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Unique Beats (visit us at www.uniquebeats.co.uk) in association with www.reddogmusic.co.uk.Unique Beats is a collective of musicians, sound engineers and multimedia artists in Edinburgh with a passion for all things Electronica. Our first podcast showcases some of the best unsigned acts from around the world. With a little bit of chat and an eclectic line-up of musicians we hope you enjoy our podcast and tune back in to us each month. Visit www.uniquebeats.co.uk to hear about our events, musicians, 1 day Electronica festivals (held in Edinburgh, UK) and join our forums to discuss the tracks on the podcast as well as having the chance to submit work to us for future podcasts and also get the chance to play at one of our events.


  • Unique Beats - Ten Tracks Event special

    Unique Beats - Ten Tracks Event special

    16/06/2011 Duration: 30min

    TenTracks.co.uk are holding an eclectic range of events at the Teviot Bar (Edinburgh University) as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival starting from Thursday 16th of June and running until the 24th of June. All events run from 11pm until 3am with tickets costing from £9 to £5. On Tuesday the 21st of June they are holding the "Unique Beats Live" event featuring Frogpocket, Asthmatic Astronaut, Sink, Lamplight and visuals from the Somnie Collective. Check out www.tentracks.co.uk and www.uniquebeats.co.uk for more details. We've bought Ten Tracks head honcho Ed Stack into the Unique Beats HQ to tell us more about the events and play some tracks from the artists performing at Unique Beats Live. Get your tickets from edfilmfest.org.uk or call the booking office on 0131 623 8030. This event is not to be missed!

  • Unique Beats - Alex Tronic Records Special

    Unique Beats - Alex Tronic Records Special

    05/12/2010 Duration: 01h07min

    We're finally back and we've got a Christmas treat for you with a podcast direct from the studios of Alex Tronic Records in Edinburgh. With some chat from Paul and Rebecca Croan and a tasty selection of tracks frpm the ATR back catalogue we hope we've more than made up for our absence. Be sure to check out www.alextronicrecords.co.uk Tracklisting: Roy's Iron DNA - "Brumer"//////Pandacetamol - "Flashpan"//////Becky Bardot - "Essence"//////Pixlface - "Inarticulate"//////Snakestyle - "Side to Side" featuring Mini Rogers//////Cosway - "Deluxe"//////Psychedlic Manifesto - "Forever"//////ASA - "Fated Stars"//////Forward Play - "Frozen"//////Alex Tronic - "Palpatations"



    21/04/2010 Duration: 01h12min

    Red Dog Music presents... Unique Beats v2.0 - Festival of Electronica *** To get your early bird tickets for just £7, go to http://uniquebeats2.eventbrite.com/ *** Taking place over 3 floors of a converted church, Unique Beats v2.0 is a day-long festival dedicated to promoting all forms of electronic music-making. Clinics will be running throughout the day, with manufacturers of cutting-edge products demonstrating their wares via interactive displays, combined with live appearances throughout the day and evening from over 30 local, national and international live electronic music artists. Exhibitors confirmed so far include: * ABLETON * AKAI * ALESIS * BOSS * CAKEWALK * DIGIDESIGN * KORG * M-AUDIO * MOOG * NORD * NOVATION * NUMARK * PRESONUS * PROPELLERHEAD (REASON) * ROLAND * UNIVERSAL AUDIO * YAMAHA A selection of prizes worth over £2000 will be available to be won over the course of the day, including a Moog Theremin, a copy of Ableton Live, a Novation Launchpad, a complete Cakewalk home studio pack

  • Unique Beats 2010 Podcast

    Unique Beats 2010 Podcast

    23/02/2010 Duration: 01h09min

    After a long time away we're back and joined by special guest Deaf Professor (a.k.a. Dave Melville) showcasing 2 brand new tracks as well as a 40 minute live set from Unique Beats' very own Melvitronica. Join Andy Farina and Chief of Belize for an hour of electronic shenanigans, stupid ill-informed banter and some cracking tunes. Tracklisting: Deaf Professor - "Kick The Dog" (www.myspace.com/deafprofessor) Lotus Project - "It's Love That Bought You Here" Courtroom Doll - "Redlight" MELVITRONICA LIVE SET (www.MELVITRONICA.com) Deaf Professor - "Little Animal"  

  • Episode 6 - “Beats Rule Everything Around Me!”

    Episode 6 - “Beats Rule Everything Around Me!”

    30/10/2009 Duration: 01h12s

    Unique Beats Podcast 6 - “Beat Rule Everything Around Me!” We're back with a mind melting mix of everything electronica from around the globe. Andy Farina and The Chief of Belize take you on a trippy bleepy digital manipulating mind squelching brain fizzing hour long journey through the eclectic world of electronica. Enjoy. Tracklisting: *8 Track Productions - “15 till 2” ( www.root70lounge.com/8TRAKPRODUCTIONS  ) *Adams Electro - “Tech Funk” ( http://www.myspace.com/adamselectro ) *Allen Dawson - “The Stroll” ( http://ajrecords.co.cc/ ) *Chimo 25 - “Klipper” ( http://www.myspace.com/chimo25 ) *Craig Massie - “Vanity Fayre” *NarcoFunk - “Get Closer, Honeydope” ( http://soundcloud.com/narcofunk ) *Ingen - “Running” ( http://soundcloud.com/ingen ) *Konic Polny (incorrectly said Joprec on the podcast...sorry Konic! - “Fin al Cut” ( http://joprec.org/ ) Remember to send your submissions, including info on yourself and what hardware and software you use to make your tracks, links to your website and anythi