Thomas Benko



Chicagoland Percussionist


  • Emanation Podcast: Episode 2

    18/04/2017 Episode 2 Part 1 notes: Welcome to Episode 2 part 1.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Quinlan Kirchner, Colin Campbell, and Alex Sokol and listen to them talk about their favorite Chicago venues, the rise and role of the DIY scene and the eclectic nature of making music in this city. (...)

  • Emanation Podcast: Episode 1

    21/02/2017 Emanation Podcast: Episode 1 – Rob Andre (Chicago Drum Exchange Manager) and Makaya McCraven (Jeff Parker, Marquis Hill, producer).   Next live Emanation event is 2.26 @ Century Mallet.  Details here:Emanation XI   Chicago Drum Exchange Engineer: Alex Sokol Editor: Colin Campbell Website: Matt Potts Host and Curator: Tom Benko   If(...)