Free Chillout Music By Softys



Free chillout music and generative art from Softys. Each track is accompanied by a changing animation on display at the website, New tracks and remixes will appear on the podcast every month and remix kits and other goodies can be downloaded from the website. Please visit the website and give feedback on the project!


  • Spawn


    13/11/2007 Duration: 06min

    Spawn has the honor of restarting my Softys releases. No more Flash animations. As you can see, it turned out I will never get the music out if I am to wait for the animations to be released in sync. No remix kit either, but I'm thinking of using sites like Splice and SoundCloud in the future...

  • All That I Wanted (2 Hours  Done mix)

    All That I Wanted (2 Hours & Done mix)

    22/05/2006 Duration: 05min

    Alistaja delivers the first Softys remix and knowing his skills the remix subtitle "2 Hours & Done" is not a joke. And still the remix manages to sound quite a bit different than the original, taking the track closer to the dance floor, adding a synth melody, bringing the vocals up... If you are a pro who thinks you could do better, or someone who has never made any music, don't be afraid to download the remix kit and give it a try. The Ableton Live format remix kit is 98% close to being the full arrangement of the song, so opening it up and changing a few things is a fun exercise even for a beginner. It's all on the site,

  • One More Night

    One More Night

    07/05/2006 Duration: 08min

    The ideas keep on coming and are too delicious to pass on just because of something silly like a schedule. So, it's May and March is the month of the new, third Softys release. Visit the website at to view and download the free Flash animations and MP3s. The animation for March turned out into a beautiful, alien butterfly odyssey. Huge thanks to the creative team: Sini, Mikko and Janne. See, I say it's my project but I only do all of the boring work. ;) The song is six years old, believe it or not, but I thought it would be nice to use it for this Softys project. Shoutouts must be sent along to Kemopetrol (check them out at guys + girl and their label reps (Kim & Kimmo) for clearing a sample used in the track. Unfortunately there's no remix kit this month. The parts for the song got lost in the years. But there is a remix kit of sorts on the site ( for making your own cover art if you're interested!

  • Circles


    24/03/2006 Duration: 07min

    Still a month behind the intended schedule, this is the second installment in the series of free songs and animations from Softys. Visit the website at to view the accompanying animation. This month's animation draws circles. The circles cross each other and spawn new circles... There's nothing more to it, but at best it gets really hypnotic. Remix kit for the track is online at the website, so if you feel like making your own version please go and download the samples. No strings attached (pun intended).

  • All That I Wanted (original mix)

    All That I Wanted (original mix)

    28/02/2006 Duration: 06min

    This is the first free Softys release available online. The accompanying animation draws roots on the screen, replay the animation to see the nature change... Remix kit for the track is online at the website, so if you feel like making your own version go and download the samples.