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What's going on World. I go by the Name Deli Meeks coming from the Atlanta Area in Georgia. Here you will find many of my sets as I take you on the journey through many areas of house music. Ranging from Deep, Soulful, and my favorite Afro house. Stay Tuned as i will release new sets each month of good vibes and good music. Lets get this ride started. Welcome to Deep In the Jungle Radio.


  • DITJ | I Cant Breathe

    DITJ | I Can't Breathe

    19/06/2020 Duration: 59min

    Happy Juneteenth. With everything that's been going on leading up to Today, it was only right I cook up something for people to celebrate and reflect. Hopefully when you listen to this, this touches your soul as well as get you moving. RIP George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and Breonna Taylor 1. Cee ElAssaad Feat. Thandi Draai | LoMhlaba (Original Mix) 2. Dj Kabila Feat. WendySoni | Somnyama (Manoo Remix) 3. DJ Fudge | Mazal (Main Mix) 4. Giluuu | Voice of Luna 5. Da Capo Feat. Marissa Guzman | Dance Away the Pain 6. Pippi Ciez Feat. Idd Aziz | Wewe (Sparrow & Barbossa Remix) 7. Pansula & Deep Narratives | Lengane (Original Mix) 8. House Gospel Choir | Blind Faith (THEMBA's Herd Remix) 9. Saint Riolo & Masikane | Isikhalo (Intrinsic Mix)

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 20: Reflections

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 20: Reflections

    25/05/2018 Duration: 01h03min

    .....And We're Back. Salutations and Welcome to another Edition of Deep In The Jungle. This particular set was about 5 months in the making due to many technical difficulties but so far I was able to iron the kinks out. We start off on a mellow note in this set to get ready for what is to come later which should lift you up and get you moving. Hope you all enjoy this one. Stay Tuned for another edition coming soon. :-) 1. The Weeknd | Shameless (Rosario's Afro Soul Edit) 2. Floyd La Lunar & Kzee Mchunu | I Do Love Things (feat Lee Dladla) (Main Mix) 3. Mike City & Ian Friday | My Weakness (BPM Remix) 4. David Anthony | I Feel For You (feat. Aleysha Lie of HanLei) 5. KingSfiso & Mbuso Khoza | Ilanga (Enoo Napa Travellerz Remix) 6. Funk Mediterraneo | A Tribe Of Stix (DJ Beloved & DJ Spen Beatz) 7. Vanco & Afro Warriors | Dancer (feat. Charlene Lai) 8. XOA | Diaspora (Laolu Remix) 9. Nomisupasta & Vanco | Musukungsukela (Cuebur Remix) 10. Sun-El Musician | Random 11. DeMajor & Lizwi | Traveller (Kususa & Que

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 19: Questions

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 19: Questions

    17/02/2018 Duration: 55min

    KNOCK KNOCK. IS ANYONE THERE? I am back after a brief hiatus and getting back to where we left off. This was done a while ago and i finally decided to give it the green light. We start off with a Ancestral Vibes, then we get right into the electronic synths and melodies and hard hitting drums which is the soul of Afro Tech. Hope you all enjoy and i will try and come back with the 20th installment as soon as possible. 1. Boddhi Satva | Don't You Forget (feat. Zano) [Beatapella] 2. Ankulu & Kunzima | Our Home Africa 3. 104 BPM | Ihubo 4. Milez ft. Chappell | Questions (Gumz Remix) 5. Hanna Hais | PSCC (Original Mix) 6. Karizma | Work It Out (Original Mix) 7. Deon Vaughan | Wells Of Enigma (Original Mix) 8. Black Motion | Linde Wena (feat. Mbuso Khoza, Da Capo & Theo Kgosinkwe) 9. Jackie Queens & VeneiGrette | Mwanangu (Enoo Napa Remix) 10. Manoo & Raoul K | Toukan (feat. Ahmed Sosso) [Dixon Rework]

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 18: Be a Believer

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 18: Be a Believer

    18/09/2017 Duration: 01h12min

    ......And We Are Back!!!! After a long hiatus and debate on whether to continue this, Here we are. This set was pretty therapeutic for me. When I lacked the desire and creativity to even do a mix, all it took was a week long vacation to get me back on track. This was recorded towards the end of July, fresh home from the Caribbean. So here it is, The return of this journey. Very soulful, and afro vibes to start off before we get into the electronic snyths that makes me enjoy Afro/Deep Tech 1. Exte C | Oh Oh Oh (Original Mix) 2. Soultronixx (ft. Khanya Greens) | You Make Me Happy (Original Happy Mix) 3. Groove Cartell (ft. Kafele Bandele) | Jewel in My Hand (P.M Project South Dub) 4. Kentphonik | Sunday Showers 5. DJ Merlon & Black Coffee (ft. Khaya Mthethwa) | Reflections (Enoo Napa Remix) 6. SassyAzz | The Key Is Yours (Neter Supreme's Ka Aku Mix Vox) 7. Jullian Gomes (ft. Sio) | 1000 Memories (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) 8. Ron Carroll (ft. Erro) | Change (Roog & Dennis Quin 2K17 Remix) 9. Diephuis & Eastar (

  • Deep In the Jungle Ep 17: Memorial Day

    Deep In the Jungle Ep 17: Memorial Day

    29/05/2017 Duration: 55min

    The Finale of what I call, "The Memorial Day Pack." This is a perfect mix of every sound of house. You get a bit of the Afro vibes in the beginning, after that we get nice soulful vocals over mellow drums, before we end it with Afro Tech. Hope you all enjoyed this special package. 1. Inferno Lads | The Virtouso 2. DJMReja & Neuvikal Soule | Execution (Original Mix) 3. Enoo Napa | If I Have To (Original Mix) 4. Stones & Bones | Light a Spark (Manoo Remix) [feat. Marissa Guzman] 5. N'Dinga Gaba/Jaidene Veda/Josh Milan | Beautiful (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) 6. Earl Tutu & John Khan | New Faith (feat. Asia Yarwood) [Afro Mix] 7. Stones & Bones | Wrong U (Manoo vs Casper J Stone Sax Dub) 8. Tefo Foxx | Concussion 9. Soulholic & 7Options | Memorial Day 10. Jackie Queens | Conqueror (Enoo Napa Opaque Remix)

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 16: Walking Away

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 16: Walking Away

    29/05/2017 Duration: 01h01min

    3 of 4. 1. Marie Joly & Black Coffee | Gratitude (feat. Rebecca Murray) [Enoo Napa Remix] 2. Alpha & Olmega/E-Man | Every time I Hear The Sound 3. Alie Duke | Two Colours 4. Punk Mbedzi | Catch Feelings (Cee ElAssaad Voodoo Instrumental) 5. Cuebur | Power in You (feat. Lisa M.) 6. Christos Fourkis | Hymn to House (feat. Joahn Dashi) 7. Tefo Foxx | Oblivion 8. Sobz | Reino De O Tambor (Benny T Tswana Perspectives Afro Mix) 9. David Anthony | Emotive (Instrumental) 10. Rabs Vhafuwi feat. Mr Mo | Walking Away (Soulholic, 7Options & Samurai Yasusa Remix) 11. Mya | Circle Of Life (MD Afro-Tech BlackBall MixX) 12. Marcel Vogel | Moonchild (Soul Clap Remix)

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 15: At The Zoo

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 15: At The Zoo

    29/05/2017 Duration: 59min

    2 of 4. This is the real party starter. Hard hitting drums with a mix of the afro tech vibes. 1. Hoxton Whores | Sunrise (Kunzima & SAMURAI YASUSA's Surreal Dub) 2. Enoo Napa | Mavovo's Groove 3. Saliva Commandos | Born out of Time (Split Drum) 4. DJ Spen/David Anthony | Warriors Dance (Da Rumble) 5. Manoo | Kromosome X 6. AFRI Munish | Kazowi (Chris Deepak Remix) 7. Aimo | At The Zoo 8. Corinda | Sleepless NIghts 9. Tefo Foxx | Lands of Shakashokwane 10. DJ Satelite | If Only (Caiiro's Ndebele Mix 11. Caiiro | Fefe (U Lost)

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 14: Beautiful Humans

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 14: Beautiful Humans

    29/05/2017 Duration: 58min

    Welcome Welcome everyone. Its been a while and I am back. Since its been so long I will Be dropping 4 sets today. Here is the first one. This one is a tad bit mellow. Soft hitting drums, delicate vocals, and afro vibes. Let this be the start of the summer. 1. Boddhi Satva | Beautiful Humans (feat. Les Nubians) [Ancestral Dub] 2. Senzo S/Craze M | Get Deep (Main MIx) 3. Busi Mhlongo | WeBaba (Culoe de Song Remix) 4. Hyenah | Soak It (feat. Nonku) 5. Jackson Brainwave | Voiced (Reprise) 6. Frankey & Sandrino | Starchild (Hyenah Remix) 7. Benny T | The Last White Gate 8. Infected Soul ft Sinai | Soul Survivor (Drumetic Boyz Remix) 9. Dany Cohiba | La Orana 10. Jimster | Solitude 11. Shimza | Uprising (feat. Prom Knights & Enoo Napa) 12. Culoe De Song | Aftermath

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 13: Breath of the Beast

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 13: Breath of the Beast

    24/03/2017 Duration: 01h03min

    Greetings Everyone. Sorry for the Delay. Here is the new set. This was apart of a small series i wanted to try out which centers around the deep tech and afro tech sound. The plan was to drop a new set each week in March as a chance to explore new ideas and the many sounds that is apart of the Deep Afro Tech sound which i love at the moment. The other sets that are apart of the series may come out before the end of the month. Until then, hope you enjoy this set as well as the Afro Tech sound. 1. Rabs Vhafuwi | The Journey (Spiritual Reprise) 2. Rancido | Devil's Den 3. De Cave Man | Black Queen (Enoo Napa Afro Mix) 4. Hyena | Fire (feat. Kissey) 5. &ME | Shallow 6. Benny T | No Letting Go Beats 7. Blactism | Breath of the Beast (feat. Lizwi) [ Vocal Mix] 8. Benny T | Prayer 9. J.Majik | Love Is Not A Game (Kunzima & SAMURAI YASUSA's Surreal Dub) feat. Kathy Brown 10. Problem Child Ten83 | Etla Soweto (Ten83 Sequel Mix) 11. Rabs Vhafuwi & MIZZ | Count Your Blessings 12. Vaudeville | Routine 1918 (Tefo Foxx

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 12: Surrender Your Love

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 12: Surrender Your Love

    14/02/2017 Duration: 01h22min

    Welcome all. This one is a special Edition. Since its February and Valentines day, this one is about the Celebration of love. To all house lovers out there, grab your better half and celebrate each other to this soundtrack. Enjoy 1. DJ Qness | Everything (feat. Msimisi) 2. DJ Fortee | Surrender Your Love (feat. Howard) 3. Lungi Naidoo | Falling (feat. Black Coffee) 4. Milez | Notice You (feat. ZE3) [Migosy Skyline Remix] 5. Rune Ft. Deme | Giving Me Love (XtetiQsoul Iklwa Dance) 6. Jackie Queens & XtetiQsoul | Next To You 7. Mi Casa | Heavenly Sent 8. Sweet Female Attitude Ft. Bee-Bar & Symphonik | Part Of Me 9. N'dinga Gaba Ft. Sabrina Chyld | Loving That I Needed (Pm Project South Dub) 10. Black Coffee | Superman (Ft. Bucie) 11. Angel-A | Be Where You Are (Oscar P Afro Rebel Mix) 12. Melvesant & Moodswings | Be My Girl (XtetiQsoul Remix) 13. ""-"" 14. AbysSoul Ft. Darian Crouse | Falling In Love PS. There may or may not be a Set Coming for March as i am working on something special For April. We'll see.

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 11: Lost for Words

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 11: Lost for Words

    14/02/2017 Duration: 01h10min

    Welcome Welcome. Gather around for another trip deep into the many levels of house music. We touch base with a great mixture of Afro sounds, soulful vocals, and Afro Tech. Hope You all enjoy this one. 1. Cuebur | Lost For Words 2. Kiko Navarro | All Because Of You (Koki Vocal Mix) 3. Mobi Dixon Ft. Monique Bingham | Mixed Up Chick 4. VeneiGrette Ft. Gemini E Porter | Magnificent To Me (Enoo Napa Opaque Mix) 5. MSK & Mr Luu | Conversation 6. Omak | Pheonix 7. MKTL/Polyrhythm | Reach Out 8. Louie "Lou" Gorbea | Omi Tutu Drum Beats 9. Afro Warriors & AfroZone | Obsession 10. DJ Shimza | Congo Congo 11. DJ Tira | Sfuna Abo Chomi (feat. Black Motion & Drumetic Boyz) 12. DJ Clock | Sthelo My Boy 13. Djodje | Bom Vibe [Djeff Afrozila Vision] (Djeff Afrozila Vision) 14. Caiiro | Hush Hush

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 10: Black Gold

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 10: Black Gold

    15/01/2017 Duration: 01h14min

    First Mix of 2017. Expect many more over the next couple months. I have loads of music to get through as well as some original music and remixes. Stay Tuned. Thanks again for tuning in. Enjoy this one. 1. Stones & Bones Ft Tweety | Be There (HOS Remix) 2. Boddhi Satva | Stop Jealousy (Culeo De Song's Kamnguni Remix) 3. XtetiQsoul | Orchestrate (Main Mix) 4. Black Motion | Omo Dudu (feat. Wunmi) 5. Jonny Montana | Never Thought (Alex Ander Club Mix) 6. DJ Fudge | My Love Is Pure (Classic Mix) (feat. Tasita D' Mour) 7. Diviniti | I'm The Best (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) 8. Dwayne Jensen | Dance With Me (Oscar P NY 2 Dtroit Mix) (feat. Donna Marie) 9. E&P | Sundroina (Manoo Remix) (feat. Jinadu) 10. MA/JI | Unchain (Manoo Remix) 11. Samurai Yasusa | Noma's Theme 12. Monocles & Slezz | Umba Kayo (Renato Xtrova Remix) 13. Andyboi | Emhlabeni

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 9: Cries Of The Motherland

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 9: Cries Of The Motherland

    17/12/2016 Duration: 01h21min

    Welcome Back. This set here is special. It was recorded just before Sunrise Sun December 12th. The inspiration for this really came out of no where. Once I hit play on the first record, everything just started to flow. Song selection to effects and arrangement. This set you'll start off on a high with great vocals accompanied by Raw drums, which then will lead to a more mellow sound of soulful vocals before the deep drums come back in. As we end this journey on this set, we take a trip to the Motherland. Sit back and press Play as we make yet another trip, Deep In The Jungle. 1. Lady X - Who 2. Bob Ezy - Close to You (Mr Luu & MSK Steroid Mix) 3. DJ Satelite - Fire (Djeff Sweet Love Mix) 4. Morena The Squire - Faith Alive 5. Nastee Nav - Only the Lonely (Feat. Kenny Bobien) 6. TCM & Roland Clark - Someday 7. Leefa The Dj - Touch Your Heart 8. Lee Van Kleef - In The Wrong (Manoo Zooklove Remix) 9. Timmy Regisford - At the Club (feat. Lynn Lockamy) [DJ Mbuso Radio Mix] 10. Stelio Rodrigues - Soulroots (

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep 6: Black Coffee Vibes

    Deep In The Jungle Ep 6: Black Coffee Vibes

    03/12/2016 Duration: 01h21min

    Better Late Than Never. Finally Episode 6 is here. This one is all about Mr. Black Coffee, one of the pioneers of the South African House sound. Black Coffee is a big inspiration to me and it all started when i first heard his record "Superman." Reading up on him and following him over the last couple years, his story and what he has accomplished is very inspiring. One day I hope I can be what Black Coffee is, a modern day Pioneer/Legend/Genuis. I hope everyone enjoy this set and lets start this ride. 1. 100 Zulu Warriors (Black Coffee Vocal Mix) | 100 Zulu Warriors & Roland Clark, Black Coffee 2. I Have Faith (feat. Mondli Ngcobo) | Black Coffee 3. Music is The Answer | Black Coffee 4. In Common (Black Coffee Remix) 5. Gardens of Eden (Original) [feat. Zonke] | Black Coffee 6. I'll Find You (feat. Cara Frew) | Black Coffee 7. Superman (feat. Bucie) | Black Coffee 8. Traveller (feat. Nomsa Mazwai & Black Motion) | Black Coffee 9. Love Is Not for Hire (Black Coffee Remix) | Avi Elman, Danny J & Mani Hof

  • Deep In The Jungle 8

    Deep In The Jungle 8

    26/10/2016 Duration: 01h13min

    Welcome Everyone. Im Back with another one. As you may see there is an episode missing which will be uploaded soon. Just trying to figure out what I'm doing cover wise. Other than that, lets get to this Journey. Been Feeling very Inspired by a lot of different sets and music lately especially those over at Mixcloud. Here it is Episode 8. Enjoy 1. Diviniti, King P Soul - Holding On To Love (King P Soul Remix) 2. Leo The Lion - Dance for the Rain 3. Boddhi Satva - Sweet Brown Sugar (feat. E-Man) [Eltonnick Dub] 4. Wipe The Needle, Tshaka Campbell - Da Vinci Code (Original Mix) 5. Oscar P & Rocco - The Energy (feat. MJ White) [Ohk Ost Afro Mix] 6. Cuebur - Side Show 7. David Anthony, Beverlei Brown - Your Way (Original Mix) 8. Djeff Afrozila Feat. Tumelo - Keep On Smiling (Original) 9. Ezel, Tumelo - Get Down (Ezel Bayacou Mix - Atjazz Tweak 10. Diana Lynn, Stones & Bones - Wonderland (Abicah Soul Mix) 11. Toto Chiavetta - Boy of the Jungle (feat. Kev Kruz) 12. Hypesoul - Technology (Original Mix) 13. Rosar

  • Deep In The Jungle 7

    Deep In The Jungle 7

    04/09/2016 Duration: 01h21min

    Grretings. Its Been a while, but i am back. We should be getting back to schedule soon. Lately I've Been trying to find that same inspiration and creative jucies I've had the first couple months of the year, and i have found it. So lets get back to this journey Deep In the Jungle. Enjoy!!! 1. MK & Becky Hill - Pieces of Me(Extended Mix) 2. London Grammar - Hey Now (Nooma Touch) 3. Christos Fourkis - Siel 4. Ralf Gum - In The City 5. Pascal Morais & Rancido - For The Love Of Money 6. Bee Bar - Night After 7. Mizz - My Joy 8. Soulstar Syndicate & Darryl D'Bonneau - Do You Remember (Jamie Lewis Zanzibar Mix) 9. Mr. V - Long Run 10. Dj Whisky - Losing My Breath (Ft. Nomfundo) 11. Djeff & Ade Alafia - Celebration (Manoo Remix) 12. Mlue Khumalo - Mukai (Eltonnick Remix) 13. TLDreamZ - Undi da Ki Panha (Djeff Kazucuta Remix) 14. Zepherin Saint - Inner Freak (Zepherin Saint Tribe vocal mix) 15. Mike City - I Rock wit U (feat. Dwele) (Beloved’s BPM Mix) 16. OVEOUS - The Olympics 17. Angie Stone - Brotha (DJ Spen

  • Deep In The 4th Jungle (Ep. 5)

    Deep In The 4th Jungle (Ep. 5)

    03/07/2016 Duration: 01h17min

    Welcome all..Its been a while but its here. Happy Fourth of July Everyone in the states. Enjoy 1. Casper Nyovest - Ajah in Motion 2. "-" 3. Black Coffee - Come With Me (Ft. Mque) 4. Guy Gerber & Dixon - No Distance 5. Sejake - Sefikeng (Jackson Brainwave Rub) 6. Moon Rocket - Your Eyes (Moon Rocket Original Dub Mix 7. Ricone & Lelethu - Ndinomsindo (Rocco Dub Mix) 8. Mi Casa - Turn You On (Da Capo's Touch) 9. Personal Jesus (MKTL & POLYRHYTHM BOOTLEG) 10. "-" 11. "-" 12. Seven Davis Jr. - Sunday Morning (Kaytronik Ruff Kut Mix) 13. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco - Something About Your Love (feat. Tommie Cotton) [Grant Nelson Dub] 14. In Common (Black Coffee Remix) 15. Black Coffee - Go On (feat. Khensy) 16. Fearless Boys - X9 (Original) 17. DJ Fresca & Black Motion - Nanka Lamaphoyisa (feat. Tuna) 18. Dj Shimza - African Woman 19. Helen Folasade Adu - Somalian Shoes (Love City Meets Utopia Boston Mix)

  • Deep In The Jungle Ep4

    Deep In The Jungle Ep4

    15/05/2016 Duration: 01h14min

    Episode 4 is here. Tried a different lineup in this set. Hope you all enjoy it. Original Music from me coming soon. 1. Chew Fu - Purple Rain (Mousse T's Home a Lone Mix) 2. MK ft. Becky Hill - Piece of Me (Keep That Dub) 3. Opolop - Spare Me The Details (Rhemi Remix) 4. DJ Fudge & Hallex M - Simpatico (Ft. Omar) 5. Nteeze & Andy - You and Me A Melody (Veda Lazy Vocal Mix) 6. Tasha LaRae - Find My Way 7. Nina Simone - Black Bird (Jose Marquez Remix) 8. &ME - After Dark 9. Cupcakes - Norman Manley 10. Vanco - Midnight Passion 11. 60 Hertz Project - Capricorn (Ralf Gum) 12. Julien Jabre - War (Emoboys remix) 13. Da Capo - Sabir 14. SanXero - Lets Freak ft. Mr V (Louie Vega Remix) 15. DJ Satelite - Malembe Na Soukouss (Mbambu Remix) 16. Alex Dimou - This Time 17. Viola - Little Girl 18. Thabzen Bibo - 4000 Sec 19. XtetiQsoul - Doin Better 20. Djeff Afrozila - Alright ft Miranda Nicole 21. XtetiQsoul - Reach for the Stars 22. Andyboi - Wamuhle (Afrikan Roots Remix) 23. Lady X - Seasons

  • Deep In The Jungle ep3 (REdo)

    Deep In The Jungle ep3 (REdo)

    24/04/2016 Duration: 01h10min

    Greetings. My last version of this episode was deleted which sucks (Hi Drake) but rather than fight to get it back restored I decided to take A track or 2 off. So Here it is Tracklisting coming soon.

  • Deep In The Jungle Episode 2

    Deep In The Jungle Episode 2

    26/03/2016 Duration: 01h17min

    Welcome Everyone to episode 2 of Deep in the Jungle Radio. I wanted to give a brief overview of how I'll go about this. Every month there will be 3 featured tracks. 2 Tracks of the month[TOTM] and 1 Classic of the Month[COTM]. For this month Set the two tracks of the month are R. Kelly-Put the Guns Down and Black Coffee-Music Is The Answer. The classic is Black Coffee-Superman. Classic records will be records that i think are timeless records. Whether its from recent years or back in the day. I hope you all enjoy Episode 2 and stay tuned for Episode 3, a special Birthday edition. Happy Easter Everyone. Enjoy. Stay Blessed. Subscribe on Itunes 1. Prince Kaybee-Better Days 2. Dj Micks-Hamba 3. Citizenn-Lady (feat. Aisha) [Kerri 'Kaoz' Chandler Remix] 4. Mobi Dixon-City Rains (Tech Soul Mix) 5. Dj Spax Vybz-Vybz, Fearless Boys & Kafele - Be My Lover (Original Mix) 6. Infected Soul & Sinai - No Good For Me (XtetiQsoul Remix) 7. R

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