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  • Forgiveness Heals: Rose Simmons Interview

    02/07/2019 Duration: 34min

    In this very special interview, Tiffany speaks with Rose Simmons. Rose is the daughter of the late Rev. Daniel Simmons who was one 9 people murdered in the horrific church shooting that occurred in Charleston South Carolina in June 2015. Rose and family members of the other victims have chosen to forgive the white supremacist who committed this act of hate. In this interview, we talk about her father's legacy, why she choose forgiveness instead of hate and the documentary Emmanuel. This documentary executive produced by Stephen Curry and Viola Davis, and produced by Mariska Hargitay explores the choice of forgiveness and the aftermath and impact of the shooting on the city of Charleston. Dive in!    

  • Legendary Legacy: Brittney Bogues

    06/06/2018 Duration: 40min

    In this episode we are getting caught up with communications expert and advocate Brittney Bogues. Brittney shares what it was like growing up as the daughter of NBA legend Muggsy Bogues, which include play dates with Stephen Curry. We talk about her personal experience with domestic violence and why more women should share their stories. Brittney also gives actionable steps women can take to heal and move forward. There's a fun discussion of our picks for the 2018 NBA finals. There's a fun discussion of her father's role in the iconic 90's classic Space Jam. This was such a vibrant conversation. Dive in !

  • Taking Solace in the Unknown w/ Julian De La Paz

    16/05/2018 Duration: 36min

    In this episode Tiff catches up with Julian De La Paz . Julian is the Executive assistant to the EVP of Content Strategy at NBC universal, writer, and on air contributor for the Hoda show on Sirus XM. Julian shares how he made the transition from International studies to the Entertainment business. We talk about the importance of tapping into your network and having mentors to guide you. Julian tells us why it's ok not to have everything figured out after graduation.  He shares how he got the amazing opportunity to be on air contributor and work with the fabulous Hoda of the Today show. We also have a fun discussion on what you should be watching on USA network and his favorite NYC brunch spots. This episode has so much Encouragement and Inspiration. Dive In ! Follow Julian Instagram Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Twitter Instagram Facebook

  • Multidimensional Millennial: Jasmine Smith

    09/05/2018 Duration: 37min

    In this episode we are speaking with Jasmine Smith, the founder of Jasmine Smith & Co, a day of wedding coordination service based in Washington, DC. She details her unconventional start of first becoming a mother then entrepreneur, and  she shares the elements of maintaining a side hustle.  Jasmine also shares what it means to be a multidimensional millennial and why millennials are one of the best generations yet. We also get into some fun stuff like are millennials getting married? How you can save money planning your wedding and why you need a day of coordinator. So many great takeaways in this one. Dive in !   Learn more about Jasmine: Day of Wedding Coordination Services Instagram Facebook Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Facebook IG Twitter

  • The Oil Mastermind: Lauren Barnes

    18/04/2018 Duration: 28min

    In this episode Tiff chat's with Lauren Barnes the founder and CEO of the Oil Mastermind. Her mission is to  mission is to empower a new you  mind, body and spirit. Lauren shares why she left a lucrative career in corporate America in favor of entrepreneurship. She shares with about why its important to take authority over your health and how essential oils can help you do just that. Lauren tells us that we shouldn't be afraid to present ourselves as "Masterminds" in whatever field we are in and the importance of walking out in who are created to be. So much encouragement in this one ! Dive in    Learn more about Lauren The Oil Mastermind Facebook Get social with us: Instagram Twitter Facebook

  • Hip Hop & Stocks: Dr. Eric Patrick of the Black Market Exchange

    10/04/2018 Duration: 40min

    In this episode we are chatting with Dr. Eric Patrick, aka the Hip Hop Stock Doc. Eric is a pharmacist and the founder of the Black Market Exchange ,the #1 urban investment education site for millennials and aspiring investors that have been underserved.  We chat about the inspiration behind the Black Market Exchange, Easy first steps to enter the stock market, and realistic expectations when investing. Dr. Patrick explains whether or not we have missed the Bitcoin wave and how cryptocurrency works. He also shares what's up next if you're looking to invest in the pharmaceutical industry. We also talk hip hop sharing our favorite albums and artists. This episode is jammed packed with a wealth of knowledge. Grab your notepad and dive in.  Learn more about Dr. Patrick The Black Market Exchange IG Facebook Follow Us: Facebook Instagram Twitter

  • Wild Cozy Truth: Renee M. Powers

    27/03/2018 Duration: 28min

    In this episode Tiff is chatting with Renee Powers, a feminist life coach and podcaster. In this episode we discuss just how much women like to talk about sex in safe spaces. We have a very real discussion about if authenticity is possible in a world driven by social media. Renee also shares what she is reading with her book club. We get into Renee's work as a feminist life coach and how she is specifically helping millennial women break free of societal norms and become the best versions of themselves. Dive in !   Learn more about Renee: Wild Cozy Truth IG Follow Us @getcaughtuppod IG Twitter Facebook

  • The Intersection: Anuli Akanegbu Interview

    06/03/2018 Duration: 44min

    In this episode we are talking to branding specialist and creator Anuli Akanegbu. Anuli is a social science nerd and communications expert with a background in research and strategic planning. She is also the creator/ curator of the Intersection newsletter. In this episode we discuss identity in the African diaspora and how to navigate the layers of your identity in the various spaces you occupy. Anuli also shares about her personal mission of representing women of color in corporate spaces. We get to Anuli's experience with solo travel and just how liberating it can be. There's is also recommendations for great brunch in NYC and podcasts we think everyone should be listening to. Dive in ! Get to know Anuli Subscribe to the Intersection    Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Facebook  Instagram Twitter

  • For the Culture: Blavity Co-Founder Jonathan Jackson

    20/02/2018 Duration: 41min

    In this gem of an episode we are going in depth with Blavity Co- Founder Jonathan Jackson. Blavity is the largest platform for Black Millennials. We discuss the foundations of this start up, and the importance of being a part of a team that truly cares for one another and how Blavity was able to raise 1 million dollars in seed money. Jonathan also shares what "for the culture" means to him and how he is breaking rules and tearing down stereotypes. We also have a fun discussion about dating in your late 20's and Jonathan shares the valuable lessons he learned thus far on the dating front and the importance of committing to friendships. This episode is packed with gems from start to finish...Dive in ! Learn more about Jonathan: Personal website Insta Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Facebook Insta Twitter

  • Demystified: Getting Back to the Financial Basics w/ Dominique Broadway

    06/02/2018 Duration: 32min

    In this episode we are talking with award winning personal finance expert Dominique Broadway. Dominique has been featured on many prominent platforms from,, US. News to name a few. Dominique talks about her previous work managing and growing the finances of high net worth individuals and how that led her to bring her experience and knowledge to help her fellow millennials.  She talks with us about establishing and rebuilding credit, how to get started investing, budgeting, student loan relief and so much more. We get in detail about investment products like Roth IRA's and 401k's and where you should be focusing your financial resources. This episode is jam packed with valuable information, so grab your note pad and dive in.   Learn more about Dominique: Instagram (Dominique Broadway) Facebook Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Instagram Facebook Twitter  

  • nycTIES Meet the Members Series Featuring Rebecca Bellamy

    30/01/2018 Duration: 19min

    In this special sponsored episode We are chatting with Rebecca Bellamy a member of nycTIES. nycTIES is a long-running networking and volunteer organization geared toward young professionals in New York City. She shares with us about her work at Moody's investor service, her favorite restaurants , and favorite places to get lost in the city. Rebecca also shares the value of being part of a service organization like nycTIES.   Learn more about nycTIES Facebook Instagram Follow us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Facebook Instagram

  • It's Handled: Not Being Defined By Defeats

    23/01/2018 Duration: 36min

    In this episode we are talking with crisis communicator and expert communications strategist Safiya Simmons. She shares with us her journey into the world of Public Relations. We discuss what its like to work for high profile clients like former DC public schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and Congressmen Elijah Cummings. Safiya open up about what its like to make very public mistakes (like having your emails end up in the Washington Post) and more importantly how to grow and recover from these mistakes.  She shares insights on how we can figure out what on resume can put money in our pockets, why she created the Leap luncheon series as a safe space for women to define themselves. We talk about her book Walking on Water and how we can create opportunities for ourselves. We all have very real conversation about Police brutality in the United States. Safiya shares her perspective as a police officers wife and how we the tax payers can become change agents affecting one of most pressing issues of our time. This e

  • There is Messaging in Everything

    09/01/2018 Duration: 37min

    In this episode we talk to Krysten Copeland the founder of KC & Co Communications, a Washington DC based PR firm.  We talk about Washington DC’s messaging/image problem under President Trump. Why it's important to cultivate your brand even if you don’t think your industry requires it,  leveraging your social media, becoming a small business owner and the discipline that comes along with it, answering the ever important question of who has the best brunch ?  New York City or DC. Get social with us everywhere at @getcaughtuppod Facebook Twitter IG Learn more about Krysten: Twitter IG

  • Detroit vs. Everybody Part 2

    05/12/2017 Duration: 37min

    In part 2 of our conversation with J. Mallory we get more into in his other acting roles on Homeland and Quantico. We talk about the rich characters J portrayed on both of these television dramas. There's more Defenders talk, particularly about the iconic jailhouse scene with J and Mike Colter. We delve into J. Mallory the person. He shares his secrets to a successful relationship when both partners are career driven and how they handle potential sex scenes (juicy !) J shares his journey into  the Vegan lifestyle (there's a Cornelius Smith aka Marcus from Scandal connection) and so much more ! More info on J. Mallory Follow J. Mallory Follow us everywhere at getcaughtuppod Facebook Twitter   Instagram

  • Detroit vs. Everybody Part 1

    28/11/2017 Duration: 21min

    In this special two part episode, we are talking with actor, stylist, and vegan activist J. Mallory. A Detroit native, J shares with us about growing up in D town and attending Cass Tech where his classmates included Big Sean and Cornelius Smith aka Marcus on Scandal . (Other notable alumni include Diana Ross and the late Della Reese). We get into how he was able to break into the acting business in New York City. J Mallory also shares his amazing experience as an understudy for Blair Underwood in the first all Black production of a Street Car Named Desire. We also get into his work on Marvel Netflix’s The Defenders. We talk working with Mike Colter & so much more. Dive in !

  • Everybody Going Vegan

    21/11/2017 Duration: 34min

    In our Thanksgiving special we are talking to food blogger & on air food personality Johnna French of Johnna Knows Good Food. She shares with us her favorite recipe tips (pumpkin spice sweet potato mash anyone?), Thanksgiving host and guest etiquette. She shares ways to make Thanksgiving staple dishes more interesting, as well as some healthy alternatives. We have a fun discussion about the questions millennials are tired of being asked at holiday dinners & in a world where everyone is going vegan how do you know what to cook?. Also we finally get to the bottom of just how many to go plates one is allowed to take home. This episode is fun & festive so dive in !   Follow Johnna Twitter Facebook Follow Us everywhere @getcaughtuppod Facebook IG Twitter

  • No Flight Necessary

    15/11/2017 Duration: 38min

    In this episode we are talking all things millennials and travel with Lo Millie the Founder/CEO of Can't Stay Put, a unique travel brand. Lo shares with us the process that put her on a journey of quitting her job to traveling the world. We discuss the amazing story of how she was able to travel through south east Asia on a budget of $30 dollars a day. Lo gives insights  about what it means to be a traveler not a tourist. Lo also shares some the amazing opportunities she has created for herself like scouting locations for experiences for Travel Noire as well as brand collaborations with Reebok. She shares her recommendations for the most LIT destinations, hidden gems here in the United States as well as the best places to get a spiritual tune up. We chat about the value of traveling without getting a passport stamp and why millennials should value travel as more than a means to stunt on our peers.  Plus Lo shares details about her upcoming No Flight Necessary travel event series. There is so much here, dive i

  • Great Vibes, Great Food

    10/10/2017 Duration: 34min

    We are chatting with Justine aka the Grocery Goddess. In this episode we are talking about alternative natural medicines that include vodka. We also discuss creating healthy habits, going Vegetarian, and the realness of Mercury retrogrades. Justine also shares with us how she was able to develop here own spiritual identity and why its important to be transparent as a food blogger. So much to learn  in this episode. So dive in.   Learn more about Justine Instagram Check us out at:

  • We are Highly Recommended

    26/09/2017 Duration: 33min

    In our Season 2 premiere we are talking to Marquis Williams the founder & CEO of the wine curation service Highly Recommended. We chat about growing up & bossing up in Harlem, his journey into the wine business and becoming an Entrepreneur. We also discuss navigating the wine space as a Black man.  Marquis also shares his insights into successfully investing in the wine business. This one is full of gems. Dive in ! Learn More About Marquis: Highly Recommended (website) Instagram   Follow us:  Instagram Facebook Twitter

  • Consistency is Key

    20/06/2017 Duration: 39min

    In this episode we are joined by Singer/Model Demi Grace. Demi shares with us what its like to rehearse/perform with Beyonce (mind blowing). She shares how she was discovered in NYC to star in a national ad campaign for Pantene, becoming the first woman with locks to do so. We chat about her world music sound and her experience being raised by Nigerian parents living in the United States. There tips for anyone trying to break into the music/fashion industries and so much more. There are so many great takeaways. Dive in !

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