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Great songs from great unsigned artists! Give a listen to these songs and leave feedback.To move these tunes into your library, simply 1) right-click the track in iTunes 2) select "get info" 3) select the "options" tab 4) switch "media kind" from "podcast" to "music"Want to submit your song? Email me at for info!Live or want to play shows in the Northern VA or Harrisonburg VA area? Email me at for show opportunities!Permission was given by the artists to have their songs featured in this way.


  • Ever Forget This Free iTunes download

    "Ever Forget This" Free iTunes download

    30/03/2012 Duration: 02min

    This podcast contains my original song "Ever Forget This" from my EP "No More Loose Ends" Find me on Facebook here More podcasts to come! This was a test of the Podomatic system, so hopefully there will be more content than just free songs soon!