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Up Close And Acoustic with Charlie Silvestri is Performance/Interview RadioThe show is independently produced and hosted by Charlie Silvestri. Each week, Up Close And Acoustic welcomes a band or singer/songwriter and features that artist performing in an intimate and acoustic setting and discussing influences and background.Who is Charlie Silvestri? Charlie has hosted, co-hosted, produced, and engineered many programs over the years for several stations in the Philadelphia radio market. He has a conversational interview style and is knowledgeable and quite passionate about his subject.


  • Up Close And Acoustic With How Far To Hitchin

    Up Close And Acoustic With How Far To Hitchin

    10/06/2018 Duration: 01h06min

    How Far To Hitchin, the Prog based DIY project by Paul Dews, delivers a powerful punch with the album 'Easy Targets'. The elaborate songs created by Paul for How Far To Hitchin, touch on various aspects of the human condition that are not always so well addressed in interpersonal relationships... let alone rock music. Progressive or otherwise. And while the songs have, at their core, some serious observations and perhaps some equally serious introspection from Paul Dews, How Far To Hitchin's 'Easy Targets' is a remarkably fun listen.

  • Up Close And Acoustic With Glim Dropper

    Up Close And Acoustic With Glim Dropper

    19/12/2017 Duration: 35min

    A favorite Philly band Glim Dropper is featured here. Whether a 4 piece, three piece or duo, these guys ROCK. This appearance features Dan Kauffman, Rob Schell, and Goose! Probably the best rock band you've never heard of. Well, here's your opportunity to change all that. This is from the time when their album Heartsick Phenomenon was being released. For more info on Glim Dropper, please go to: http://glimdropper.com

  • Up Close And Acoustic With Twin Ghost

    Up Close And Acoustic With Twin Ghost

    01/12/2017 Duration: 45min

    Twin Ghost visits Up Close And Acoustic to talk about his album releases, 'Classic' being the latest. We also touch on getting the groove right, letting songs breathe, songwriting, and collaboration. Always great stuff to talk about when Twin Ghost visits. Great music too! For more info, please go to http://twinghost.com