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Gun rights, current events, animal care, celebrity gossip...if it comes to mind, we'll talk about it.


  • BB&Guns: Security Theater and Things That Go Boom

    28/01/2011 Duration: 59min

    Special guest: Joe Huffman!

  • BB&Guns...&Marko!

    14/01/2011 Duration: 59min

    Tonight we have an honest-to-goodness guest! Marko (AKA The Munchkin Wrangler, AKA Major Caudill) has agreed to come and hang out with us for an hour.We'll chat about recent events, Marko's life as a science fiction writer, his awesome kids, what motivated him to move to the land of snow and ice, why he started blogging, and , yeah...why the gun really IS civilization.And more, probably. We'll also be taking calls, so be sure to join us!

  • Concealed Carry, etc!

    07/01/2011 Duration: 58min


  • Out & proud!

    31/12/2010 Duration: 01h14s

    What happens when a gun owner shares their passion for the shooting sports and the 2nd Amendment.

  • On sale

    17/12/2010 Duration: 59min

    Guns & gear & marketing: the good, the bad, the ugly.

  • heard around the gunblogs

    10/12/2010 Duration: 59min


  • The T show

    19/11/2010 Duration: 01h08s

    TSA and Thanksgiving

  • Gear & gadgets

    12/11/2010 Duration: 59min

    discussing all the nifty things that make gunnies' lives simpler and more fun.

  • GOTV!

    29/10/2010 Duration: 59min

    Politics, crazy campaigns, surprising endorsements, voter fraud, D vs. R, RINOs vs. Teaparty, the new minority conservatives, and why the stupid party will probably screw things up, beginning November 3rd. And more, including JayG!

  • Things I've Learned From Liberals

    22/10/2010 Duration: 58min

    hypocrisy and nonsense, Leftie style.