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  • Episode 2.1 - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Episode 2.1 - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    31/10/2018 Duration: 30min

    On our Season 2 opener, our guest is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the United States Supreme Court. She talks about her love for the opera and about friends and family that have been part of her story, and she shares some of the wisdom she has gained during her long and productive career. Justice Ginsburg and many of her loved ones are presented as characters in the song cycle The Long View, composed and performed by her daughter-in-law, Patrice Michaels. These can be heard on Cedille Records' 2018 release Notorious RBG in Song, available to purchase or stream from any of these sites.

  • Episode 1.9 - Hannibal Lokumbe

    Episode 1.9 - Hannibal Lokumbe

    05/06/2018 Duration: 51min

    On episode 1.9 we talk to trumpeter and composer Hannibal Lokumbe, whose compositions tell the stories of ordinary people with the courage and strength to stand up to racism and to fight for social justice. We take a look at two of his oratorios, one inspired by his own family's history and the other by Mrs. Rosa Parks. Our Deep Cut is James Price Johnson's Yamekraw Rhapsody, composed as a more authentic response to George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

  • Episode 1.8 - Oliver Davis

    Episode 1.8 - Oliver Davis

    27/03/2018 Duration: 48min

    On episode 1.8 we talk to composer Oliver Davis, whose extensive resume of television and film scoring includes the couch gag sequence for an episode of The Simpsons, which you can watch below. He's also released four highly regarded albums, the most recent of which, Liberty, came out in February 2018. Our Deep Cut is Kurt Atterberg's Suite No. 3, a short set that packs an emotion punch and shows why Atterberg should be considered an important Scandinavian composer of the 20th century.

  • Episode 1.7 - Anna Thorvaldsdottir

    Episode 1.7 - Anna Thorvaldsdottir

    27/02/2018 Duration: 47min

    On episode 1.7 we talk to composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir about her work In the Light of Air, which will be performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble at the upcoming Big Ears Festival. We also discuss the music scene in her homeland of Iceland. Our Deep Cut is Rued Langgaard's Music of the Spheres, a stunning work for orchestra and choir that was about fifty years ahead of its time.

  • Episode 1.6 - Cristina Spinei

    Episode 1.6 - Cristina Spinei

    12/12/2017 Duration: 44min

    On episode 1.6 we talk to Cristina Spinei, a rising composer who makes her home in Nashville, Tennessee. We discuss her album Music For Dance, her Blind Ear Music project, and the classical scene in Music City. In place of a Deep Cut, we're featuring a Grammy-nominated recording by Nashville's ALIAS Chamber Ensemble of Gabriela Lena Frank's Hilos for piano, clarinet, violin, and cello.

  • Episode 1.5 - Marin Alsop

    Episode 1.5 - Marin Alsop

    07/11/2017 Duration: 36min

    On episode 1.5 we talk to Marin Alsop, one of the top conductors in the world. We discuss her recent Prokofiev recording on Naxos as well as the work she does promoting and encouraging classical music in Sao Paulo. Our Deep Cut is Symphony No. 1 in E Minor by Florence Beatrice Price, which upon its premiere in 1933 became the first work by an African-American woman to be performed by a major orchestra.

  • Episode 1.4 - Boris Giltburg

    Episode 1.4 - Boris Giltburg

    09/10/2017 Duration: 44min

    On episode 1.4 we talk to pianist Boris Giltburg about his newest release on Naxos Records, a recording of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2, and about what it's like to be a top-level pianist. Our Deep Cut is the Piano Concerto in G Minor by Croatia's Dora Pejacevic, composed in 1913.

  • Episode 1.3 - Christopher D. Lewis

    Episode 1.3 - Christopher D. Lewis

    05/09/2017 Duration: 47min

    On episode 1.3 we talk to Welsh harpsichordist Christopher D. Lewis about his love for the instrument, and about his recordings on Naxos Records. Our Deep Cut is a cantata for soprano, violin, and continuo by French composer Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, which was published in 1708.

  • Episode 1.2 – Steven Fox

    Episode 1.2 – Steven Fox

    14/06/2017 Duration: 38min

    Special guest: Steven Fox Deep cuts: Jon Leifs - Requiem; Erfiljoð On our second episode we talk to American conductor Steven Fox about his recent recording of Maximilian Steinberg's Passion Week with The Clarion Choir from New York City. Our Deep Cuts are two choral works by Icelandic composer Jon Leifs, titled Requiem and Erfiljoð.

  • Episode 1.1 – Jennifer Higdon

    Episode 1.1 – Jennifer Higdon

    03/05/2017 Duration: 37min

    Special guest: Jennifer Higdon Deep cut: Grazyna Bacewicz - Violin Concerto No. 3 On our very first episode we talk to American composer Jennifer Higdon about her new release All Things Majestic featuring Giancarlo Guerrero and the Nashville Symphony, along with soloists Roberto Diaz (viola) and James Button (oboe). Our Deep Cut is Grazyna Bacewicz's Violin Concerto No. 3.