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Coffee and books: two of my greatest loves. But there is so much more to a book than just writing. Come on in and take a load off while we enjoy some caffeine with our words. Welcome to Jessie's Coffee Shop.


  • JCS -- The Real Book Spy Ryan Steck (best of)

    23/06/2018 Duration: 01h15min

    Jess is chasing down a story so she'll be back next week on The Coffee Shop

  • JCS - Lexi Miles Run

    16/06/2018 Duration: 59min
  • JCS-- The Real Book Spy

    02/06/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    Ryan aka The Rappologist or the Real Book Spy and Jessie talk Thrillers and more

  • #JCS Steve Bassett Father Divines Bikes

    05/05/2018 Duration: 01h09min

    Offering an extensive look inside the history and urban problems — and how they began — in post-World War II Newark, New Jersey like never before, author Steve Bassett releases the first in the trilogy, Father Divine’s Bikes [BookBaby, April 2, 2018]. In this noir crime thriller, Bassett melds character, time and place into a mosaic that uncovers the plight of a city on a downward spiral immediately after the war, a time when our nation was basking in the afterglow of victory.A gangster war, three murders, a gun-toting paperboy, and the numbers racket lay bare a dark, compelling story in a world of poverty and hopelessness from which there is little hope of escape. In the autumn of 1945, a battle rages when the city’s competing mobs end their truce. When it gets bloody, other criminal forces are ready to move in. Citywide corruption is endemic. Bookies using Father Divine’s controversial International Peace Mission Movement as a front, recruit two Catholic altar boys, Joey Bancik and Richie Maxwell, to run nu

  • #JCS Dawn Davis-- Falling Book 2 - The Tower Room Series

    28/04/2018 Duration: 56min

    Suddenly transported to Queenston, Ontario in the year 1813 when the Americans are in control of Fort George during the War of 1812, Leo meets historical figures of the time, principally Laura Secord and her family – Loyalists who have moved to Upper Canada to start a new life.The startling transposition of time and place changes Leo in ways he will only realize when he returns home – most importantly his relationship with the two young children who become his teachers in methods of survival during a time of war. Not knowing where he is or even who he is, Leo learns quickly what living on the edge is all about. The surprise that awaits him when he returns to his own time is one he could never have imagined.

  • #JCS Jack Carr The Terminal List

    21/04/2018 Duration: 01h00s

    In TERMINAL LIST, Lieutenant Commander James Reece is compiling the most dangerous list in America; on it are the names of individuals at the highest levels of government and the military, each of whom has played a part in a treacherous, vicious plot that left Reece’s entire team dead in a catastrophic ambush and resulted in the murder of his loved ones. With nothing left to lose, he’ll target them in an equally brutal fashion, without regard for the laws of combat or the rule of law.Website:

  • JCS Maaja Wentz -- Feeding Frenzy

    07/04/2018 Duration: 59min

    Witches — necromancers — inappropriate table manners!The three-hundred-year-old town of Loon Lake looks calm as a pond, but below the surface, clans of witches and wizards clash like hungry sharks.First-year student Tonya isn't privy to her family's darkest secrets, but when campus is overrun by a deadly eating epidemic, only she can resist the hidden, mind-controlling entity behind it.Meanwhile, Tonya’s new friends, artist Priya, and Digital Ninjas Drake and Zain, want to create the creepiest art installation Loon Lake Cemetery will ever know. Too bad what’s lurking in the graveyard is deadly.Untrained and overmatched by occult conspirators, Tonya will need to develop magical abilities she never knew she had. Can she uncover the mystery behind the epidemic and save her town?

  • #JCS Rebecca Kightlinger - Megge of Bury Down

    03/04/2018 Duration: 59min

    Set in thirteenth-century Cornwall, on a sheep farm in the shadow of Bury Down – known for a thousand years as the land of the second sight – a healer has vowed to face flames rather than fail in her one task in this life: to bring her young daughter to vow to protect The Book of Seasons, an ancient grimoire whose power sustains the spirits of all their ancestors.On the night of her vow-taking, wanting only to become a woman of Bury Down like her mother and aunts, and drawn by an inexplicable yearning to possess her mother’s book, Megge reaches for it. But when she touches its cover, it burns her fingers and she hears it whisper, “Murderer.” Fearing that the book will make her harm those she loves, she rejects it and renounces her birthright.To what lengths will Megge’s mother go to help the child find the courage to take that vow? And how far will Megge go to elude a terrifying destiny? This newly released title, Megge of Bury Down, addresses family issues prevalent in today’s world in a tender yet c

  • #JCS JM West -- Dying for Vengeance

    24/03/2018 Duration: 01h07min

    In the first Carlisle Crimes Case, Carlisle Detective Erin McCoy battles the jitters as the first woman in Homicide partnered with Senior Detective Christopher Snow. They’re tracking a serial killer who’s stalking family members embroiled in an inheritance dispute. The elusive perp dispatches his victims with toxic chemicals. As the detectives chase clues and connect the victims, their mutual attraction blooms while she nurses him after a shooting incident. But sparks fly when FBI Special Agent Howard offers McCoy a job if she’ll train at Quantico. McCoy resurfaces in Carlisle when a co-worker tells her that she has a rival for Snow’s affections. Facebook:

  • #JCS Cynthia Robinson -- Birds of Wonder

    17/03/2018 Duration: 01h13s

    Set among the hills and lakes of upstate New York and told in six vibrantly distinct voices, this complex and original narrative chronicles the rippling effects of a young girl’s death through a densely intertwined community. By turns funny, fierce, lyrical and horrifying, Birds of Wonder probes family ties, the stresses that break them, and the pasts that never really let us go. Birds of Wonder is available via Amazon and other fine booksellers. To learn more visit and connect with Robinson on Goodreads and Instagram.

  • JCS -- The Boys You Dont Take Home -- Alexander Atlas

    10/03/2018 Duration: 01h15s

    Alexander Atlas — a man who was used to winning — knows how the dating game works. He played it himself for years before settling down, and watched woman after woman fall for the same tricks. In his new, brazenly honest dating guide, The Boys You Don't Take Home: Game Secrets, Atlas takes women inside the male mind and shares his past, one-sided relationship perspective. Using colorful, lesson-packed anecdotes, he introduces readers to the "mama's boy,” the "bad boy,” the "player” and the "scrub” and shares his tips for spotting their deceitful tricks and traps. Atlas covers a wide range of topics that include:• How to identify "Mr. Wrong”• How to move on from heartache and heartbreak• The telltale signs of cheating• Dealing with rejection• How to use your relationship as inspiration for personal success• Understanding the signs of emotional abuse• How to stop wasting your time on unworthy men Readers may recognize some of their own dating mistakes and disasters between the covers of The Boys You Don't Take H

  • Laura Heffernan Discusses Reality Wedding

    03/03/2018 Duration: 59min

    When Jen Reid escaped a reality TV cruise with her relationship intact—if not her hair—she swore she was done with the cameras for good. Sure, she and Justin met, had their first kiss, and got engaged with tape rolling, but manufactured drama and ruthless producers have shaken them up more times than she can count. With Jen’s reality-themed bakery just getting started and her brand-new lawyer fiancé in a pile of debt, they’re a long way from glitz and glamour, and that’s fine by Jen. Until the Network calls and tells her that unless she says “I do” to a wedding special, Justin will be out of a job. Now Jen has two weeks to plan an all-expenses-paid “dream wedding”—and dodge the tricks and traps of a showrunner happy to mess up her future in the name of ratings. Luckily for Jen, she’s got plenty of experience with cake and popcorn. But when real-life drama and reality TV twists collide, the cliffhangers may just follow her right down the aisle . . . Laura Heffernan is proof that watching too much TV actually c

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