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Meet and listen to local artists, learn about our district's hidden wonders and delve into the theaters of our minds: Chase and Zazi make a poDCast.


  • Shawn Westfall

    Shawn Westfall

    11/10/2016 Duration: 01h32min

    It's all happening, FINALLY. Your hosts Chase and Zazi sat down with DC Improv Legend Shawn Westfall to talk shop about his studio The Unified Scene Theater, talk barios- Bloomingdale to be specific, and Chase and Zazi even got to play some improv games with the master. We think we are naturals, but it is for you to decide. This one is a doozy folks- nearly an hour and a half, but worth every bit and has some breaking points every half hour or so if you need to hit pause and pretend you are doing work. With that length, and because occasionally Chase and Zazi do other things including comedy and music shows that you can see on our facebook page, it actually has been about two months since this interview took place. So, upcoming shows at The Unified Scene Theater (which were awesome) have already happened, but you can see what available workshops and shows are available at: unifiedscenetheater.com

  • Staycation


    09/08/2016 Duration: 01h18min

    Hey DCers, this week your hosts Chase and Zazi are speaking with the DC band Staycation. Listen to a vibrant discussion with frontman Nik, vocals/keys/saxophonist Will Sautter, bassist Carter Jones and drummer Jasper Drisko spanning everything from Patrick Swazye movies-RIP to skate parks and a nostalgic discussion of Jasper's transition and last performance with the band. More you ask? Why not. We'll also be talking about our favorite things to do in the Shaw/ U Street Corridor hoods, and will play some live tracks from the soon to be recorded Staycation album: Body Heat and Keep on Moving.