"drive W/ Me" W/ Blake Wexler



Comedian Blake Wexler drives around with a microphone in one hand, and the wheel in the other. He tells stories, riffs on the drive, and exhibits road rage. You will be entertained. Available on iTunes.


  • “Drive with Me” Episode 14: Chris Broussaahhd


    This week Blake talks about some recent shows, how his parents have been driving him to bars, and NBA Analyst Chris Broussahhd joins Blake to talk about LeBron James.Subscribe to "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler on iTunes.http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/drive-w-me-w-blake-wexler/id419842519

  • Drive with Me Episode 13: "Deuteronomy Hayes"


    This week Blake talks about being home after graduating, making a silly shirt for his friend, and about Sean Kingston/memorial day. Also, Blake is joined by Doctor Deuteronomy Hayes, who has information on a dangerous parasite.Subscribe on iTunes by searching "Blake Wexler"(or stream by clicking on the title of this post)

  • “Drive with Me” Episode 12: The Phone Call


    This week on "Drive with Me", history happens. After talking about his dude's night out, Blake gets A CALL FROM AN OLD WOMAN LOST IN THE WOODS. This is a must listen.**To listen subscribe to "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler on iTunes**

  • "Drive w/ Me" Episode 11: A Family Roadtrip


    Blake has a couple of beers at his uncle's surprise party in Maryland, then records a podcast with his family on the way home. Blake talks about having a cigarette thrown at him, his best friend's underwear issues, a weirdo at a party, and the rudeness of his dog taking a shit while retaining eye contact.To listen subscribe for free on iTunes by searching "Blake Wexler". (or click on the title of the post)

  • "Drive w/ Me" Episode 10 (4.19.11)


    Blake talks about his new interest in hockey, bad comedy club names, and a softcore porno “The Hills Have Thighs”.

  • "Drive w/ Me" Episode 9 (4.12.11)


    Blake talks about going to the Workaholics premier party, a live taping of The Norm MacDonald Sports Show, and a psycho popping balloons at Disneyland (sorry about the levels, it won’t happen again).

  • “Drive with Me” Episode 8: A Man Cut Off


    This week, Blake talks about bottle service, the worst ways to die, Los Angeles, and appropriate amounts of body hair. Blake also almost gets in a car accident at the end (it's funny).

  • “Drive with Me” Episode 7 THE RESURRECTION OF QUALITY


    THE RESURRECTION OF QUALITY: This week Blake is using a higher-quality microphone on a brand new computer! He also talks about how America is in three wars and no one cares, cheering up a depressed old man at a bar, and steroids in baseball. Blake also sees 14 Priuses.

  • "Drive with Me" Episode 6 w/ Linnea Rodriguez


    Blake has his first ever guest in Linnea Rodriguez on the podcast. They talk about The Getty Museum, nudity in art,and  roadside memorials (amongst other things).

  • "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler Episode 3.2.11


    This week, Blake talks about his new Toyota Carolla rental, being sick, not getting on stage, and (after continuously interrupting himself) how bad the Oscar’s sucked.

  • "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler 2.22.11 (NEW INTRO SONG)


    BRAND NEW INTRO SONG! It took me a while to make, be respectful and listen to it. In this week’s episode, Blake riffs on cars, and talks about how much he hated his weekend in Vegas. Subcribe to "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler on iTunes!(or listen here by clicking the "post title")

  • "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler 2.16.11 (Blake gets lost)


    Blake gets lost in downtown Los Angeles at night, and decides to record his frustrations. Please enjoy. WARNING: EXCESSIVE EFFEMINATE SWEARING AND COMPLAINING.Subscribe to "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler on iTunes.(or listen here by clicking on the post title)

  • "Drive with Me" w/ Blake Wexler 2.2.11


    This week on “Drive w/ Me”, Blake talks about how devious conference calls in middle school broke his heart, playing basketball alone while listening to rap music, and at the 11:43 point something absolutely hilarious happens. It’s so natural, you won’t be able to stop listening to it (unless you’re an idiot).http://lookatmepod.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/drive-with-me-episode-2.mp3