Oh Mylanta Bb



We talk about what we see on Big Brother. Be entertained


  • WBB Wanna Be Bragade

    20/08/2015 Duration: 16min

    Every Alliance is just trying to be the greatest alliance . . . the Brigade The Meow Meow is a legend 

  • Steve, The Winningest Winner

    13/08/2015 Duration: 19min

    "Dude you have not won anything" Until now Big Brother Double elimination pre-show show. . .show

  • Bouncin Cheques

    08/08/2015 Duration: 10min

    The Professor has a Phd in economics and is often called upon to speak about important world issues like the Greek economy or Industrial innovation or the IMF's work in Africa. We want to know what he thinks about Steve and the Twins --Judy Chop

  • DingDong Clellie is Gone

    07/08/2015 Duration: 13min

    Since we last convened, James won HOH & front doored Clellie.  James proved to be the boss , winning the POV and kept the noms the same. Our BB OG, Sophia tells us what she thinks --Judy Chop

  • You Crazy Squirrels

    03/08/2015 Duration: 19min

    Jason is gone and an endurance HOH comp. has begun. Bananas splits the house in two #fun

  • Doomed Lady Alliance

    02/08/2015 Duration: 27min

    Sophia has been watching BB since Season 3.  She is our OG contributor and part of a pretty person alliance.