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The title's inspired by my partner's oft-voiced opinion that some new track or other "sounds like 2 records playing at the same time", which is exactly what most of the things here will be! I'll be posting mixes I used to do when I was DJing, or recorded to play out. Lately I've made some more and this is supposed to encourage me to keep doing music stuff...


  • Happy Milkshake

    Happy Milkshake


    Kelis's "Milkshake" vocal over Max Sedgley's "Happy" (all of it). This was done at Neil (who I used to DJ with)'s suggestion and hopefully he's not too upset by the re-arrangement. He used to play it live off of vinyl, but I've rejigged it a bit...This _could_ be the last 2tracks track, as I'vea) Run out of ideas and can;t remember any more old ones.b) Started doing original stuff again.Point b

  • Turn Tha Diamonds Out

    Turn Tha Diamonds Out


    Kanye West's "Diamonds" vs Biz Markie's "Turn Tha Party Out". 2 posts in 2 days - WOO! OK, so the Tipsy one wasn't great on account of me being kinda tipsy when I did it but you get the general idea.This one I did originally when we were doing the (short-lived) Hi Karate Podcasts (there were 2!). I think "Diamonds" was out at the time and I guess it just came to me. the Biz track is another one

  • Tipsy Treason

    Tipsy Treason


    HIYA!This is J-Kwon's "Tipsy" vocal over Raw Deal's "High Treason". think it's fair to say i got a BIT bored of this whole blog thing so it's been a minute, BUT it's had the desired effect IN THAT I've started a whole bunch of original (well maybe "original") tracks.The music on this one - Neil used to play it all the time, and I'd ask him what it was, then I'd forget, then he'd play it about a

  • Finest Things That Dreams Are Made Of

    Finest Things That Dreams Are Made Of


    Human League's "Things That Dreams Are Made Of" (off of the instrumental "League Unlimited Orchestra" album) with the vocal from "The Finest" by SOS Band.I can't really claim this one as it wasn't my idea. Let me explain....Back when bootlegs were All The Rage, a producer called Richard X became famous for doing them and applied the idea to a bunch of pop stuff, including "Finest Dreams" by

  • Learn to be Crazy in Love

    Learn to be Crazy in Love


    Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" vocal over Cappo's "Learn to be Strong"... This was really a way to extend the life of "Crazy in Love", which I thought was massive as soon as I heard it. It was another Rich Harrison production but you knew that sooner or later it was going to be all over everywhere and when that finally happened I guess this was a way of still playing it out. Kind of.The Cappo track

  • Deep Pin Up Girls

    Deep Pin Up Girls


    This is (as I know it) the vocal from Awesome 3's "Pin Up Girls" chopped up over Pepe Bradock's "Deep Burnt". Lots of confusion here...I first heard Deep Burnt on the office jukebox, like some other tracks here, and it didn't take me long to realise that the hook, as well as sounding a bit like "Little Sun Flower", also phrased like "Take Me Away". Need some explanation here...APPARENTLY the Pepe

  • We Come Strange

    We Come Strange


    This is the vocal from Faithless's "We Come One" chopped up over Zomby's "Strange Fruit"... I can only apologise for the gap due to hols and broken software, but I'm back!I first heard Zomby off of the Modeselektor mix I mentioned before. It was this track, but I soon found some other stuff and love the old school rave tribute "Where Were You In 92" - like 2 minute pop song versions of rave

  • Sminky Pinky (Disco Lesson)

    Sminky Pinky (Disco Lesson)


    This is the big one! I'm a huge fan of cut-ups, Double Dee and Steinski and the whole (unofficial) lessons series being the best examples. Like the others, there's a story to tell...I read an article, I guess in 1999 or so, in ID or The Face or somewhere like that, with The Psychonauts. They listed some of their favourite tracks and were saying that The Mix Max Style by Mr K was an awesome

  • Amerie Wars

    Amerie Wars


    The vocal from 1 Thing by Amerie over (mainly) Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) from The Empire Strikes Back. Surely the crappest Star Wars film, but best piece of music. Anyhoo, this unlikely pairing came about simply because The Phantom Menace came out round about the same time that the Amerie record was blowing up.1 Thing vid on YouTube.It was a huge record for a few of my friends

  • Triple Trouble: Old School Remix

    Triple Trouble: Old School Remix


    Have to be upfront here - I fucking love this one. It's not just a bootleg like the others, it's a Proper Remix... I used to play it out off a CD but it's now published here for the first time!I loved the little resurgence the Beasties seemed to have around the time of this and Ch-Check It Out (possibly more on that later!). However, hearing the original of this, I just thought they

  • Jazzy Way: Live mix

    Jazzy Way: Live mix


    Another straightforward one (there are more interesting things coming honest). Scratchmaster Chuck T's Jazzy Way acapella over a couple of bits of the live version of Grover Washington Jnr’s Mr Magic.The track with the vocal here isn’t particularly awesome - I came across it on the back of the whole DJ Kool, Sam the Beast etc Hip Hop/Go Go thing. Creative Funk put out the early DJ Kool

  • Dub Be Good To Me In Da Club

    Dub Be Good To Me In Da Club


    A super-simple one now... The acapella of Beats International's Dub Be Good To Me over the instrumental of 50 Cent's In Da Club. I'm not sure what's up with the version in the video here - maybe US? The one that was a hit in the UK was more reggae...Though I liked Dub Be Good To Me about as much as the next man at the time, I wasn't really into dub/reggae much yet and just thought of it

  • Show Me Missed Calls

    Show Me Missed Calls


    First up is the acapella of Show Me Love by Robin S over Missed Calls by TRG. I loved the TRG track when I first heard it in a Modeselektor mix given to me by a colleague, who subsequently downloaded the track on its own and gave me a copy.I'm not sure why or when, but at some point I started to think the Show Me Love vocal would be great over it, but all a lot of searching seemed to turn