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Join celebrity entertainer, medical doctor and poker coach, The Reverend Dr. Vinyl Burns for casual genius and conversational symphonies, all managed to sit within your own personal intellectual budget. Often with a couple of friends or interesting personalities along for the ride, it's always going to be a fun ride.


  • a special message.

    a special message.


    Hi lovers, I'm moving the podcast, so just click through to and fund the button that says podcast. Should be fine from there... Ciao!

  • Jesus Its Early - E40 - Halloween Special!

    Jesus It's Early - E40 - Halloween Special!


    Wake up with Vinyl Burns and a spooky bunch of stories to tell your dead kids. Playlist: Too scary to remember.

  • Jesus Its Early - E39

    Jesus It's Early - E39


    Jesus It's Early E39 Wake up with Vinyl Burns and live like there's no tomorrow. If you live like him, you'll be right soon enough, because you probably couldn't handle being that unpredictable and popular and hunted. Also, the balance is all up the boonies. Playlist Tightrope Highway - Motocade The town crotch - Jonathan Coulton Sky is open - Long Winters Heart is strange - School of seven bells Saskia hamilton - Ben Folkds & Nick Hornby Missy Dismiss - Anti Pop Pop Goodbye - The Sundays

  • Jesus Its Early - E38

    Jesus It's Early - E38


    Wake up with Vinyl Burns and a bottle of pills inside of ya. That's what he did. Playlist: Here I am - Denise Lasalle C.R.E.A.M. - Wu Tang Clan Houdini - Foster The People Universal Speech - The Go Team Heart Out - The 1975 Lovestick Diagnostician - Ben Folds Jazz House Funk - Goldhorn Got that fire - Futurecast I think I have some foster children out there somewhere. Or maybe I'm meant to be looking after some myself. I get pretty confused sometimes. It's pretty stressful be the worlds fastest lover and the towns shallowest ditch. I'm a couple of lessons short of a good schooling but I'm always eyes open to the knowledge and the funk of life. I'm my own team. I don't have to be anywhere on time I'm never late. I never let anyone down and I never spill anything on your pants. Sometimes it's lonely but I'm a powerhouse of charisma from the seventies and sixties and fifties. I'm playing all the hits and hurts in the tents and in yurts. I'm a canvas dj of tomorrow.

  • Jesus Its early E37

    Jesus It's early E37


    Wake up with a spring in your stepping shoes and a collection of coffee grounds in your duvet... It's Vinyl Burns. Jazz House Funk - Goldhorn No Satisfaction - DR.NO Nobody's fault but my own - Nina Simone Falling - Haim Cut To Black - Lemaitre John I'm only dancing - David Bowie (The Reflex) Hold me tighter in the rain - Billy Griffin (DJ Rare Groove remix)

  • Jesus Its early E36

    Jesus It's early E36


    Wake up with Reverend Doctor Vinyl Burns, the Southern answer to the Northern question. Empty threat - Kathleen Edwards Inside and out - Feist Feel the love - Griz Jazz house funk - Goldhorn Hold me tighter in the rain - BillyGriffin Paralyzed - Mystery Skulls Ms. Jackson - Outkast (Golden Pony Remix)

  • Jesus Its Early - E35

    Jesus It's Early - E35


    Wake up with Vinyl Burns on fire in your kitchen pantry, searching for some flour or baking soda to take the sting off the evening before. It's morning, and only he can spin the blues away. So, bust out some heavy fuss and pop a coffee in ya. It's winter's end, and you'll be basking in the funk & soul of Vinyl's patented summer breeze, before you know what's rumbling. Wake up! PLAYLIST! Raving Llamas - Anti Pop Pop Nothing bu thte funk - Badboe Falling - Haim (Rob Winters remix) Puedo Existir - Huey Dunbar One Christmas at a time - Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick What we want - Naked and Famous Float - Pacific Air Hard Work - Smoove and Turrel

  • Jesus Its Early - E34

    Jesus It's Early - E34


    Wake up with Vinyl Burns and enjoy a saturated, deep funk liberation from slumberous foreverness. Vinyl is playing soft rock, dense soul, heavy funk and old Kate. Take a listen. Playlist Shake - Lou Teti Never gonna change - Broods (lone remix) Sex - The 1975 I'll take you there - The staple sisters (Copycat remix) Breathe - Irish Steph (La Valigetta remix) WKRP in Cincinati - Alien Ant Farm Running up that hill - Kate Bush (Louis La Rouche remix)

  • Jesus Its Early - E33

    Jesus It's Early - E33


    Wake up with a distant memory of a wild evening of ambient vibes with The Reverend Doctor Vinyl Burns Playlist None - Black Furies Happiness writes white - Harvey Danger Freedom - The New Process Razor Blade - Little Royal Royals - Lord (Rawnie Lovely remix) Back to Cali - Notorious BIG (Yinyues remix)

  • Jesus Its Early - E32

    Jesus It's Early - E32


    Wake up with just a hint of Vinyl Burns around the rim of your lifestyle, and don't bother cleaning it off. You know it's an asset. Besides, that kind of funk doesn't come off.... I need you back - Noisy Freaks Love is a battlefield - Pat Benatar Sunrise in Paradise - Satin Jackets If I could change your mind - HAIM (Cerrone Funk Remix) Tango De La Destruccion - Skeewiff

  • Jesus Its Early - E31

    Jesus It's Early - E31


    Jesus It's Early - E31 This is my weekly sort of radio show, broadcast from my suburban rural horse-farm retreat... It's basically a lawless and exciting audiophonic adventure into music, philosophy and German traffic. There are really no rules, just some concerning patterns and a bunch of funk. That's a fine and healthy balance. Wake up with Vinyl Burns and sing his name like it's a virus on the tongue of society's discoteque. It's morning, and it's time for you to stop, get up and go... He'll see you out there! Anisthasia - Bill Smith Combo Milk Crisis - Go Team Bambadam - Jason Rivas You've gotta look up - Dodgy Stayin' Happy - Bee Gees & Pharrel I know you got soul - Eric B & Rakim

  • Jesus Its Early - E30

    Jesus It's Early - E30


    Jesus It's Early - E30 Wake up with Vinyl Burns, and regret only some of it. It's too much to expect to be completely ok with the whole deal, but the best bits will overwhelm you and your mind will lock them out until you're some kind of super-guru of chismos. It's true. Funky Soul - Breakestra Get down Saturday Night - Oliver Cheatham Spinning - Ohio Players In this camp - Midlake All you can carry - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Dorothy of the island - Laura Veirs Love U Forever - Jenny Lewis

  • Jesus Its Early - E29

    Jesus It's Early - E29


    Wake up with Dr Dentist Vinyl Burns esquire... You won't feel a thing. Todays Playlist All this love that I'm giving - Gwen McCrae Blowing up this spot - Fort Knox Five I wouldn't change a thing - Coke Escovedo Prizefight - Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak Am I your woman - Speedometer Feat. Ria Currie Blowing up the spot - Fort Knox Five (Played it twice, suck it) 80 Windows - Nada Surf Fire Island - Long Winters

  • Jesus Its Early - E28

    Jesus It's Early - E28


    Jesus It's Early - E28 Wake up with Vinyl Burns all over the ceiling and up & under, if you know what I mean? Plenty of great tunes this episode, not to mention some revealing CIA secret facts and a liberating traffic report from Herman's Eye-In-The-Sky. The world today is a mess - Donna Hightower Forever - Haim (Lindstr0m remix) Classic Funk - Nick George Blow your mind - World class art thieves Your wife is calling - Lee Ving Love will bring us back together - Roy Ayers You can't fix this - Stevie Nicks Watch out for this - Majoy Lazer Noise & Girls - Thousand Fingers Too Hot - Kool and the Gang (Secret Sun edit)

  • Jesus Its Early - E27

    Jesus It's Early - E27


    Jesus It's Early - E27 There's only love - Gemma Hayes All goes out the window - The Streets I told you so - Ocean Colour Scene The one who knows - Yesterday's New Quintet All goes out the window - The streets Lake swimming - Laura Veirs Show and Prove Pt1 -Breakestra 1009 - Bonobo Because I told you so - Jonatha Brooke

  • Jesus Its Early - E26

    Jesus It's Early - E26


    Jesus It's Early - Episode 26 Wake up with Mr Dancer Doctor Preacher Teacher Disco Risker Vinyl Burns. Here's the playlist. Treehouse - Blackbird Blackbird Two way street - Aeroplane & Kimbra Bridges - Broods Crackdown - CompanyFreak Signalize - Bulbmakers The Fear - Lilly Allen (Reharmonized remix) There was also a traffic report from Herman... Good luck to you in the final!!!

  • Jesus Its Early - E25

    Jesus It's Early - E25


    Wake up with Mr Dr Killer Vinyl Burns It's eyes open and safeties off... action rock stick time o'clock. Free yourself - The untouchables All matter - Robert Glasper Don't deny your heart - Hot Chip Daylight - Yesterday's new quintet Cosmic Love - Florence and the machine Diggin' on your - Elekfants Have love - Smoove & Turrell

  • Jesus its early E24

    Jesus it's early E24


    Wake up early with Vinyl Burns all over you, and wonder why you don't have any hot water left. That's Vinyl Burns.

  • Jesus Its Early - E23

    Jesus It's Early - E23


    Jesus it's early Wake up with Vinyl Burns - THIS time, the live party mix... recorded live at his country disco clinic on the Proud-Step Horse Ranch.

  • Jesus Its Early - E22

    Jesus It's Early - E22


    Wake up with The Reverend DJ Doctor Vinyl Burns Jesus It's Early - Episode 22 Playlist Luv me - Blue Sonix I could be dreaming - Freestylers Over your shoulder - Chromeo Bust a move - Young MC Cloud nine - Temptations (FKJ remix) Amarte - Huey Dunbar The agony - Deltron 3030 (feat Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

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