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You can hear Danny and Jarryd live on Wednesday nights (5pm - 7pm). Download the Tune In app and follow Bondi Radio.Or if you've got stuff going on Wednesday nights. Listen to this podcast. A couple of comedians trying to make sense of things whilst playing some great music is what it's all about.Listen!!!


  • Danny and Jarryd - Behind Karralak Vol.1 Podcast

    05/11/2014 Duration: 33min

    Danny and Jarryd have taken a couple of weeks off. What have they been doing? Relaxing? Chilling? Taking a break? NOOO!!!! We've been working our asses off on a TV Pilot that is part of our graduation project at uni. So from now, each week we're going to bring you a new off-air podcast to keep you up to date with what's going on. Each week we'll have a different crew/team member on the podcast to have a chat. This week: Chris Hopley We've spoken about this guy so many times from day one and we've finally got him on. Listen to him be confused about what exactly a podcast is (he thought he was getting interviewed).

  • Danny and Jarryd EP 21 - Unplanned: Live

    11/10/2014 Duration: 01h05min

    Although we had made the announcement that we were going off air in week 20, we thought we'd SQUEEZE in one more show! This was completely unplanned, chilled out, laid back and relaxing...? It's a short one, we didn't know what each other were going to talk about at all! Danny sent Jarryd out on the street again. Enjoy and keep up to date with us on a few more off air podcasts to come! Then we'll be back live and better!

  • Danny and Jarryd 20th Episode Special!

    05/10/2014 Duration: 01h42min

    (Recorded Wednesday October 1st) IT'S OUR 20TH EPISODE SPECIAL! What a HUGE exciting show this was. So first things first we had Danny's best mate of 11 years James aka Dollar Bear guest hosting, The FINAL EVER EDUCATING JARRYD! In this special final edition of Educating Jarryd Danny educated him on Benson! Who produced the track which was used as the Educating Jarryd theme song. We also got him on the phone to hear Jarryd's review LIVE!! To wrap up Educating Jarryd Danny put together a quiz for to see if Jarryd has been Educated. And as announced on facebook, the boys interviewed the amazing legendary king of sound - Beardyman. Listen into the podcast, go like our facebook page and have a GREAT DAY!!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP19

    27/09/2014 Duration: 01h08min

    (Recorded 24th September 2014) This week on the show: Bad presents, weird side effects from medication, Danny and Jarryd's Buzz List - What we've never done in Sydney, Big Brother being terrible, Inside The Comedy Studio with Ray Badran and our second last edition of Educating Jarryd (Justice)

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 18

    22/09/2014 Duration: 01h07min

    (Recorded Wednesday 17th September 2014) This week: The biggest surprise you've ever received or given, The most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you, Inside the comedy studio with Matty B, going to the movies by yourself and Educating Jarryd (Jacques Greene)

  • EP 17 Jarryd's Birthday Special

    13/09/2014 Duration: 01h10min

    (Recorded Thursday 11th September 2014) LISTEN IN! So this was Jarryd's surprise birthday special! A whole bunch of crazy stuff happened and Jarryd had no idea about it. Things including his best friend Claire coming in and co-hosting the show, Bianca Del Rio surprising Jarryd on the phone and making him freak the hell out! And a whole bunch of other hilarious shiz! A very special thank you to Bianca Del Rio for being so freaking awesome and chatting to us for so long! ENJOY and write on our wall to wish Jarryd a happy birthday! www.facebook.com/dannyandjarryd

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 16

    03/09/2014 Duration: 01h17min

    (Recorded 3rd September 2014) This week: Strange things on your bucket list, What words do you always mispronounce?, We play blind charades with someone who's listened EVERY WEEK, Inside the comedy studio with the very funny Daniel Muggleton, Educating Jarryd (Fake Blood) and The Crowd Funding Talk Show with Natalie Rull!! Share it round! Like our facebook page and have a bloody great day!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 15

    28/08/2014 Duration: 01h20min

    (Recorded 27th August 2014) This week on the show: What are you loyal to?, Buzz list: 10 conversation fillers, What was your celebrity let down?, Inside the comedy studio: Up and comer Mitch Garling, Educating Jarryd (Tipper) & The Crowdfunding Talk Show with Karina Banno and Maree Seminovas. Keep listening and share the love around! Danny and Jarryd x

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 14

    21/08/2014 Duration: 01h15min

    (Recorded 20th August 2014) This week on the show: The most girly thing guys do vs the most manly thing girls do, A new segment: Reference Check, What's your nostalgia?, New Sydney up-and coming comic Jamie Kirk joins us on the phone, Educating Jarryd (Discodeine) and Sydney up and coming filmmaker Brodie Pyke tells us about his pozzible fundraising campaign. Much more coming up. Tell ya friends and keep the love coming!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 13

    13/08/2014 Duration: 57min

    (Recorded 13th August 2014) This week on the show: Jarryd 'tries' to scare Danny, Jarryd's 'weight loss' list, Your irrational fears, When you thought you saw someone famous with a special guest telling us their story, Comedian Tom Ballard joins us on the phone to talk about his new TV show 'Reality Check', Educating Jarryd (Diplo) and the boys give a well deserved salute to Robin Williams. Enjoy! Stay safe Xx

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 12

    11/08/2014 Duration: 49min

    (Recorded 6th August 2014) This week: Danny scares the crap out of Jarryd (literally), Your natural go to 'high', Ad break! (Danny and Jarryd take the piss out of themselves), When you accidentally injured someone, Danny sends Jarryd on a scavenger hunt live from the studio and Educating Jarryd (Girl Talk)

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 11

    11/08/2014 Duration: 01h14min

    (Recorded 30th July 2014) Back in action for the 11th show. This week: Your worst restaurant experience, Danny's buzz list: What to do instead of downloading TV/movies illegally, Complaint department: undeserving celebrities, Lazy baseball robots, Your biggest bulk buy, The boys have made an upgrade to the studio!!, Educating Jarryd (The Subs), Continuing on from last week and hopefully for the first (and hopefully only time) - Educating Danny Spread the word! Enjoy!!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 10 - 10th Show Special!

    11/08/2014 Duration: 01h13min

    (Recorded 23rd July 2014) OUR 10TH SHOW!!!! IS FINALLY HERE!!! WE DID IT!!! What a fantastical show this was! First up we had a whole bunch of celebrities on the show to congratulate us on this huge milestone. As well as comedian, beatboxer and rapper Jarred Jekyll joined us to be our first in studio guest! He gave us a quick lesson on beatboxing and layed down a "Danny and Jarryd 10th Episode" theme song!! (Included in the podcast!) Also featuring a guy that ACTUALLY WORKS IN RADIO!! Mr Sean Michaels! (This whole interview was recorded with Danny off mic! YAY PROFESSIONALISM. Let's not let that happen again). He dropped in to give us some tips on how to make it in the commercial radio business, also what we need to look out for! Educating Jarryd this week on Mr Valentine (aka Danny from Danny and Jarryd) *Not included in the podcast - Danny did a remix of the first 9 shows to help celebrate the 10th show. The remix can be heard at soundcloud.com/dannyandjarryd ENJOY AND KEEP LISTENING!!!!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP9

    19/07/2014 Duration: 58min

    (Recorded 16th July 2014) A week away from our 10th episode, this was a massive episode full of funny chit chat. This week: Man dates, Danny's mate Jack, The worst lists from Buzzfeed, Apple employees are apparently not attractive, The Complaint Department, Educating Jarryd (SBTRKT) and the worst advice Jarryd was given. Next week's the big 10 so spread it round to your friends!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP8

    02/07/2014 Duration: 50min

    (Recorded 9th July 2014) NUMBER 8! So close to double digits! And this was a HUGE show!! This week on the show: Telling someone they were in your dream, What to do in Sydney on an extreme budget, Our segment "Ad Break" (formerly hot spot ads) is back!, The least famous, famous person you know, Educating Jarryd X2 this week!! (Claude VonStroke and Hudson Mohawke) and another complaint from our complaint department. Thanks for listening!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP7

    02/07/2014 Duration: 54min

    (Recorded 2nd July 2014) We're back with revenge! After a one week hiatus it was so glorious to be back live in the studio. If you didn't get to catch us live on our triumphant return, fear not - The podcast is here! And here's what's on this episode - What have you bought from an infomercial?, A new segment! - The Complaint Department, What stresses you out, that probably shouldn't?, Tips for recovering and preventing cold and flu's (THIS IS REAL GOOD STUFF HERE!) and of course everyone's favorite segment Educating Jarryd (This week - Digitalism). Download and listen away! It truly is great stuff.

  • Episode 6 - The First Official Off Air Podcast

    30/06/2014 Duration: 46min

    (Recorded Sunday 29/06/2014) Danny was so sick last Wednesday the boys had to cancel the show! So as not to fall behind on episodes, we've recorded a special Off-Air podcast! It's mellow, it's laid back and it's still as funny and entertaining as you'd like it to be. Also to spice things up, the boys are joined by a very special guest, they talk about him all the time on the show, the one and only Daniel Leuzzi. On the Show: Sick Danny, Dan's haunted house, other hauntings, the podcast recording gets interrupted by a phone call, A New segment (and possible ongoing segment on the show) - Leuzzi's Facts and job interviews It's 46 minutes of absolute mayhem (well it's actually pretty laid back, but just listen to the damn thing)

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP5 - 18th June 2014

    19/06/2014 Duration: 54min

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is NUMBER 5. This Week: Jarryd steals Danny's intro, The boys have a 'GRAM OFF', Jarryd had to wait a long time in the line, When something's been spoiled for you, A new segment - Subtle promoting, Public transport, Complain to us!, The worst thing you've eaten for breakfast, Educating Jarryd (Deadmau5) and the gram off results. Listen!! Otherwise we're those weird guys that talk to themselves.

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP 4 - 11th June 2014

    11/06/2014 Duration: 46min

    TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!! OH NO!! We were a little late starting due to some technical difficulties (even though we said it was because we were late, hash tag trying to look professional). What a great show this was. THIS WEEK: Something you love that everyone else hates, Jarryd talks about breaking his personal LAZY record, A BRAND NEW SEGMENT!, Interview with the fantastic Musician Moorea, Jarryd's unhealthy diet and Educating Jarryd (The Phantom's Revenge) TELL YA FRIENDS!

  • Danny and Jarryd Podcast EP3 - 4th June 2014

    09/06/2014 Duration: 42min

    They say third times a charm, we'll let you be the judge of that. THIS WEEK: Danny's sexy voice, problem with Barista's, Danny and Jarryd's commentary on the "State Of Origin", How Danny's 'ocean jokes' went down at his gig, Jarryd was CATFISHED!! :O, Educating Jarryd (Moby), Profile picture likes and Jarryd's santa photos

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