Double Punch



This Double Punch is a free reign adventure. Each episode is themed and chock full of interviews, great music, food, cultural events and chitter chatter, and as opposed to a lot of podcasts, Double Punch hits the streets, recording anywhere where there is access to an outlet. This podcast is for those who have a penchant for the fun, the odd and the best in music. Based out of Toronto and the sister podcast to ''the Culture Vulture'' show on Sound FM 100.3.


  • Is this really Madame Cleo?

    Is this really Madame Cleo?


    First in a series of Canadian Music Week episodes. Songs and interview with the delightful Dan Mangan. The reunion of Steph Yates and Cole Atlin behind the mic.

  • James Lipton May Love Waterslides

    James Lipton May Love Waterslides


    Interview with Toronto/ Victoria Duo ''The Human Statues'' with music from Winter Gloves, Nik Tsonis, Bon Iver and Woodhands

  • Hamlet, Empty Sex and Avocadoes

    Hamlet, Empty Sex and Avocadoes


    The theme is darkness and depression... what an upper! Jay Brannan talks to Double Punch on sex, life and music. Music from Anthony and the Johnsons, the Russian Futurists, Marvin Gaye and more.

  • Take a Bite From the Apple

    Take a Bite From the Apple


    ''The Walkmen'' featured on this New York themed episode along with great music from Yeasayer, LDC Soundsystem, Hercules and the Love Affair and more... plus tips on nasal irrigation (no word of a lie)

  • Coinage and Incorporation

    Coinage and Incorporation


    Cole and Steph interview the Superfantastics and We Are the Take. Cole also discusses green backs in India, in Paris' red light district and plays some money themed music by Black Francis, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more.Ch-Ching

  • Ch-Ch-Changes and Chachskies

    Ch-Ch-Changes and Chachskies


    Cole starts to tackle the DP as a single punch as Steph takes flight to India.Interviews with Jason Bajada and Lucy and Paul of Young and Sexy. Music from Bowie, Tahiti 80 and Semi Precious Weapons.

  • Maple Leaves and Mr. Davies

    Maple Leaves and Mr. Davies


    Episode #5 and we are all about Canadiana! Steph and Cole sip tea at the Epicure Cafe with Canadian Music Week musicians Mark Morissette (Octoberman) and Rich Aucoin, and find out their most Canadian moments. Music from I See Rowboats, Dukes of Archipelago, a couple Canadian classics and more... Does Double Punch get visited by the ghost of Canadian writer Robertson Davies? Let us know what you think... This is Double Punch's last episode.

  • Styrofoam Sucks (pt. 2 of 2)

    Styrofoam Sucks (pt. 2 of 2)


    Episode #4 (part 2) and the theme is still ''Green''. Back at the Drake during ''Ban-Aid'', Steph and Cole talk with Josh Reichmann, entrepreneur Baby-G, and Wayne of Cuff the Duke! Music from George Baker, Jewish Legend, Richard Laviolette and more ... PLUS Cole's sexy txt msg story.

  • Styrofoam Sucks (pt. 1 of 2)

    Styrofoam Sucks (pt. 1 of 2)


    Episode #4 and the theme is ''Green''. Steph and Cole visit the Drake Hotel for NaturoPack's benefit ''Ban-Aid''. Interviews with Farrah and Kurt of Naturopack, the Sunparlour Players, and Darren of the Drake. Music from the Winks, the Germans, Cibelle, and more. Tips to help you live greenly, and a Cole and Steph discuss a big fashion no-no.

  • Pedestals and Wheelchairs

    Pedestals and Wheelchairs


    Episode #3 has a ''LOVE'' theme. In this episode there are Interviews with Alea of Toronto's Sunshine State, and the boys of Halifax's Sleepless Nights, Cole and Steph touch on the good, the bad and the ugly of Valentine's day, and there is lots and lots (maybe too much) of love-themed music. Did you know Halifax is similar to Hamilton? Listen to find out why...




    Episode #2 with the theme ''Dance!''. All the music you wanted to hear at your prom, but didn't! Interviews with Michael from France's ''Teenagers'', Ronen the street accordionist, and the owners' of Queen West's ''Lot 16''. Music from Jamiroquai, DEE, Dragonette, Burial, Le Tigre and more... And Steph and Cole... well, we discuss ''Purple Jesus Parties'', Socially Responsible Dance Ditties and sweaty fractures.... give it a listen.

  • Its Only Going to Get Better...

    It's Only Going to Get Better...


    Episode #1 with the theme ''Beginnings''. Au Revoir Simone Interview, music from Apparat, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and much more...