Phd Podcast



A podcast where PhD students get to talk about their current work in an interview/conversation style podcast setup.


  • Episode 3 - The PhD Podcast

    13/12/2016 Duration: 17min

    In Ep 3, I interview Nick, a 3rd year PhD student at La Trobe University who is part of a pioneering group working on Coherent Diffractive Imaging.

  • Episode 2 - The PhD Podcast

    30/10/2016 Duration: 19min

    In Ep 2, I interview Gaby, a 1st year PhD student at LaTrobe University who works on pathogenic bacteria and the niche field of shark antibodies.

  • Pilot Episode - The PhD Podcast

    18/09/2016 Duration: 19min

    First episode where I interview Steph a 3rd Year Student from La Trobe Uni about her PhD work on atherosclerosis.