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Todd Shapiro is the host of the Todd Shapiro Show on SiriusXM channel 168 (Canada Laughs) from 4pm - 6pm weekdays #DriveHome


  • EP 1350 Norm MacDonald, Preacher Lawson


    Can technology bring us closer together? Comedian Norm MacDonald and Business Executive Vivek Jain, Comedian Preacher Lawson, Carbone Pizza's Benjamin Nasberg, SiriusXM NHL Network Radio Rob Conway.

  • EP 1349 Michael Johns, Neil Sweeney


    Should we have more respect for past Politicians? Co-Founder and Leader of the National Tea Party Movement and Former White House Speechwriter and Heritage Policy Analyst Michael Johns, CEO of Absorption Pharmaceuticals Jeff Abraham, Founder and Entrepreneur of Freckle and Killi Neil Sweeney.

  • EP 1348 Guy Branum, Peter Anthony


    Do we appreciate our own history enough? Comedians Guy Branum, Peter Anthony, Entrepreneur Scott Paterson.

  • EP 1347 Ron Funches, Ari Goldkind


    Should we look for the humour in all aspects of life? Comedian Ron Funches, Boveda Herbal Lance Lambert, Lawyer Ari Goldkind.

  • EP 1346 Khloë Terae, George Brostoff


    Do the Oscars still matter? Actress, Model and Autism Advocate Khloë Terae, CEO and Co-Founder SensibleVision George Brostoff, Co-Founder of CoinBerry Evan Kuhn.

  • EP 1345 Gord Sinclair, Tom Papa, Donnell Rawlings


    Should you ever stop chasing after your life's passion? Musican Gord Sinclair, Comedians Tom Papa and Donnell Rawlings, Founder and CEO JamStackAmp Chris Prendergast.

  • EP 1344 Alan Carter, DeAnne Smith


    What are the Democratics plan for the future? Global News Toronto Anchor and Host of The Alan Carter Show as well as Host of Focus Ontario Alan Carter, CEO of InnoCan Pharma Iris Bincovich, SiriusXM NHL Ice Cap Co-Host Rob Conway, Comedians Beth Stelling and DeAnne Smith.

  • EP 1343 Justin Willman, Glenn Cowan


    Is magic more popular than ever before? Magician Justin Willman, Former Officer in Canadian Special Operations Forces Glenn Cowan, CEO of Patterson Partners Scott Patterson, Boveda Herbal 'sLance Lambert.

  • EP 1342 Michael Johns, The Dollop


    Have the Iowa Caucuses been a failure for the Democratics? National Tea Party Movement Co-Founder and Leader as well as Former White House George W. Bush Speechwriter Michael Johns, Founder and CEO of Halo Labs' Kiran Sidhu, CEO of Promescent Jeff Abraham, Comedians Dave Anthony and Reynolds Gareth from The Dollop.

  • EP 1341 Maz Jobrani, Will Gavin


    Do people pretend to be experts on everything? Comedian Maz Jobrani, Host of Sports Talk Today Ryan Paton, Extra Time on talkSPORT & NFL Journalist Will Gavin.

  • EP 1340 Geno Bisconte, Benji Nasberg


    Why is the Super Bowl such a globally watched event? Comedian and YouTuber Geno Bisconte, Carbone Coal Fired Pizza's Benji Nasberg.

  • EP 1339 Santino Marella, Maria Bamford


    Should stem cell treatment be accessible to everyone? Former WWE Star Anthony Carelli AKA Santino Marella, Co-founder Drafters Fantasy Sports Zach Zaret, Spiro Khouri CEO Of The Gaming Stadium, Comedian Maria Bamford.

  • EP 1338 Michael Johns, Emily O'Brien


    Is the left wing pushing centrists away? National Tea Party Movement Co-Founder And Leader Michael Johns, Fouder Of ComeBackSnacks Emily O'Brien, CEO Promescent Jeff Abraham.

  • EP 1337 Rick Kamla, Big Jay Oakerson


    Do we live life to the fullest? Sports Broadcaster Rick Kamla, Boveda Cannabis Lance Lambert, Lawyer Ari Goldkind, Comedian Big Jay Oakerson.

  • EP 1336 Rod Black, Donnell Rawlings


    Do we take things for granted? NBA on TSN Host Rod Black, Journalist David Millikin, Musicians Jordan Hart and Emily Schultz, Lawyer Ari Goldkind, Comedian Donnell Rawlings.

  • EP 1335 RJ City, Frank Holmes


    Do we take things too seriously? Comedian and Actor RJ City, CEO of US Fund's Frank Holmes, Carbone Pizza's Benjamin Nasberg.

  • EP 1334 Tommy Chong, Brett Kissell


    What is the future of our economy? Actor and Comedian Tommy Chong, Muisican Brett Kissell, CEO of Promescent Jeff Abraham, Aloe Finance's Michael Galloro.

  • EP 1333 Jason Biggs, Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival


    Does being a parent expand your perspective? Boveda Herbal's Lance Lambert. Douglas Von Irvin's Carnival's Dave Pryce, Matt Starr, Lawyer Ari Goldkind.

  • EP 1332 Nemr, Robert Conway


    Should we look at things more globally? SiriusXM NHL Network Radio's Robert Conway, Comedian Nemr, Antibe Therapeutics CEO Dan Legault, President and Chief Executive Officer Fahar Merchant, VP B and D Capital Partner Don Mosher, President and CEO of AlphaNorth Steve Palmer.

  • EP 1331 Dr. V, Howard Fitch


    What should you not do on a date? Bestselling Author Dr. Venus Nicolino, Howard Fitch Managing Partner, Co-Founder Capital Event Conferences, Datametrex's Jeff Stevens and Marshall Gunter, Investor and Trader Johnny Lambo.

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