Octex - Aka Jernej Maruši?



Octex - aka Jernej Marusich Octex's (aka Jernej Marusich musical path started in late 90s, when he fell in love with the sound of old analog synthesizers and started conducting Organic Crackle and Tone EXperiments (Octex).His debut album Idei Laehsna (Tehnika records, 2002) received high praises from both critics and the public and got proclaimed as one of the best post Basic Channel dub-techno releases. But always looking forward his next album Variations (rx:tx, 2005) took his experimentation even further and deeper, which confused some of his fans a little, but gained him new ones, and got him some really good reviews in the press.In the mean time he has lent his remixing skills to the likes of Laibach, Ultra-Red, Marko Furstenberg, Spyweirdos...2008 will see the release of new EP and his ambient album Dead Center of Nowhere, originally recorded as a sequel to Idei Lahesna, but till now never released. It will finally see the day of light as a shared release between proclaimed Thinner net label and rx:tx.In 2003 he has received Slovenian Boomerang Award for best new comer of the year, and in both 2002 and 2003 he was selected as one of the 10 finalist for Radio France International Electronic Music Award.His live sets have taken him all over Europe to events such as: Club Transmediale (Berlin), Sprawl (London), Dispatch (Belgrade), Exit (Novi Sad), Cynet Art (Desden), Meet Me, Progress festival...In 2008 he will be presenting his new audio/visual performance. Having already done video for his tracks (which also ended being played on Viva, Onyx TV...) he had developed a system that allowes him to automatically sync visuals to his improvised live performances.WEB LINK & CONTACT:http://www.octex.si/EMAIL: octex (at) soundoflj.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------o projektu / about the project ZVO.?I.TI. (so.und.ing):ZVO.?I.TI. (so.und.ing) is presenting the work of artists and music by sound researchers: Marko Batista, Luka Prin?i? (Nova deViator), Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, SON: DA, Octex, Borut Savski, Irena Tomažin and Bojana Šalji? Podešva. ZVO.?I.TI. (so.und.ing) is a production of a thematically related sound-art audioperformances of Slovenian composers and sound artists in podcast format. The project integrate audio-Slovenian intermedia scene, creating the field of contemporary music on musical theatrical, audio and internet-based field and internet research performances. The project involves the authors of young and middle generations that generate predominantly creative approach to music and sound for various forms of contemporary art projects. Featured authors are actively flirting with exploratory attitude to sound, music and sound presence in the field of contemporary sound-art. The project ZVO.?I.TI. (so.und.ing) is produced by CONA institute in a co-production with RAM LIVE and co-curated by Ilari Valbonesi (intermedia curator, director RAM LIVE).Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.




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