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I am a filmmaker, photographer, activist, musician, and a radio host. This is my podcast. I am the CEO and creator of GATEWAY2THEGODS.COM. On this site I talk to people from all over the world about religion, science, history and metaphysics. website:


  • Episode 26 - Mary Josephine (Soul Singer/Entrepreneur)#RON ALPHA

    08/03/2015 Duration: 38min In this interview I talked with Mary Josephine. She is a soul singer and entrepreneur. Mary Josephine is the CEO and creator of "IAM" Artist Inspired Movement. I got a chance to play some of her songs on the show and we talked about her business and how she plans on helping fellow entertainers learn how to market their brand. She is such a giving person, lets give her something back and support her music. click on the links below to see more of Mary Josephine. Instagram: @inspiredartistmovement | @josirsmusic | @mjosephinemusic Twitter: @inspiredartistm | @josirsmusic | @mjosephinemusic Youtube: Bandcamp:

  • Episode 25 - DJ Priority (producer/DJ)#RON ALPHA

    04/03/2015 Duration: 57min In this interview I talked with an old friend who goes by the name DJ Priority. We talked about how he got started and what helped him become a great producer. We played a few records of his and talked about his viewpoint on Music, life and Spirituality. This is a great interview, I hope you enjoy it. Check out his music and find out more about him in the links below. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Email:

  • Episode.8 – Que - Clothing designer/artist of PEACE DENIM CO.

    26/04/2014 Duration: 01h02min Podcast Ep.8 – Que - Clothing designer/artist of PEACE DENIM CO. In this episode I talked with Artist/clothing designer Que of "Peace Denim Co.". He explained what it was like for him growing up in a tough area and how he avoided the traps of living in the inner city. He is a strong minded individual, he shared with us how Yoga and meditation changed his life. He also said that traveling to Tokyo opened his eyes to a whole new world and meeting his wife made him a better person. check out his clothing line and website on the links below. Website: Twitter: Tumblr: Facebook: