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Deep House Cats (SA) is a South African Based Independent Record Label representing upcoming house music producers with focus on Deep House, Tech and Soulful from around the country and beyond the borders. Our releases can be found on traxsource, juno, itunes and major online stores. Do support the craft and listen to our bi-weekly shows mixed by Tarse P, Groove Govnor, Dj Relle, Gruvv Wiz and guest djs.keep an open mind and enjoy the music _ Leave a comment and share with your friends.Let house music dance through your body ! :-)Please contact us should you need services of any of our djs at and/or send through your demos.Disclaimer: Mixes posted here are created for the Djs own experimentation and entertainment, not for profit. The Djs may not be the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the tracks, support the artists and buy the originals available at major digital store and/or your nearest record storeThanks for Listening


  • #DHC150 - Guest Mix By Ian Sage

    #DHC150 - Guest Mix By Ian Sage

    14/02/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    We welcome @iansage-774752181 to our family and he has put together a sensational guest mix on #DHC150 with some of his favorites to keep us dancing as we wait for his incoming catalog addition. Check it out, enjoy and please spread the gospel. Tracklist 01. Limara - Mechanism 02. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - Last Night 03. Didacte - Saturn's Secrets 04. Tim Green - Cedar 05. Simon Vuarambon & Lost Desert - Earth Before Humans 06. Amonita - Fairy 07. Ben Bohmer, Malou - Lost In Mind 08. Mariner, Chris Domingo - Child 09. Modd - Vent 10. Serge Devant - It's Like That 11. Kiasmos - Blurred (Bonobo Remix) With love.

  • #DHC149 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC149 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    31/01/2021 Duration: 01h10min

    Presenting #DHC149 with our CIC @GrooveGovnor once again serving us a luscious deep & techno recipe on his first home mix for the year. Check it out and please share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Tobetsa Lamola - Bad Night Out (Original Mix} // Deep Inspiration Show Records 02. Simbad, Lwandile, Zito Mowa - Peaceful Revolution (Original Mix) // Freerange Records 03. Eddie Leader - There's A Time // Hudd Traxx 04. Gary Cooper SA - Transit (Original Mix) // Deepstitched Records 05. Kat La Kat - As It Was (Original Mix) // KLK Music 06. Aluna & KAYTRANADA - The Recipe (feat. Rema) (Bella Boo Remix) // Mad Decent 07. Thabang Baloyi - Glu¦Ιckliche Leute (Original Mix) // DeepWit Uncovered 08. Messive Muzik, Sacred Souls - Sacred Access (Original Mix) // Kalushi Recordings 09. Themetique, Ras Vadah - Ms Devine (Blac Tears Dub) // Sanelow Label 10. StylesDipp - Deep Jozi (Down-Tempo Dub) // Redemial Tunes 11. Nutty Nys - Cafe Paris (Purple Remix) // TheNysHouse 12. Morena - Roots Run Deep (Original Mix) // Movi

  • #DHC148 - Guest Mix By Michael Oberling

    #DHC148 - Guest Mix By Michael Oberling

    17/01/2021 Duration: 01h03min

    Presenting our 1st guest mix for the year on 'DHC148' with a succulent tape by none other than Michael Oberling who is no stranger to the Deep House scene. He gives us an hour of mind blowing deep and jazzy vibes in commemoration of his late grandfather 'Mel Elzea', rest his soul. Check it out enjoy and please share with you peers. Keep safe.

  • #DHC147 - Mixed By Relle Dladla

    #DHC147 - Mixed By Relle Dladla

    04/01/2021 Duration: 59min

    Complements to the new year. Easing us into 2021 chapter we have Relle Dladla on #DHC147 with a succulent tranquil tape to kick things off. Check it out and have a great year ahead. Tracklist: 01. Smooth Jazz All Stars - Halfcrazy 02. Chet Faker - No Diggity 03. Jhene - Aiko - Summer 2020 04. Jose James - Just The Two Of Us 05. Detroit Swindle - You, Me, Here, Now 06. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving 07. Soundz Tabuu - Umsebenzi 08. Caiiro - Entabeni 09. Nato & Sahale - Jelassi 10. Joeira - Kurup 11. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Jazz Face (AJE Rework) 12. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Nataraja Pts I, II & III Enjoy

  • #DHC146 - Guest Mix By Absxntminded

    #DHC146 - Guest Mix By Absxntminded

    12/12/2020 Duration: 01h26min

    Presenting #DHC146 with a special guest mix by chilled out house protégé 'Absxntminded' giving us a taste of some of his forth-coming sounds. Check it out enjoy please share with your peers. Keep safe

  • #DHC145 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC145 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    16/11/2020 Duration: 01h04min

    Presenting #DHC145 with a succulent hour session by @groovegovnor. Check it out and have a feast. Tracklist: 01. Leeviosh - Travellers [Old Dayzz Recordings] 02. Deephope - Rooftop [Batavia Records] 03. Retromigration, Nephews - Chb Pimpin' [W/Lbl] 04. Coral O'Connor - Say When [House Puff Records] 05. Crackazat - Crystal Eyes [Z Records] 06. Simon Hinter - Alright! (KRL remix)[Quintessentials] 07. Tidy Daps - Meant To Do This [HOUPH] 08. ColorJaxx - LIttle Love [Large Music] 09. Felipe Gordon - (To) Get My Shit Together [Shall Not Fade] 10. T.Roy, Thap Soul, Robert Owens - Change (Thap Soul Future Dub Mix) [Broadcite Productions] 11. Rick Wade - Academy (Pezzner Remix) [Elypsia Records] Enjoy and please do invite your peers to have a listen.

  • #DHC144 - Guest Mix By Pots n Pans

    #DHC144 - Guest Mix By Pot's n Pan's

    01/11/2020 Duration: 56min

    After a month break from our podcast shows we are back with a feast of high quality deep house mixes for your enjoyment. On #DHC144 we are delighted to present you with a return of Pot's n Pan's, our friend and crate digger from the South of Johannesburg with yet another terrific deep cast you will definitely enjoy. Tracklist: 01. Addex - Metamorphosis 02. Savvas - Soul Lifting 03. Moti Brothers - Magic Moments 04. Christoph Kardek - Terra 05. Society Of Mind - Blurry Motion 06. Loz Goddard - Frame Of Mind 07. Addex - Till The Sunrise 08. Addex - Alabama Slammer 09. The Urban District - One To Zero Stay tuned for more deep cats heading your way in the coming weeks and do invite your friends to have a bite. #DHCSA

  • #DHC143 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC143 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    17/09/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    Presenting our podcast 143 with a soothing soulful mix by @groovegovnor. Dig in and enjoy the feast. Tracklist: 01. Grace Bones - Fighter (Original Mix) 02. Andrej Laseech, Javonntte - More Than Friends (Marcel Vogel & Time Jules Remix) 03. Farley Jackmaster Funk - Higher Power (Dj Pope Finkhut Vocal) 04. Cedric Salander - Missing You (Original Mix) 05. Monodeluxe, Jaidene Veda - Change (Deep Xcape Deep Remix) 06. Black Coffee, Zakes Bantwini - Juju (Ande Lodemann Vocal Mix) 07. Rocco Rodamaal - Someday (Brian Tappert Rework) 08. Reel People, Darien - Sure (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix) 09. Reel People, Tony Momrelle - Star (Rocco Underground Mix) 10. Selace - So Hooked on you loving (Love Club Mix) 11. Candi Staton - Halleluyah Anyway (Larse Vocal) Keep safe and spread the gospel .

  • #DHC142 - Mixed By Relle

    #DHC142 - Mixed By Relle

    23/08/2020 Duration: 48min

    Presenting #DHC142 with another tranquil mix our brother Relle Dladla. Check it out, enjoy and please share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Rhi - Swagger 02. Zhanna - Feel Right Way 03. Tall Black Guy ft Allysha Joy - Sip Of You 04. Burna Boy - Bank On It 05. Thabsie - iLula 06. Cleo Sol - Why Don’t You 07. Tall Black Guy ft Devin Morrison - As the Night Moves 08. Cleo Sol - When I’m In Your Arms 09. Twism, Wavy dot - Milk, Cream & Alcohol 10. St. Clovis - Happy Child 11. Colectivo Arte & Manha - Mystic Brew (ft Mark de Clive-Lowe, Antonio Bruheim, Joao Leandro, Ricardo Pinto, Eduardo Lala) 12. Nomumbah - Song For Mi Padre Be safe and take it easy

  • #DHC141 - Guest Mix By Eric Davenport

    #DHC141 - Guest Mix By Eric Davenport

    10/08/2020 Duration: 01h16min

    Presenting #DHC141 with a sublime guest mix by one of our forth-coming catalogue addition and co-owner of MindLoop Music based in Los Angeles, CA - Eric Davenport. He gives us over an hour+ mixdown of nothing but fine deep cuts from himself and his consociate Chris Smith, also featuring some of his favorite local cuts. Check it out, enjoy and please invite your friends to have a listen. Tracklist: 01.  Smitty & Davenport - Deeper Soul (Original Mix) 02. Kaygo Soul - Evening Winds (Original Mix) 03. China Charmeleon - I Want My Soul (Tribute To George Floyd) 04. Offshore and Coen Feat. Tamara Chetty - The Feeling (Original Mix) 05. Lito La PregoLee - Tatz Fo Burello (Original Mix) 06. Kaygo Soul - Ale (Original Mix) 07. Paul Rudder & Segilola - Glue (Jullian Gomes Remix) 08. Smitty & Davenport - When I’m Gone (Original Mix) 09. Tibi Dabo - Komorebi (Orig Mix) 10. Jas Artchild - Moonbow (Orig Mix) 11. Kat La Kat & Leeu - Togarashi (Original Mix) 12. Pushguy - Moondrop (Original Mix) 13. Pushguy - Millenia (

  • #DHC140 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC140 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    14/07/2020 Duration: 01h00s

    Presenting #DHC140 with a soothing deep mix by Groove Govnor. This is a perfect tape to soothe the mind, heal the heart and a heaven to the soul. Enjoy, leave a comment and share with your friends, family & anyone you love. Get songs: Tracklist: 01. DuBeats - Definition Of Soul - Lisztomania Records 02. Dee Tree - Bring Me Down (Lipski Remix) - Omena Records 03. Sam Ruffillo - Surf Wave - Toy Tonics 04. Keith Lorraine - Wild Flower - Live Ones 05. Dj Matpat - Searchin' (Dub) - Clubby Boy 06. Retromigration - Don't Get Burned - GLBDOM 07. CVER - Feeling U, Feeling Me (Jan Kincl T Remix) - Black Label 08. Lighthouz - Struggling For Survival - Deep Clicks 09. Meowsn - Y - SlothBoogie 10. Simon Hinter - Junior - Purveyor Underground 11. The Sunchasers - 2 Suns On Mars - Be Adult Weapons Keep Safe, Keep Strong and Keep It Deep. #DHCSA

  • #DHC139 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC139 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    20/06/2020 Duration: 01h01min

    On #DHC139 we have @groovegovnor once again bringing the heat this winter. He features some for our catalogue additions that will see us through 2020 and this cold. Have a listen, enjoy and please share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Kurtx - Jazzers (Tahir Jones Remix) - Deep House Cats SA 02. Ottis Blake - Into The Night (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 03. SOulFreqtion, Miki - Freedom (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 04. Luu97Deep - Take Me Out For A Dub (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 05. AntiSmally - F. Society (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 06. Fred Monk - All We Need (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 07. Dwell Amusement, Pushguy - Without Moment (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 08. Dj Mosquito - River Nile (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 09. Groove Govnor - Lost In Space (Take 2) - Deep House Cats SA 10. Baxsphere - Openings (Original Mix) - Deep House Cats SA 11. Devine Maestro, Mark Lane, Marleysoul - Phumelela (Mazimba Remix) - Deep House Cats SA Stay warm and safe out th

  • #DHC138 - Mixed By Relle

    #DHC138 - Mixed By Relle

    07/06/2020 Duration: 51min

    Presenting #DHC138 with a soothing psychedelic tape by @relle-supersaiyen recorded live at PhillGoodSessions streamed on NRTV Enjoy and do share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Blaze - Wine For Me 02. Kaytranada ft. Iman Omari - 2 The Music 03. Blue Lab Beats ft. DemiMa - Umoya 04. Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes - The Real 05. Jordan Rakei - Wildfire 06. Kaytranada ft. SiR - Go Dj 07. Detroit Swindle - You, Me, Here, Now 08. Nightmares On Wax - Letas Ascend 09. Tameka Starr - Going In Circles(Dj Art Version) 10. DemiMa, Scratch DVA - uyan‘chaza 11. Gregory Porter - 1960 What Keep Safe.

  • #DHC137 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC137 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    24/05/2020 Duration: 01h41min

    Welcome to our 137th episode with an extended set curated by Groove Govnor. Have a listen, enjoy and please share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Simon Ferdinand - Cause normal - Polycarp Records 02. Pépé Bradock - The Surprise Is That There Is No Surprise - Atavisme 03. Kings Of Tomorrow, April Morgan - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Extented Mix) - deepvisionz 04. Conclave - Sunny (Seven Davis Jr. Remix) - Most Excellent Unlimited Recordings 05. HDSN - Music From Another Planet - NBAST 06. Paolo Solo - Bourbon (Paolo Solo Side) - My Own Beat Records 07. Michael Oberling - Keep You - Lisztomania 08. Henrik Villard - Get The Feel - Moskalus Records 09. Marc Brauner - Gran Playa (Intr0beatz Remix) - Bellissima! Records 10. Vivin White - Summer Springs (BNinjas Remix) - Audio Lab 11. The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius (Innellea Remix) - Philomena 12. 2XM, JDA - Outer Lands - Project Indigo 13. Siggatunez - Equality (Dwson Remix) - Suol 14. Miguel Tavares - Searching feat Che Cherry (Forteba Remix) -

  • #DHC136 - Guest Mix by Paul Diletto

    #DHC136 - Guest Mix by Paul Diletto

    12/05/2020 Duration: 01h02min

    Presenting #DHC136 with a dubbed guest mix by Paul Diletto of Deep Cruise Show. Have a listen, enjoy and please share on your socials. Tracklist: 01. Faidel - IS 17V (Warmth Remix) 02. Slow Hearts - Eyepads (Tim Green Remix) 03. Peter Makto & Gregory S - Nightvision (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski remix) 04. Dave Pad – Lofoten 05. Kerouac & SMILE - Addicted to going nowhere 06. Forteba - On soul 07. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Heimat 08. Dave Pad - Aura 09. Hats & Claps - Deeper Conscience Stay Safe.

  • #DHC135 - Mixed By Tarse P (Tribute to Mike Huckaby)

    #DHC135 - Mixed By Tarse P (Tribute to Mike Huckaby)

    03/05/2020 Duration: 01h28min

    Here is to the one who knew and understood the roots and culture of house music Mike Huckaby. A special mix with a soulful message to the one and only Mike Huckaby, prepared by none other than Tarse P. Playlist: Artist - Title - Label 1. Mike Huckaby - intro 2. Mike Huckaby - We Can Make It - Deep Transportation 3. Playin' 4 The City - Caught Up - Straight Up Recordings 4. 2nd Shift - Something Else - Seasons Recordings 5. AMillions Sons - Misty Blue (Schmoov Mix) - London Records 6. Ancestry - You're The One (Original Demo) - Large Records 7. DJ Rasoul - Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe) - Large Records 8. Blue Six - Sweeter Love (Jay's Full Vocal) - Wave Music 9. The Return - New Day - 4th Floor Records 10. Kenny Bobien - Set Them Free (Rocco Spectral Mix)-Soundmen On Wax 11. H-Foundation - Tonight (King Britt Mix) - Soma 12. Dennis Ferrer, Danil Wright - Church Lady (Rocco Late Night Mix) - King Street Sounds 13. UBQ Project - When I Fell In Love (Charles Webster Vocal Mix) - Boombastic

  • #DHC134 - Guest Mix By Thabang Phaleng

    #DHC134 - Guest Mix By Thabang Phaleng

    28/04/2020 Duration: 01h07min

    We present you #DHC134 with a succulent deep mix by Thabang Phaleng of Silhouette Sounds. Check it out, enjoy and do share with your friends. Tracklist: 01. Piday - The Essence - In2Deep Records 02. TimADeep - Plays Pain - Garden Co. 03. Aquadeep & Veesoul - Music Unites - Deep Obsession Recordings 04. House Victimz & Chronical Deep - You Need Us 05. Reemash - Who Knew - Deep House Cats SA 06. Pierre Johnson - The First Conversation (feat. Winnie Deep) - Stay True Sounds 07. Evren Furtuna - Some Things Are Left to Say - Plastic City 08. Sean Munnick - Week n Chill (feat. Daev Martian) - Stay True Sounds 09. Zithane - Be Careful - Silhouette Sounds 10. Da Capo - Into the Night (feat. Shpelele) - Surreal Sounds Stay Safe.

  • #DHC133 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    #DHC133 - Mixed By Groove Govnor

    13/04/2020 Duration: 01h10min

    On this Family day we'd like to present you #DHC133 with another stellar mix by @Groovegovnor keeping them flows funky and groovy. Have a listen, enjoy and please share the tape with your friends. Tracklist: 01. Slug Father – Nature (Original Mix) - GLBDOM 02. Jullian Gomes, Zaki Ibrahim - Stay (Fred Everything Lazy Dub) – World Without End 03. Zoo Look - Sight Unseen(Original Mix)- Lazare Hoche Records 04. Denyl Brook – Razielle (Original Mix) - Kombava 05. Lowry Boys - Shag Carpets (Original Mix) – Open Sound 06. Neil Janke - Late Africa (Original Mix) - Swedish Brandy Productions 07. Lost Desert - Peter Pan (Original Mix) - Souksonic 08. Dj Aakmael - Blazewon (Fizzikx Remix) - Street King 09. Eric Smith – Never (Original Mix) - Delve Deeper Recordings 10. Mangabey, Kosmo Kint - Get Lost (Instrumental Mix) - Toy Tonics 11. Jazzyvibe - Chi Town Nights (Original Mix) - Smouk 12. Jeff Swiff - Yuh Sweet (Digi Bonus) - Nicewon Recordings Happy Family Day & Stay Safe :-) #Deephouse #Housemusic #DHCSA

  • #DHC132 - Guest Mix By Thabang Baloyi

    #DHC132 - Guest Mix By Thabang Baloyi

    30/03/2020 Duration: 01h31s

    Presenting #DHC132 with a guest mix by yet another producer from Pretoria, Thabang Baloyi. Have a listen, enjoy and please keep safe from this epidemic that has spread across the globe. Tracklist; 01. Quatri (FR) - Leviathan (Reminiscence Mix) 02. Frederick Alonso - Dub Love (Original Mix) 03. Thabang Baloyi - Space And Time (Original Mix) 04. Langenberg - Wait State (Original Mix) 05. Lost Desert - Half an Hour (Original Mix) 06. Thabang Baloyi - Sieban Meer (Original Mix) 07. Groove Govnor - Lost In Space (Original Mix) 08. Fuminori Kagajo,Jaiden Veda - The Blue (Atjazz Remix) 09. Steve Bug, Langenberg - Chord Cluster (Original Mix) Please do share the tape. God Bless You.

  • #DHC131 - Mixed By Relle

    #DHC131 - Mixed By Relle

    09/03/2020 Duration: 51min

    Presenting #DHC131 with a 1st 2020 mix from our brother in Lounge _ Relle Dladla. Have a listen, enjoy and please share with your peers. Tracklist: 01. Passenger 10 - Foley 02. Seu Jorge - Quem Nao Quer Sou Eu 03. Roberto Bronco - monkeys 04. 14KT ft Muhsinah - The power of same (Tall Black Guy Remix) 05. Madhu - Something 06. Roberto Pedoto - Love Me 07. A Man Called Adam - Estelle 08. Robert Glasper ft YBN Cordae - Gone 09. Afterlife - Si Si Si 10. Soulshakers - money 11. Robert Glasper ft YEBBA - fuck yo feelings

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