P14 Video Podcast



P14 is a video podcast that in the era of modern technologies makes it posible to move the listener into the atmosphere of night carelessness and perform unlimited depths of electronic sound. Deep, tech, minimal sound! Produced by Oleg Golubev, Dima Kalinin & Denis Berezovik.


  • Anrilov - P14 video podcast

    09/07/2017 Duration: 01h26min
  • Fishmonger - P14 video podcast [Home, Phuket]

    28/05/2017 Duration: 01h23min
  • DOTT - P14 video podcast

    02/04/2017 Duration: 01h20min
  • Gatilove - P14 video podcast

    12/03/2017 Duration: 01h17min
  • KAGO DO - P14 video podcast [Sugar Villa, Phuket]

    05/03/2017 Duration: 01h08min
  • Izhevski - P14 video podcast

    27/03/2015 Duration: 01h06min