I love electronic music...DJing since 1993 at various venues in Lancaster, Luton and London including Bar Vinyl, 93 Ft. East, BarSolo and the Project.My interests are widely varied and this is what I try to convey in my sound. Deep House is bread and butter, but there are plenty of extra toppings available in this cafe.


  • MS.OUTPUT 066 - Principle Situation

    MS.OUTPUT 066 - Principle Situation

    06/08/2019 Duration: 01h03min

    Defined by an almost distant memory of equatorial vacations, re-kindled by Sonar 2019 and compiled to the backdrop of stranger things .. An overdue and eclectic fusion of melodic glissandos, arpeggiations, strings over breaks and 4:4 with a free flowing, percussive and textural direction. 01 - Chris Coco - Onda 02 - Queniv - Kruller Muller 03 - Working Title- De Tuin (Edit) 04 - Kuba - You're Breaking Up 05 - Eversines - Onigi 06 - Local Options - After Glow 07 - Manuela Costa - My Eyes (Mystical Funk) 08 - Black Sauce - Abigail - Andreas Saag Instrumental (Edit) 08 - Black Sauce Saag - Abigail - Andreas Saag Remix Pt 3 10 - Tender games - Movin' - Black Loops Mix 11 - Kuba Feat. Tiago Coimbra - Waiting For Tomorrow 12 - AMR - Flight

  • MS.OUTPUT 065 - Radio Eden 4

    MS.OUTPUT 065 - Radio Eden 4

    23/12/2018 Duration: 02h04min

    After an extended session, deep in collaboration with Deep Transmissions since early December, this episode finally makes its way on to the shelves just in time for the holiday... First five from yours truly sets up a path that has more of a four to the floor theme than previous volumes. Given the festive season, we have a bonus extended play length just over the 2 hour mark, with some extra stocking fillers of dub styles along with 2 cracking atmospheric DnB joints from RQ's excellent new LP. Programmed with 5-8-8-5, this outing is sure to offer some surprises. Sherry, Mince Pies and Carrots at the ready, hope that this brings joy and merriment! have a fabulous festive fiesta, wherever you are this xmas. 01 - Billy Eilish - Ocean Eyes (VOWL Remix - MS IntroEdit) 02 - Black Jazz Consortium - 120 Black key Experiment (Continuation Interlude) 03 - RQ - Circle 1 04 - Jared Fogle - NachtBraker 05 - Junior Revere - Back To Back 06 - Jovonn - Pianos of Gold 07 - Ross From Friends - Squaz 08 - Qubiko, K-909 - Thes

  • MS.OUTPUT 064 - Radio Eden Volume Three

    MS.OUTPUT 064 - Radio Eden Volume Three

    16/09/2018 Duration: 01h05min

    Extending on the 2 previous collaborations on a concept mix with Deep Transmissions, this episode flows in a more downbeat trip-hop, jazz infused direction. Still following Parisian influences, but with one eye on the Rising Sun.. MS 01. Deeb ft. Asteroid - The Story 02. L'Indecis - Sunrise Drive 03. Deeb - Squba 04. Frameworks - HillSide 05. Leifur James - Argonaut DT 06. Fourtet - I'm On Fire 07. Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold 08. Boards Of Canada - Olsen 09. Soundpecies - Relax 10. Saine - Down To Earth 11. Emanative - Flip Flop 12. DJ Cam - Mad Blunted Jazz MS 13. Aso - Seasons 14. Brock Berrigan - Her Smile 15. Leifur James - Time 16. Stan Forebee - Apple Juice 17. Todd Terje & Prins Thomas - Reinbagan

  • MS.OUTPUT 063 - Vitalise

    MS.OUTPUT 063 - Vitalise

    29/07/2018 Duration: 51min

    Reflecting on the last quarter, which has been every bit as intensely varied and rich as it has been blisteringly hot on the dusty baking streets of Clerkenwell for the last few weeks... The culmination of experiences and the listening influences from @Complexion TFBS radio show and Milch Bar11, leading up to and beyond the kaotic latin fiesta and electronic melange that is Sonar. Needed a spell in Ibiza, just to chill down.. .. from the heady heights of seeing Lee Burridge and Black Coffee at Hii, to the gradual lull into the calm and chilled indulgence that is Portinatx ... Where the sunset is a nightly event, and the beach bar churns out ultra poquey mango mojitos to a perfect backdrop of baroque balearic house and slo-mo The tracks from Embers LP that deservedly book-end this set with are for me, a unique and original strain of future music, underpinned by a consistently smouldering slab of urban soul. Sitting alongside some great work from Kori, Harrison and Detz, who are all representing with their

  • MS.OUTPUT 062 - Beyond The A Sides

    MS.OUTPUT 062 - Beyond The 'A' Sides

    27/03/2018 Duration: 51min

    A recent sortie in the vinyl vaults, under an objective to include some lesser or never played tracks and b-sides. All tracks 18-25 years back, layed up on the platters in an unrehearsed 'Spontaneous Saturday Night' kind of session... The resultant selection seemed to be a hypnotic blend of a dub direction with jazz infusions underpinned by tribal percussive threads. Pensive but bouncy .. 01 - Underworld - Dirty Epic (Junior Boy's Own) 02 - ADNY Presents Leiva - Fragile (Plastic City) 03 - Rasoul - OakTown Funky (Guidance) 04 - Home And Garden - Themes of yesterday (Classic) 05 - Phurry Phreaks Feat. Terra Deva - Want you Like Water [VocalMix2] (PeaceFrog) 06 - Chicago Transit Authority - Still Disillusioned [Dub] (Rescue Recordings) 07 - Terry Lee Brown Jr - Lost and Found - [Steve Bug's Found It Dub] (Plastic City) 08 - Nove Scotia - Loose Leaves [Weekender's where's the Beef Dub] (Airtight) 09 - Little Green Men - When you Need me (Forensic) 10 - Colin Dale - You know how [MotherSole & Freedman FreeSoul

  •  MS.OUTPUT061 - Radio Eden Volume Two

    MS.OUTPUT061 - Radio Eden Volume Two

    03/03/2018 Duration: 01h21min

    ... produced in collaboration across the wires with Deep Transmissions, four tracks at a time... once again taking up the challenge to continue and build on the previous concept... To consolidate our different styles and common tastes, selecting outside the box to hopefully carve out a compilation with a cinematic feel, one that follows organic changes of pace, not over considered, yet still fluid, with its own sense of attitude and just a touch of sassiness. We hope that you enjoy the programme: 01. Honey Dijon, Tim K, Nomi Ruiz - Love Muscle 02. Llorca - All Right (S3A remix) 03. Soledrifter - Striking 04. Din Jay - Everyday (DuBeats remix) 05. Jaleal Meadows – Fly Away (BPM Instrumental Mix) 6. P.M. Project & Cee Ellassaad – Stay By My Side (Cee Vocal Dub) 07. Brame & Hamo – Clarence (Smooth Mix) 08. Rings Around Saturn – Abarth 09. Sandboards - Nothing But A Freak 10. From P60 with Lisa Shaw - Magic (Chuck Love Dub) 11. Matt D & Lukemberg - It’s Dub Baby 12. Reelsoul - 2morrow 13. Celestial

  • MS.OUTPUT060-CircadianCircus


    23/12/2017 Duration: 57min

    After some late nights and crazy work life balance, finally able to put out 2017's last offering, and one of a moody and organic structure, open cinematic soundscapes and textures flow through some lush techno into tight disco pressure and a lovely cut up of a Billie Ray Martin Classic, toughening up with a final plateau into some epic afro prog stuff from the legendary Manoo. Some bits from years gone by that I had missed and in this outing, the Voyage label has delivered for the ethereal spacey sound that I was looking to represent here, Synkro and Pedestrian have been on my earplay of late and hopefully augment the the seasonal feel in the concept. The intensity of the Andy Hart tune really does it for me such a groove.. first heard this @DepartmentofCoffee&SocialAffairs in Soho, Always Great coffee, tunes and real vibe :) Anyway enough of the narrative, on with the tracks and enjoy the festive season: 01 - Flori - Alone in Lake Point 02 - Synkro - Automatic Response 03 - Twin Pink - This is Not Life 04 -

  • MS.OUTPUT 059 - Nights Like These

    MS.OUTPUT 059 - Nights Like These

    10/07/2017 Duration: 01h06min

    A selection of classic House tracks from around the 2000-2004 era. Mixed last summer in an upfront style on 1210s. 01 - Spooky - Belong 02 - Fish go Deep Ft Tracey Kalmeir - Nights Like These 03 - Tom middleton Presents Cosmos - Summer In Space (Mark Pritchard Remix) 04 - Rare Unit - Radio Days 05 - Grace - Not Over Yet (DT Loves the BT Dub) 06 - DoodleBug - Loose In the Mind (Azad Rivzi Mix) 07 - Annie - Greatest Hit (Soul Mechanic dub) 08 - DubTribe SoundSystem - Sunshine's Theme 09 - Tiefschwarz - Never (Freaks Dub) 10 - Patrick Green - My Love For You 11 - Jon Cutler - You Groove Me (Samba Dub) 12 - Audio Soul Project - Take You higher 13 - MRE - The Deep Edge 14 - Slide - Closure

  • MS.OUTPUT 058 - RetroVision:8591 Volume 2

    MS.OUTPUT 058 - RetroVision:8591 Volume 2

    10/07/2017 Duration: 58min

    Continuing on from the previous theme, but with a different percussive thread and mix style here... This selection casts a historical perspective from mid 80s to early 90s and brings themes of Brass and Bongo, 808 Synthesizer Electro, Soul, Boogie and Jazz Funk Basslines. The Mood starts out strongly using the 1210 as the tools that they are in a bootleg remix style of mixtape with drops into sections with a more club style of mixing, in keeping with the era. Street Sounds:1 was the first records I ever owned at age 7, and having recently revisited it, 'RainForest' is for me, still a standout track on that release. The Epilogue Track is one I find to be just so laid back and perfect for a lazy summer's evening or afternoon... >SweetGhettoDub 01 - Alyris - Sweet Guitar 02 - Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family - From The Ghetto (Album Mix) 03 - Alyris - Can't Get Enough 04 - Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family - From The Ghetto (Edit - Freddies Bronx Mix) 05 - Inner Circle - Wanted Dead

  • MS.OUTPUT 057 - RetroVision:8591 - Vinyl 1210

    MS.OUTPUT 057 - RetroVision:8591 - Vinyl 1210

    20/05/2017 Duration: 01h44min

    A scrape through some of my dusty crates provides something a bit different from my normal sets ... Looking back to the late 80's into early 90's when there were some amazing turntable technicians that inspired me to take up the challenge of mixing tracks on vinyl. Beyond the 4/4.. this session rolls with a jazzy, gospel Hammond, string and flute infused journey from 101 to 120 through Soul, Acid-Jazz, New Jack Swing, early Garage, Deep and Detroit House[]:[][][]: the dionne track is so raw and the messages from Billy, Mel ( you rocked live at Fylde in 95) and the Colonel are as apt and poignant today as They were back then !! 01 - Intro - JT - Interlude (MonoEcho Dub) 02 - Higher Ground - Somebody (EXtended Mix) 03 - Billy Griffin - Technicolour (Instrumental) 04 - Mantra - Vibes Alive 05 - Keith Sweat - Keep it coming (12" Mix) 06 - Karyn White - The Way you love me (Simpson House Dub) 07 - Hi Five - Playing hard to get (Hula & Fingers Extended Mix) 08 - Jazz Not Jazz - Trip and Flip (Flip Mix) 09 - Tammy

  • MS.OUTPUT 056 - NOVO

    MS.OUTPUT 056 - NOVO

    07/01/2017 Duration: 01h12min

    Slowly getting back into the swing of the new year, underpinned by Electro Synths, Jazz & Dub tinged infusions of Deep House and Electronica, this mix gently blends through the first half from a base in a subterranean Hoxton drinking hole, then at the half way mark it wakes up and finds itself in a club in 1983, 'Changes' by TFF is playing and New Order are just discovering Ibiza .. Building into a more melodic and disco 808 phase into a lush 'DubTunnel' of progressive House at T10 ... finally, it takes the TimeTram right back into 2017 picking up some ElectroStep and D-Bridge/Instra:Mental styles along the way, just in time for the re-opening of Fabric... 01 - Ruby & Tevo Howard - Anna (Shield Re-Edit) 02 - Scott Diaz - Philadelphia 03 - Q Narongwate - Transition 04 - Arkun - The Dreamer's Town 05 - Olej & Kristinia Tiurina - Trust Me (StereoTeric Dub Mix) 06 - Mangaka - Bubbles for busy people 07 - Ray Dickerson - No Way without you (Patrick Gideon Mix) 08 - Marshall Brill - Midnight Safari 09 - Edmund -

  • MS.OUTPUT 055 - Deepest Drum

    MS.OUTPUT 055 - Deepest Drum

    23/10/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    After a long hiatus, something for the seasons, a considered and culminated selection where monosonics takes an eclectic journey through jazzy and bumpy chillhop into slo-mo-disco via some ethereal soundscaping towards a Chicago inflected deeper house groove with some classic acid at the tail. Expect to hear soul inflections with nuances of New Order, DJ Krush, Nujabes, The Orb, Ulrich Snausch, U2, Stone Roses, Electro Boogie and New Wave Electro. A real mix of blends, seagues, beat mixes and one drops, such is life.. Enjoy 01 KreamBeat - Moves 02 Bonus Points - Pizza & Video Games 03 The Cancel - Point 04 Brock Branigan - For Ginger 05 GYVUS - To Wherever 06 Mo Anando - In Bloom 07 Aso - Seasons 08 Sensi Sye - Early Morning 09 Tontario - Late 10 Phil Gerus - I need you more than he 11 De La Soul Ft Snoop Dog - Pain 12 Letherette - Sweeter 13 Vibe Telemetry - 147 Stars 14 Team Morale - Totoro 15 Kim Brown - Rubies, Riches and Crowns 16 GUEST - Mass Transit 17 Luke Form - SoulMate (Tony S Remix) 18 Steve Mi

  • MS.OUTPUT 054 - Invisible Horizon

    MS.OUTPUT 054 - Invisible Horizon

    03/03/2016 Duration: 25min

    This minimix marks the onset of spring in the northern hemisphere. A brief journey from moods into warm, slightly spacey, slightly dubby house through Electro disco pressure into tribal fever pitch down into the latest release from Leon Vynehall, which chills the set to a jazzy deep tech conclusion. 01 - Midnight Works - Real Love (Jay Saccone Dub) 02 - Small Pyramids - Destiny (Dub) 03 - Anthony Mea - The Magician 04 - The Whole Truth - Stalemate 05 - Alie Duke - DubDrops 06 - Tuxedo - Walking the coastline 07 - Leon Vynehall - Midnight on Rainbow road

  • MS.OUTPUT053 - Radio Eden

    MS.OUTPUT053 - Radio Eden

    21/02/2016 Duration: 01h16min

    01 - G Mills - Lodeon 02 - DJ Cam - Friends & Enemies 03 - Martin Hayes - Broken Memory 04 - Al Zanders - Endliffe Park 05 - Sobrero Galaxy - The Edge Of Space 06 - Knight One – Hollow (Les Loups Remix) 07 - Phil Gerus – Don’t you know I need you 08 - Maya Jane Coles Feat. Thomas Knight – When I’m in love 09 - French Touch – Papa Stomp 10 - Green Linez - Hibiscus Pacific 11 - Ashley Beedle, Lay-Far & Darren Morris - Slope (Lay-Far Upbeat Version) 12 - Waterson - Tell Me (Ashley Beedles North Street mix) 13 - Chaos In The CBD - 816 To Nunhead 14 - StudioHeist – Eden 15 - DiscoTron - Shake Dat 16 - Danny Fry & Lou Willet – Colors (Kinky Movement ReMix) 17 - James Benedict - 32 Minds 18 - Avery SunShine – Call My Name (Ananda Project Lullaby Dub) Working over the wire in January with partner in crime, Dave Wood from DeepTransmissions, this collaboration piece is well overdue becoming output. Inspired and conceived back in late 2015 to capture all that is good from a Jazzy, Disco and Hip hop pallete, nodding to

  • MS.OUTPUT052 - Atlantic Graffiti Vol 3

    MS.OUTPUT052 - Atlantic Graffiti Vol 3

    10/01/2016 Duration: 01h01min

    Capping of the trilogy, with a perspective on new Horizons, featuring several tracks from Southern Hemisphere artists, this episode proposes a richly defined journey through afro and austral tinged percussions with melodic layers and Jazz inferences over strongly resonant b-lines. I was really pleased that these tracks were available for me to be able to compile them, but the fave has to be the Nichen track - lovely bass line, although the production on 'All I Want' is too good to ignore and Glen Hobbs has done some exquisitely epic work as well! Hope you enjoy and It's 2016, so hope of good things for everyone! 01 Durga Amata - Life 02 Savile, Olin & Filburt - Horizon (Good Guy Mikesh Mix) 03 Mood Dusty & Cee - Special Place (Glenn Hobbs Version Dub) 04 Distant Relatives JHB - Without these memories 05 Zozo - March 16 06 Middlefield Feat. IvanUnknown - Ivan's Burden (StereoTone Remix) 07 Tonye Aganaba - It ain't easy (Sean Dimitrie Remix) 08 Chus & Ceballo Feat. Astrid Suryanto - All I want (Fernando Ca

  • MS.OUTPUT051 - Atlantic Graffiti Vol 2

    MS.OUTPUT051 - Atlantic Graffiti Vol 2

    31/10/2015 Duration: 43min

    01 - Boom Jinx & Meredith Call - Bring me back around (Chillout mix) 02 - Synkro - Harbour 03 - Williams - Love on a real train 04 - Lord Raja & Heathered - Perfume Catalogue 05 - Magic in Threes - Beatin Tha breaks (Fouks Mix) 06 - Maribou State - WallFlower (Ross from Friends Mix) 07 - Standard Fair - Turn my back on you 08 - Thermal Bear - Bein 09 - Carlos Gambino Feat. Maxxi Jazz - In my Brain (Carlos Gambino Mix) 10 - Quivver - Wait for you 11 - Starbud - Tomorrow This follow up offering follows a darker theme, very much in keeping with the eerie vibe that the image conjured up for me. Imagine deep house meets dubby ambient electronic folk in a dirty Detroit disco as the thematic here. Starting out with a nicely chilled offering from Anjunabeats the journey is a moody and quite a stripped down one. Really liked what Williams has done with the early 80's Tangerine Dream classic as featured in Risky Business :) The madness of the Maribou State and Perfume Catalogue tracks drew me in, as did the 2 pieces

  • MS.OUTPUT 050 - Atlantic Graffiti - Vol 1

    MS.OUTPUT 050 - Atlantic Graffiti - Vol 1

    13/10/2015 Duration: 56min

    A recent visit to the magical island of São Miguel contributes heavily to the pitch and tone here ... A deep journey through a lush swirling soundscape. #SubTropicalHouse 01 - Maverick Mali - Intro 02 - Forteba Feat. Marcel - Fabula 03 - C Vogt & Patrick Jeremic - After all it's you (Shield Re-Edit) 04 - LoveBirds Feat. Galliano - Icarus(Mr Beatnick Mix) 05 - Bodine, Aquino & SteppenWolf - Lausanne 06 - Forteba - Tape Machine 07 - Vincent Kwok - It's in the way 08 - AbysSoul - Falling in Love (Entity UltraDeep Instrumental) 09 - Essentrikality - Rhetorik 10 - Brad Rock - Bad Company (Skoork mix) 11 - Bicep & Hammer - Go (Liquid Mix) 12 - Maverick Mali - Connected

  • MS.OUTPUT 049 - Media Noche

    MS.OUTPUT 049 - Media Noche

    27/07/2015 Duration: 53min

    Culminating some hectic but eclectic recent experiences of the last few weeks and executed in the contemplative wake of a recent view of 'Eden'. Elements of Bongholio Iglesias, D:Bridge, Jacques Greene and Sasha in the selection, coming off like a Back2MineOnTheGlobalUnderground.. but most definitely monosonics on a mad one on the holistic. With a 100-120 BPM transitioning fusion of Glitch-Funk, DnB, Dub, Electronica and Deep House in an ethereally styled melting pot of defined snare patterns, intense bass-lines and open structures, a listening experience first and foremost. The standout track for me has to come from Gidge, for me the eloquence and elaboration of their production really added to the tone that I was trying to create with the episode, love the way it compliments the similar styles of artists such as Pariah, Burial and SYNKRO but with an extra touch of Folk! Several of my favourite compilations and some early vinyl mixes (coming to Digital soon) feature 'Space' remixes (such as StoneProof - '

  • MS.OUTPUT 048 - Tardes

    MS.OUTPUT 048 - Tardes

    13/05/2015 Duration: 01h03min

    With a distinctly contemplative and organic theme to the first 6 into a half dozen tracks linked by spacy synths underpinned with latin inspired percussive patterns and the odd punch from a Disco beat, this really is game of 2 halves. I have still tried to shape a gradual build across the set, taking in a fair few styles. In my mind, no one cuts it up quite like Phil Gerus, so a seemingly Cyndi Lauper/Atlantic Conveyor inspired production from him opens the shop up to make headway for a lovely and original piece of Afro production from Yuruba Soul. Loving the open groove of 'Another One' and the almost indie like qualities of the Lane 8 track as the 1st of 2 quality offerings from AnjunaDeep on this outing. After hearing it on the HHA 1st May Real House Radio podcast, the Vince Watson track had to feature, lovely chords and keys and, a groove that is fair infectious! Always good things coming from the Vortex. I guess that based on a recent viewing of InterStellar, that 'Space' was also a bit of an inspirat

  • MS.OUTPUT047 - Pura Vida

    MS.OUTPUT047 - Pura Vida

    12/02/2015 Duration: 57min

    Delayed but delivered with a quite downbeat undertone peppered with a fair smattering of sultry vocals with a focus on a chilled put pure deep house sound. 01 - Monkey Lounge Ft. Abi Hardman - Forlorn 02 - Luka & Sia Blackwidow - Next to you (Jazzuelle Rotary Dub) 03 - Darbinyan - Rain over the seas (Ben Gomori aquatic mix) 04 - Hannes Heisster - Focused 05 - Jakobin & Domino - 180 Grams 06 - Matt Prehn & Griffin - Dark circles 07 - Salut 80 - Abrir la puerte 08 - DeLaKeyz - How you love 09 - Vincenzo & Florien Kruse Feat. Lisa Shaw - All about you 10 - Imre Kiss - Towers of Hamlet

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