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Blue Drop's Electro House This month!


  • Elevated Sound Podcast - Klosr

    Elevated Sound Podcast - Klosr

    16/06/2013 Duration: 49min

    New Kid on the block Klosr, Mixes some of the dirtiest dubstep and electro house tunes in this months bonus Podcast episode.

  • Ja!ro - Epic Dubstep (Dirty Drops Edition)

    Ja!ro - Epic Dubstep (Dirty Drops Edition)

    14/06/2013 Duration: 30min

    Two years ago, at the start of his career Ja!ro created "Epic Dubstep". A half hour mix comprising of the best dubstep drops he had ever heard or created. Now, Two years later. With an extra two years of experience and practice, new equipment and high tech, top of the range studio recording capabilities. Ja!ro takes a break from Drum and Bass, and returns to his roots in music, with Epic Dubstep (Dirty Drops Edition). A complilation of the dirtiest, filthiest, and downright ear melting basslines and beats.

  • Elevated Sound Podcast - Freq

    Elevated Sound Podcast - Freq

    09/06/2013 Duration: 27min

    Month 2! This month, Freq takes control, starting June with a bunch of house tunes!

  • Elevated Sound Podcast - Blue

    Elevated Sound Podcast - Blue

    21/05/2013 Duration: 35min

    Month 1. Blue will be taking controll of the decks this month, with half an hour of Electro House!