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All the hits that fit, plus conversations about the grey area surrounding music and free culture in the digital era. The podcast features Creative Commons music from the Free Music Archive that you can download and share, legally!


  • Megaupload vs. Universal: DMCA Abuse & SOPA w/ Casey Rae-Hunter (Future of Music Coalition) from Dec 15, 2011

    27/12/2011 Duration: 01h09min

    Kidkanevil and DZA - "Nuff Stickers" - dublab bonus beat blast [Free Music Archive] P Diddy, Lil John (pictured),, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Chris Brown, The Game, Mary J Blige, Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Russel Simmons... - "Mega Song" - Mega Upload Viral Ad [this cost them 3 million dollars to make] - "(talking with Casey Rae-Hunter)" Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - "Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine" - On Welfare [Free Music Archive] Voyageurs - "Big Ritual" [Free Music Archive] Short Hand - "Certain Strangers" - Attila [Free Music Archive] Long Long Long - "There Are Tape Machines Down There" - Who The Fuck Said Family Ain't Family No More [Free Music Archive] Jimmy Cousins - "Bow and Arrow" - City Sunsets [Free Music Archive] Tracky Birthday - ""★☮ Olivia ☾☯"" - New Album [Free Music Archive] La Barca de Sua - "En un segundo" - La Barca de Sua [Free Music Archive] Univeria Zekt - "Something's Cast a Spell" - Unnamables [Free Music Archive] Teleidofusion - "Minako" - netBloc Vol. 32

  • Media Piracy expert Joe Karaganis on Copy Culture in the U.S. and SOPA / Protect IP from Nov 30, 2011

    30/11/2011 Duration: 01h32min

    Jin Hi Kim and Gerry Hemingway - "Pale Blue Dot" - Pulses [Free Music Archive] K-Holes - "Window in the Wall" - Forthcomig 2012 LP [K-Holes Key Up New Album] Kristin Hersh - "Crooked" - Crooked [Free Music Archive] Set: Copy Culture & SOPA The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the USAs the House considers the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), media piracy expert Joe Karaganis discusses preliminary conclusions from The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the US including the revelation that "piracy" is common. Joe Karaganis is vice president at The American Assembly at Columbia University and former Program Director at the Social Science Research Council. He is the editor of The Politics of Open Source Adoption (2005), Structures of Participation in Digital Culture (2007), and the landmark report Media Piracy in Emerging Economies (2011). End of set Black Math - "To You" - Digital Single [Free Music Archive] Sherbet Underground - "Žanet" - Sherbet Underground [Free Music

  • Jonathan Ward of Excavated Shellac: Africa at 78rpm from Oct 17, 2011

    17/10/2011 Duration: 01h39min

    Music behind DJ: Daddy Scrabble - "Flying Pea v1" - Thingy [Free Music Archive] Mbongue Diboue - "Tu Nja Tengene Elie" - Opika Pende: Africa at 78rpm [ Dust-to-Digital] Orbert Nentambo Zahke - "Nongqangoa Lishonile" - Opika Pende: Africa at 78rpm [South Africa] Abdu Owiti - "Stephen Opio" - Opika Pende: Africa at 78rpm Sundaram Balachander - "Dayapayonidhe Pt 2" - Excavated Shellac: Strings - Guitar, Oud, Tar, Violin, And More From The 78 RPM Era Semmangudi Sirinvasa Iyer - "Ethavunara, Pt 2" T.N. Rajarathinam Pillai - "Raga Alapana Todi" Cheikh Said Relizani - "Denhar Mabrouk (Blessed Day)" [Algeria, 1940] Zohra El-Fassia - "Erraad" [Morocco, b. 1905] Raoul Journo - "Tekellemit Kelemtine ("Spoke two words"" Music behind DJ: [talking about jewish north african musicians, and the female rai performer Chikhah Remitti, and more!] Rizaja + Islami - "Lace Kolonja" [Albanian musician, recorded in Turkey about 1928] Myskal Omurkanova - "Oilo Sen" [w/ komuz (fretless lute) 1954] An ki-ok + Kin Yin Kua - "Janggochu

  • "Copyright Alert System" w/ Casey Rae-Hunter (Future of Music Coalition) & Sherwin Siy (Public Knowledge) from Jul 15, 2011

    18/07/2011 Duration: 01h03min

    Cooper-Moore - "Banjo Arba Minch Garden" - A Retrospective 1990-2010 (set 1) [Free Music Archive] Lucky Dragons - "Givers" - Dream Island Laughing Language [Free Music Archive] White Life - "Stop This From The Start" - White Life [ Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: Lucky Dragons Set: Copyright Alert System Casey Rae-Hunter (Future of Music Coalition) & Sherwin Siy (Public Knowledge) - "talkin' Copyright Alert System & Center of Copyright Information" [On July 7th, America's major Internet Service Providers, music, and film industries announced an agreement to cooperate on anti-piracy measures. They will establish an Orwellian "Center for Copyright Information" to monitor Peer-to-Peer networks, and to send out Copyright Alerts. The six alert levels start out as educational warnings, but may escalate to "mitigation measures" including the disruption of Internet access. Casey Rae-Hunter is Deputy Director at the Future of Music Coalition, a nonprofit working to ensure a diverse musical culture whe

  • NaDa Baba, Mayan Mutations, Raw Stiles & more from Jun 24, 2011

    24/06/2011 Duration: 42min

    NaDa Baba - "Yama II" - Yidaki Mind Tree [Free Music Archive] Margaret Lancaster - "Piker: Daughter of Piker" - Piker: Daughter of Piker [Free Music Archive] Dorotheo - "Cristina" - COMPILADO 001 [Free Music Archive] Oh No Nuno! - "Got Soul Go Fight" - Rex Is For Records - 5 Years Compilation Vol.2 [Free Music Archive] Les Baudouins Morts - "Elke Duitser blijft een Mof" - Les Encores des Baudouins Morts [Free Music Archive] Sexton Ming - "Ice Cold Brew Acapella" - A Lifetime of Nervous Gut Aches Vol. 4 [Free Music Archive] Luciano Foglia - "Use Hypnosis" - Russian Dating [Free Music Archive] Mutwawa - "World War 3-D" - Mayan Mutations [Free Music Archive] Melt Banana - "Flash Section" - Volume II [Free Music Archive] Raw Stiles - "Rouge" - Fantastique [STOP 2X2 #04] [Free Music Archive] Nambavan - "Gorodskoy Paren" - Modnay Discoteka [Free Music Archive] Thiaz Itch - "Groo Prrt" - The Square Carnival [Free Music Archive]

  • Blip Festival 2011 Highlights & more from Jun 9, 2011

    09/06/2011 Duration: 36min

    Cosmic Analog Ensemble - "Mutatis Mutandis" - Navigations Nocturnes [Free Music Archive] Hayvanlar Alemi - "Hayalgücü Spor Kulübü" - Hayvanlar Alemi Tatilde [Free Music Archive] Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - "Waitin' for the Orange Sunshine" - COMPILADO 001 [Free Music Archive] Voyageurs - "Sleeping Outdoors" - Alien Iverson [Free Music Archive] Louis G - "The Enemy of My Enemy's My Enemy / No Speed Trap" - FM FUNK MADDNESS!! [V/A] [Free Music Archive] Set: Blip Festival spotlight! The Blip Festival returned to NYC for its 5th Anniversary May 19th-21st, 2011, at Eyebeam. WFMU was there to broadcast live, and the Free Music Archive is just beginning to add audio recordings from these three incredible days of music (and visuals!) Blip Festival 2011 NYC Collection @ Free Music Archive Ultrasyd - "Dead But Still Dancing" - Live at the 2011 Blip Festival at Eyebeam NYC [Free Music Archive] Wet Mango - "excerpt" - Live at the 2011 Blip Festival at Eyebeam NYC [Free Music Archive] Tristan Perich - "Dual Synthesis (

  • Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project from May 3, 2011

    03/05/2011 Duration: 58min

    Albert Benzler and Fred Van Eps - "Gondolier and Temptation rag" [Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project @ FMA ] Polk Miller and his Old South Quartette - "What A Time" - Edison Amberol: 391 [Polk Miller :: Free Music Archive] David Seubert & Berto Solis - "talking about the UCSB Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project" [] Aristodemo Giorgini - "Pescatori di Perle. Mi par dudir ancora [Pêcheurs de perles. Je crois entendre encore" - Edison Amberol 30032 [Free Music Archive] David Seubert & Berto Solis - "talking about the UCSB Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project" Arthur Collins - "Any Rags" - 8525: Edison Gold Moulded Record [Three takes of the same song!] La Barca de Sua - "Limpia la Brisa" - La Barca de Sua [La Barca de Sua & Archiving as the New Folk Art] Monokle & Galun - "Happy Sun" - In Frame [Monokle & Galun - In Frame @ Free Music Archive] Andrew Sinclair - "Ritual Beat / Stolen Drums" - New Weird Australia, We Are After All

  • New Music New World from Apr 19, 2011

    19/04/2011 Duration: 55min

    Atlas Sound - "Mona Lisa" - Bedroom Databank Vol. 3 [Atlas Sound Retains Control of Bedroom] The Paperhead - "Back To Those days" - The Paperhead [Free Music Archive] Apache Dropout - "Sam Phillips Rising" - Apache Dropout LP [download the A-side on the FMA] Duchess of Saigon - "Lycra Lace" - Easter Queen 7" [ SS Records @ Free Music Archive"] I Drug Moy Gruzovik... - "Pesnya Marka" - Stilizatsiya Poslevkusiya [ from the Tracks to Sync April mix] S. H. Draumur - "Nótt Eins Og Þessi (Live on KEXP from Iceland Airwaves festival)" - KEXP live from Iceland Airwaves festival, Oct 2010 [KEXP at Iceland Airwaves Festival 2010] The Woolen Men - "Trapdoor" - The Portland Building EP [Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: Lee Rosevere Ben Johnston - "String Quartet 9 Mvt 1" - Ben Johnston: String Quartets Nos. 2, 3, 4, & 9 [ Nate Wooley on Ben Johnston - "The Baddest Composer You Probably Didn't Know Part of Dram FMA Curation] Paula Robison, voice; Sooyun Kim, flute; Alexis Lanz, clarinet; David Fulmer, viol

  • Emergency Songs, Franz Kafka, Ganyang Nasionalisme, Music For Your Plants & more from Mar 24, 2011


    Monk Turner + Fascinoma - "Where's My Horse?" - Emergency Songs [Feature @ Free Music Archive] Hiiragi Fukuda - "TV Dinner" - The Stable At Dawn [DONATE to Red Cross @ Free Music Archive] Eric Boros - "Elindultam Hosszú Útra" - Betyárnóták [Eric Boros @ Free Music ArchiveSee Also: Vialka] Dragon - "America" - Kalahen LP [Dragon @ Free Music Archive] Neuroleptic Trio - "Džejbe Džejbe" [Neuroleptic Trio @ Free Music Archive] Silver Abuse - "In The Casbah" - Live at Lucky Gator 12/27/07 [Silver Abuse @ Free Music Archive] The Prefab Messiahs - "Franz Kafka" - Franz Kafka / Prefab Sun 7" [Prefab Messiahs @ Free Music Archive] Milisi Kecoa - "Ganyang Nasionalisme" - Kalian Memang Menyedihkan [Milisi Kecoa @ Free Music Archive] Los Negretes - "Los Últimos 10 Minutos de María Duval" - Los Últimos 10 Minutos de María Duval [Los Negretes feature @ Free Music Archive] Glass Boy - "AAB" - DSM [Glass Boy @ Free Music Archive] Music For Your Plants - "Tour Peru" - Music For Your Plants cassette [Music For Your Plants @ Fr

  • Dust Shop, Jamed Curd, Mass Dist & more from Feb 25, 2011


    Music behind DJ: Lee Rosevere - "Backtime" - Backtime [back! Free Music Archive: Lee Rosevere"] Buk Buk Bigups - "Group Zeffe" - Big Big Fuckups [Free Music Archive] CAVE - "Machines & Muscles" - Butthash [ Free Music Archive] Delicate Steve - "Butterfly" - Wondervisions [ via Bad Panda Records / Free Music Archive] Chicken Jones - "Raiz Latina" - We Ain't Dead Yet! [ Free Music Archive] Katrah-Quey - "Complain About Stormy Electric" - Mid-November EP [Free Music Archive] Morgan Craft - "Those Days Before" - The Silver Bullet [Free Music Archive] James Curd - "Sea of Faces" - Hand Weight EP [Free Music Archive: feature by Studio 11 Chicago ] Menion - "Colazione su saturno" - Out of Sound/Out of Silence [FMA Tracks to Sync, Feb. 2011 (mix) ] Jimmy Cousins - "Bow and Arrow" - City Sunsets [ Colin L of USAisaMonster on the history of MassDist FMA Artist Profile] Stems - "Step to the World" - Stems [history of MassDist FMA Artist Profile] Bullroarer - "Back on my Knees / See Slope" - Complete Discog

  • Paul Boutin re: The Age of Music Piracy is Officially Over from Dec 20, 2010


    GDFX - "excerpt" - Altered Ego [ Free Music Archive] Learning Music - "Larger (feat. Andrew Aged)" - LMM 3.8 - LARGER [Free Music Archive] Mac 68K - "Sum Beat" - Experimental Apple [ Music Composed in HyperCard] Set: Paul Boutin: "The Age of Music Piracy Is Officially Over" Will 2010 go down as the year people quit downloading music illegally? Guest Paul Boutin writes about social networks and digital media for the New York Times, reviews books for the Wall Street Journal, and his latest Wired Magazine essay declared that "The age of stealing music via the Internet is officially over". Boutin describes how technological innovations have made the prospect of paying for digital music way more appealing than it was in Napster's heyday. But even as the hand of law came down this year against popular filesharing websites like Limewire and the Pirate Bay, Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge made quite the opposite declaration: "File sharing is increasing every day and the only thing this means is that more an

  • w/ Dave Haynes (Soundcloud / Music Hack Day / OpenMusicMedia) from Nov 15, 2010

    15/12/2010 Duration: 01h11min

    Debmaster - "Clap Your Head" - Grossmutter [Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: YACHT - "I'm In Love With a Ripper (instr)" - See Mystery Lights (Instrumentals) [Free Music Archive // CC BY-NC-SA] Set: Dave Haynes interview Dave Haynes - "interview with Jason" - at Idle Hands Bar NYC, Nov 9th 2010 [Dave Haynes is VP Business Development for SoundCloud and was recently listed by the British Council as one of the UK's Young Music Entrepreneurs. He is also the founder of Music Hack Day and OpenMusicMedia, which hit NYC this week for a free discussion on "Music Discovery: Humans vs Hackers". The OMM event took place at the Lower East Side bar formerly known as Robots, where -- after a few whiskeys -- Jason caught up with Dave to chat about open source, freemium, Justin Bieber, and the music industry's slow embrace of technological innovation.] End of set Spinnaface - "Dansu ga Suki" - Music For The People [ Free Music Archive // CC BY-NC-SA] Stealing Orchestra - "Uma Pândega de Paranóias, Fobias e Mania da Per

  • Computer Magic, Dark Country Magic, Teknodrama, Scum Anthem etc from Dec 14, 2010


    Computer Magic - "Hiding From Our Time" - Hiding From Our Time EP [Free Music Archive] Female - "Bugruf" - Jackoff [ Free Music Archive] Big Blood - "Reverse Hymnal" - Dark Country Magic [ Free Music Archive] Yeyo Moroder - "Mississippi Teknodrama" - Rex Is For Records - 5 Years Compilation Vol.2 [ Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: Vate - "Cachonda" - Cachonda Sewn Leather - "Scum Anthem" - Sewn Leather CS [Free Music Archive] Liar - "Upghostery" - 2999 [ Free Music Archive] Neeva - "E si rese immediatamente conto di come sarebbero andate le cose" - E non sai quanto ci penso [ Free Music Archive] Serigala Jahanam - "Beautiful Zinc Faceless Lady" - Kekacauan Dalam Empat Cara [V/A] [ Free Music Archive] Sam Gas Can - "Manananggal" - Aswang 7" [ Free Music Archive] Harpoon Forever - "Creedence Pattern" - Creedence Pattern / Maya Angelou [ Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: Vate - "Cachonda" [Free Music Archive]

  • Journey to the Moon from Dec 6, 2010

    06/12/2010 Duration: 01h05min

    Sun Araw - "Last Chants" - Off Duty 12'' [Free Music Archive] Jason Forrest - "Goldbluff" - Utopia EP [ Free Music Archive] Music behind DJ: Revolution Void - "Obscure Terrain" - Increase the Dosage [Free Music Archive] Satanicpornocultshop - "The Sex Omens of China" - Kesalan Patharan e.p. [Free Music Archive] Atlas Sound - "Lanterns" - Bedroom Databank Vol 1 [Atlas Sound Retains Control of Bedroom] Winter Drones - "Winnie Cooper's Bones" - Blood in the Coffin LP [Free Music Archive] Metal Mountains - "Structures in the Sun" - Golden Trees [Helen Rush, P.G. Six, Samara Lubelski all formerly of Tower Recordings Free Music Archive] Quint Baker - "Hand" - Psychic Cat'z Golden Fleece [but we found it on "Best of Breitband Vol.1" Free Music Archive welcomes Breitband from Deutschlandradio Kultur!] John Badger & The Mustache Riders of Doom - "Faust Reaches The Crossroads" - Saint Carbonarius Speaks [Free Music Archive] Angels in America - "I" - E.M.S. [Free Music Archive] Krestovsky - "Acre" - Looks(ee) [F

  • talkin' Girl Talk, Sampling, Fair Use and Illegal Art w. Peter DiCola from Nov 22, 2010

    23/11/2010 Duration: 01h19min

    Karen Cooper Complex - "Jerkin' Pretty" - Shinjuku Birdwalk [1981] [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Bum Creek - "Bollywood" - The Sound Of Young Canberra [V/A] [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Kidkaneivel - "Zo0o0o0p!!! feat. Oddisee" - Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations Part 2 [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] ACT - "ESPioNS" - Revenge Toy [Dogmazic's FMA mix // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] Music behind DJ: Smoked Meat Fax Machine - "Slums of Heaven" - Slums of Heaven [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] Girl Talk - "Jump On Stage" - All Day [ Girl Talk @ Illegal Art // All Day Samples dot com // Creative Commons BY-NC] Set: talking Girl Talk w/ Peter DiCola On November 14th, the Illegal Art label dropped All Day, the first release in over two years by the world's most renowned mashup artist Girl Talk. The free, purportedly "Creative Commons" release is a pop culture kaleidoscope with 372 overlapping samples of song

  • Art vs. Content w/ Matt LeMay from Nov 8, 2010

    08/11/2010 Duration: 01h11min

    Lucky Dragons - "Power Melody" - Open Power 12'' EP [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA ] Dustin Wong - "Anniversary Song" - Let It Go [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND ] Set: Art vs. Content w/ Matt LeMay Matt LeMay is a writer, musician, coder and generally thinky/talky dude. His latest article, "Living in the Age of Art vs Content", is an in-depth answer to the question Zach Baron posed in the Village Voice: "Is It Possible to Sell Out in 2010?", and to Steve Albini dissin Sonic Youth for their Major Label move. Also referenced: Henry Rollins video and this NY Times article - "talkin Art vs Content w/ Matt LeMay" [backing tracks include Ja Prawn - "Gearworm" Lee Rosevere - "Backtime" and "Stormbox" Broke For Free - "Calm the Fuck Down" Patrick Lee - "Quittin' Time"] End of set Pierced Arrows - "In My Brain" - Straight to the Heart [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA ] The Paparazzi - "The Rococo Tape" - Ampeater's BreakThruRadio Compilation [Free Music Arc

  • Now Get Busy! w/ Eric Steuer (Creative Commons) talkin' CC, NC, CBC & Superheroes from Oct 18, 2010

    08/11/2010 Duration: 01h13min

    [midway through the program, Eric Steuer from Creative Commons skypes in to talk about the licenses that facilitate sharing, openness and innovation everywhere from The White House to Al Jazeera to the Free Music Archive to this podcast itself! This month, CBC Radio revealed that they will stop using Creative Commons music -- once a prominent feature of programs like Spark -- due to the usage restrictions of CC's more popular noncommercial licenses. A virtual riot ensued. To gain a better understanding of the situation, we'll crack open CC's recent Study of How the Online Population Understands “Noncommercial Use” and discuss how this might play into the future of Creative Commons. Speaking of The Future, the nonprofit organization is currently in the midst of their Superhero campaign.] Music behind DJ: Lee Rosevere - "Do What You Can" - Backtime [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC] Beastie Boys - "Now Get Busy" - The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share. [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons

  • Sound Preservation: at Risk in the Digital Age? w/ Sam Brylawski from Oct 25, 2010

    08/11/2010 Duration: 53min

    El Jesus de Magico - "Unclean Ghost" - 7'' [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] These Hills of Gold - "Free Association" - These Hills of Gold EP [HPR45-410] [ Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Bobb Trimble - "One Mile From Heaven (short version)" - Ltd Edition 7'' [ Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] So Cow - "Moon Geun Young" - 7'' [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] Set: interview with Sam Brylawski - "Interview with Sam Brylawski" [co-author of the new study, The State of Recorded Sound Preservation in the United States:A National Legacy at Risk in the Digital Age Brylawski also oversees the Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Records] Debo Band & Kidid - "Adderech Arada (Kiddid Remix)" - 7'' [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Measles Mumps Rubella - "Zusammen Mit Motown" - 7'' [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] Black Math - "Walking at Night" - 7'' [Free Music Archive // Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Lemon Dots - "S

  • talkin' HADOPI w/ Jérémie Zimmermann (of from Nov 1, 2010

    08/11/2010 Duration: 53min

    Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - "A Wizard Doesn't Need a Computer" - Das Menace: Unreleased / Rarities [Free Music Archive Creative Commons BY-NC-ND] Karl Blau - "Crucial Contact" - Zebra [Free Music ArchiveCreative Commons BY-NC-SA] - "interview with Jérémie Zimmermann from" [interview with Jérémie Zimmermann from about HADOPI ] Vicnet - "Mr. Hadopi" - Mr. Hadopi [Free Music ArchiveCreative Commons BY-NC-ND] Mudboy - "Half Wasted Track 3" - Half Ice Half Wasted (Mudboy Beats II) [Free Music ArchiveCreative Commons BY-NC-ND] Nambavan - "Podruga Soldata" - Chechnya on a dance floor [Free Music Archive Creative Commons BY-NC-SA] Kiila - "Kevätlaulu" - Tuota Tuota [Kiila Remix Contest @ FMA!] The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black - "Jesus Christ Vampire" - Home of the Brave [Free Music ArchiveCreative Commons BY-NC-SA] Las Ruinas - "Fashion City" - Butano [Free Music ArchiveCreative Commons BY-NC-ND] Magic Hammer - "Dance On Fire: Retribution" - Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder [