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  • The Kingdom of Heaven is Like… A King’s Invitation


    (Message 4) Have you ever been invited to a celebration? Doesn’t it feel great? If you were invited by a king or president as an honored guest, it would be absurd to refuse. In today’s parable, Jesus addresses the absurdity of refusing salvation and the...

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is Like… Payday in a Vineyard


    (Message 3) Have you heard it said, “the last will be first, and the first will be last”? What did Jesus mean by this? Here’s another question, what do Jeffrey Dahmer (a horrible serial killer), and Corrie Ten Boom (a holocaust survivor) have in common?...

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is Like… Unexpected Treasure


    (Message 2) What captures your attention and imagination? What do you really dig into? Does it really matter that much in light of eternity? Today we’ll look at how the Kingdom of Heaven is like hidden treasure and how we should set our focus on...

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is Like… Seeds and Yeast


    (Message 1) What is the Kingdom of Heaven and where is it? And why in world does Jesus compare it to a mustard seed and yeast (among other things)? Join us as we make sense of Jesus’ teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven and what...

  • One Minute After You Die: Heaven


    (Message 4) What will Heaven be like? Will it be super boring as we sit on clouds and play harps for endless ages? Not at all! We can’t possibly imagine how great Heaven will be… or can we? There are amazing glimpses of Heaven in...

  • One Minute After You Die: Hell


    (Message 3) Hell ya! What the Hell? See you in Hell! Hell has become a curse word or simply part of common phrases in our culture. In this way it’s become trite, especially since so  many don’t believe in Hell. Those who do can’t seem...

  • One Minute After You Die: Confronting a Harsh Reality


    (Message 2) Will God really execute justice one day? In other words, is there a coming Judgment Day? If so, how will you do? Join us as we look at Judgement Day and what it means for followers of Jesus and for those who refuse...

  • One Minute After You Die


    (Message 1) What happens after you die? Can we trust what others tell us or put stock in near-death experiences? Who can we rely on to give us the correct story? Join us for our first message in the series, “One Minute After You Die”....

  • Antenna: Listen-Up


    (Message 4) “Will you be quiet and just listen to me?!” How many times have you said, or wanted to say, this? We have a tendency to put God in this position. We’ve somehow missed that prayer is not meant to be a one-sided conversation....

  • Antenna: Praying Like Jesus


    (Message 3) What are we supposed to pray? Do I need to pray a special prayer before bed, or when I get up, or should I pray the Lord’s prayer every day? It’s important to realize that Jesus modeled how to pray, not what to...

  • Antenna: The Prayer Formula


    (Message 2) Is there a prayer formula or a magic word we can use to make sure God answers our prayer? How can we be sure God answers our prayers? Join us for solid answers in our message, “Antenna: The Prayer Formula”. #GCAntenna

  • Antenna: Can You Hear Me Now?


    (Message 1) Are your prayers getting through? Many of us are tempted to stop praying because we believe God is not listening. In this message, we’ll take a look at how Jesus taught us to pray and what to expect when we do. Join us...

  • The Crucifixion


    What does it mean to be crucified? How did it feel when Jesus was scourged and nailed to the cross? Join us and our special guest, Dr. Greg Viehman, to better understand the reality and implications of Jesus’ sacrifice.

  • Overwhelmed: Part 2


    (Message 2) Do you assume that God doesn’t love you when life gets hard? Have you asked Him to remove difficult circumstances and He just doesn’t seem to listen? Jesus intentionally left some really close friends alone while one of them died. It sounds cruel,...

  • Overwhelmed: Part 1


    (Message 1) Parenting, work, marriage, hobbies, money, quitting habits, starting habits, friends, school… our lists of responsibilities and to-dos can easily leave us feeling overwhelmed. But Jesus desires greater for us in this life! Join us for Overwhelmed: Part 1 as we discuss how to...

  • 7 Words to Change Your Life: Enough


    (Message 7) Do you have enough? Enough money, enough success, enough time? It’s difficult to find contentment in a culture that constantly pushes us to have more, be more, and do more. The truth is, if we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, we have...

  • 7 Words to Change Your Life: Thanks


    (Message 6) Grateful people are happy people. But is it possible to be grateful in difficult circumstances? It is! Join us to learn how in our series, “7 Words to Change Your Life: Thanks”. #GC7Words

  • 7 Words to Change Your Life: Help


    (Message 5) God helps those who help themselves. Right? WRONG! This popular saying is not found anywhere in the Bible. In fact, God has a completely different “help” plan for us. Join us for our next message, “7 Words to Change Your Life: Help”.  And...

  • 7 Words to Change Your Life: Wow


    (Message 4) Have you lost your WOW? Maybe it’s time to evaluate your wow-ability. There are so many areas in life that should fill us with wonder, but we tend to take the most incredible things for granted or pass them by. Join us for...

  • 7 Words to Change Your Life: Sorry


    (Message 3) Few words in the English language go further to repair damage and heal hurts than the word “sorry”.  The word is often misused or abused, however. Join us as we look at what it means to be and say sorry as we continue...

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