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  • OG Ota Episode 3~Selling Japan By the Pound

    09/05/2013 Duration: 01h49min

    Can you really be happy with Super Famicom games and anime LDs that cost one fourth what they cost to ship? Are the eBay shops of foreign sellers a paradise or just a way to fill your closet with garbage not even OGs want? This is the topic for Episode 3 with returning guest Substance J.

  • OG Ota Episode 2~The 100 Mega Shock!

    25/02/2013 Duration: 01h55min

    This time I discuss:An old school American anime fanzine from the 80s.The Once and Future Fanboy, T.H. WhiteA conversation about The Neo Geo X with special guest Substance J that eventually gets way off track and goes on forever.Plus: Model trains! Slide projectors! Wrestling!SEND QUESTIONS AND EPISODE IDEAS TO:SignOfZeta@mac.com

  • OG Ota Ep 1 ~ Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

    24/10/2012 Duration: 01h09min

    The first episode of OG Ota, the show I swear to God is not just me talking about the old days.Topics Covered:What this podcast is and what this isn't.Gamestop has no sense of humor about certain things.Macross: Do You Remember Love? Deluxe Bluray review.Also: The noise of things being shuffled about!Men with some bass in their voice!Some stuff about American fanzines from 1988!I basically diss Macross II by forgetting that it ever came out.SEND QUESTIONS AND EPISODE IDEAS TO:SignOfZeta@mac.com