

  • Sean vs Sean: Sean vs Sean vs Click vs Clack


    “In this corner, two tons of hate with a splash of desperation. In this corner, two cackling mechanics from Cambridge, living on the dole. The match is scheduled for one fall. Bear witness to the fight that will determine once and for all, the undisputed, misinformed, moronic duo of all time. This is Sean vs […]

  • Sean vs Sean: The Wonderful World of Disney


    “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are unless you’re the Seans who’ve been wishing each other dead for years. This week the Seans set aside their differences and team up to take on the one true leader, Walt Disney, himself. Plus an update on the 100 acre forest fire!”

  • Sean vs Sean: Bob Dylan Goes Electric Wheelchair


    “Watch out, aging rock gods! This week Sean George is handing out death sentences and Sean Sullivan willingly volunteers way too much informational  about his shitty taste in music. All this plus a FBI profile of a posse of insane clowns.”

  • Sean vs Sean: Hell House


    “This week The Seans fight for their ever-loving souls as they take on Hell House. Plus, hot sauce on funnel cake? It’s a helluva good time!”

  • Sean vs Sean: Lockdown


    “This week, travel back in time as Sean vs Sean shares a recently resurfaced recording that was thought to be lost to time. Through the power of digital recording technology, we’re proud to present the earliest known recording of the Seans. Please enjoy “Hal Roach Presents Lil’ Seans in Lockdown”

  • Sean vs Sean: Easter Special


    “in this Easter special, the Seans throw down over Sean sullivan’s extensive teapot collection while Seangeorge provides more evidence for why he’ll die alone. Also, Puppet Benches!”

  • Sean vs Sean: Twilight Zone


    “You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of dumb and stupid. A journey into a terrifying land whose boundaries are that of unknowable stupidity. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: Sean vs Sean vs the Twilight Zone!”

  • Sean vs Sean: Black Swan


    “The Seans discuss Black Swan”