Now it's flying, I figure it's an intergalactic Fun Fair.I for one am going to be busy finding crazy Noise, Images, and Words to entertain us all.Step right up for window seats.True Time Travel for all.Trawling the galaxy for unique trash, put your cast offs out for collection.MuZZle


  • Scratch and Bite OutCast PodCast 11

    Scratch and Bite OutCast PodCast 11

    10/03/2010 Duration: 28min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.11. Stuff a bloody duck Who would have thought the festive season could run into March. This makes my encounter with STP pale into insignificance. The Scratch and Bite OutCast PodCast shudders into life and realises that 2010 has almost past it's use by date. Weird Stuff this time Kicked off by Middle Age Weirdo, The Livingstone Clark song fest. “Television Man” has always appealed to me because of it's unintentional ambiguity. A classic piece of poetry and noise. Find more about Livingstone Clark or order the Middle age Weirdo CD from www.myspace.com/livingstoneclark I am just going to bombard you all with a bunch of various artists from the Mid North Coast Some Blues Some Rap Some Pop and a blast of Rock First Blues from The Delta Amps www.myspace.com/thedeltaamps Rap from C.H.Jerkin Crew, Some Pegbasket. A smashing piece of Hammerfish And a dusting of Scruffs A thumping piece of The Outcome. http://www.myspace.com/theoutcome04 And a Horrid lump of Corpus M

  • Episode 10

    Episode 10

    11/12/2009 Duration: 26min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.10. SSSSssshhh PodCastOvers. Quiet… Oh so quiet.. The Scratch and Bite OutCast Podcast blinks at you through red rimmed eyes. Thanks to Boris F'off and the Killer Corgi's for the enlightening “Santa rides a Vespa” An enticing piece off Laura Gillespie’s “Self Titled” CD mind sneaks into our psyche …. Certainly a more laid back Laura when compared to her “Digital Soul” outings.Speaking of “Digital Soul” As promised Ray Arnott another stalwart of the Australian music scene appears again. Ray has credits on so many tracks you would think he was the only Rock drummer in Australia; Some of the bands that Ray has appeared in include: South Town Mods 1964 The Chelsea Set 1966-1967 The Browns 1969-1971 Cam-pact 1970 Company Caine 1970 Genesis 1970 Spectrum 1970 Mighty Kong 1973 The Dingoes 1974-1976 One Night Stand 1977? Metropolis 1977 Ray Arnott Band/Ray Arnott and the Rude Dudes 1978-1980 Willie Winter Band 1980 Flash and The Pan 1980,1982 Cheetah 1981 John

  • Episode 9 OutCast PodCast Walkabout

    Episode 9 OutCast PodCast Walkabout

    26/11/2009 Duration: 33min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.9.The Walkabout Yoweeee PodCastOffs. Welcome to OutCast the Podcast on walkabout in outback Australia. The Stiffies opened our journey tonight as a warning to all those who trek the wilds of the planet … you to could end up in “Swampland” After that “Crash and Burn” we discover the North Coasts “Hammerfish” was home to both “The Stiffies” Ryan and Greg from “The Outcome”.and foreshadows Greg’s path through various noise machines until “The Crimson Project“, remodelled as “ The Violation of Silence” and now in its final form “The Outcome” definitely will “Keep Running”. The Outcome, a powerful machine indeed. If you cruised round this great land of ocean and desert, You would have no doubt met “Gypsy Dave” sitting at his campfire near some lonely Billabong reminiscing about the “Bye and Bye”. Unfortunately “Gypsy Dave” passed away late this year, living the Rock and Roll lifestyle to the end and teaching a new generation of noisemakers his art. Gypsy Dave (Ian Thomas) was a

  • Scratch and Bite Outcast episode 8

    Scratch and Bite Outcast episode 8

    11/11/2009 Duration: 23min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.8. "The Stiffies" a celebration. Howdee Doodee PodCastEars. Welcome to OutCast the born again Podcast. Yaarrgghh, thank bloody dog that’s over… The Space Circus dedication to this podcast…Madmen! And now it’s… It’s male testosterone time. It’s time to get a Stiffie thing happening. This is my tribute to one of the great unheard garage bands that never was. The Stiffies. Australias contribution to “World Peace”. Nah it’s just noise and we love it. I had to bounce back from my Mental Mayhem with something to spark my plug, and this is it. The Stiffies last memorial. That is unless you catch their last shows at The Junkyard in Newcastle 18/12/09 or the Landsdowne in Sydney 19/12/09 with Muzzy Pep. So here we go. The Stiffies www.myspace.com/thestiffies Want you to “Come out and Play”. And of course playing with The Stiffies can lead to blindness or in Jimmy’s case something different happened: “Jimmy’s out to Lunch” Digging deep into Stiffydom you discover a back

  • OutCast Seven is gone to Heaven

    OutCast Seven is gone to Heaven

    18/10/2007 Duration: 24min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.7. Hi Ho Planetears, Planeteyes, Planetminds. OutCast Seven has gone to Heaven. It’s psychotic reaction time. With computer mayhem, vanishing pod casts, missing brain cells, and disappearing habitat, the MuZZle has been overwhelmed lately. To save what’s left of my battered brain and feed yours, I have dug into a zany quagmire of noise. Because of all the turmoil in my world, I am shuffling around on the planet at the moment. So I could do with lots of your mp3’s, images and words, or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at scratchandbite@podomatic.com muzz@scratchandbite.com Or visit www.myspace.com/outcastpodcast First screw in the wall comes from Sydney Monsters Vai Victus “Provocation” www.myspace.com/ Zygomatic Major analyse us with “Zigfreid” Space Circus “Seratonin” www.myspace.com/spacecircus Gift Horse Smile “Gallows” www.myspace.com/gifthorsesmile Next up a live cut of The Delta Amps “Highway 61” Not down Highway 61 or in the work house, but

  • Smog City OutCast6

    Smog City OutCast6

    04/10/2007 Duration: 17min

    Smog City Outcast.6. G’day The Ear, The Eye and The Imaginatron, I got lost in the dark corners of Smog City and couldn’t seem to find all the bits to put this episode together. Still, I made it out of there, and managed to get this together so kick in until I get outcast 7 to you. Don’t forget to send me your mp3’s, images and words, or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at scratchandbite@podomatic.com muzz@scratchandbite.com Or visit www.myspace.com/outcastpodcast Staring off this episode with: The Australian Beefweek Show “A Russian Lunch Affair” The Beefweekers were host to Pete Bufo, to quote his myspace page, Inventor of Country/Punk in the 90’s. www.myspace.com/australianbeefweekshow www.myspace.com/petebufo Pete now plays with the tractor shed boys of Brut66 so I have thrown in another of their tracks for you. “Takin’ It On” Dropping the pace a bit to: Ryan Ellesmore “Can’t Believe My Luck” Ryan plays with the Stiffies so you can get info about his solo projects from him

  • OutCast 5 is Alive

    OutCast 5 is Alive

    21/09/2007 Duration: 16min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.5. G’day Them that Hear, Them that See, and Them that Think. Circular Motion and lost visions have convinced me number five is alive. I don’t know if it was the onslaught of summer, the technology breakdowns that a great day always brings in a beach town, or just the planet overwhelming me. I’m back! Better late than never. Don’t forget to send me your mp3’s, images and words, or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at scratchandbite@podomatic.com muzz@scratchandbite.com Or visit www.myspace.com/outcastpodcast A project put together by veteran Australian Rock drummer Ray Arnott, and a couple of Country Music stalwarts Laura Gillespie and Pete Dyball Digital Soul “Digital Soul” More info about this project from Laura www.myspace.com/lauragillespie2006 Next up, quoting from their influences: A blend of Harry Connick jnr. And Dime Bag Darrel on a love cruise. Love Cancer with “Stuff Me” Catch Love Cancer at www.myspace.com/itslovecancer Then some cow paddock tr

  • OutCast at APEC

    OutCast at APEC

    12/09/2007 Duration: 18min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.4. G’day Ear, Eye, and mind probers. It’s going to be a bit noisy this time round! I am indulging myself a bit with my favourite area of the sonic spectrum. The raw, louder, harder, faster end of the scale. Also to celebrate the wonders of APEC being held in Sydney at the moment, it is just a bit politically biased. 16 million for security at APEC and you get OutCast at APEC for zero Next episode will step into more diverse arenas, however politics have dictated a tougher response this time. Don’t forget to send me your mp3’s, images and words, or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at scratchandbite@podomatic.com muzz@scratchandbite.com Or visit www.myspace.com/outcastpodcast Here we go into fray Fresh out of Zen Studios comes a track by a bunch of Sydney hardcore rock veterans. Bands like Unclean, Downtime, Stanley knife, Sulkus, Blind Ambition, Tuti Parze, Major Addiction, form the past for these hard hitters. Black Elvis “Lifetime of Humiliation”. Black El

  • OutCast Three is Free

    OutCast Three is Free

    04/09/2007 Duration: 18min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.3. G’day Noiseaddicts and imageaholics. The news you have been waiting for! The three cast is a free cast. Not bloody likely! The price you pay for listening is that you have to cough up some noise, the odd image or a word or two for me to share with the universe. All the important nuts and bolts for this show are available at http://www.scratchandbite.podOmatic.com Don’t forget to send me your mp3’s, images and words to: muzz@scratchandbite.com Or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at: www.myspace.com/outcastpodcast Plus if you want to suggest an alternate flight plan, shout out to me at: scratchandbite@podomatic.com This time out we spin into an old track by Dead inside the Chrysalis “Future Shock”. Dead inside the Chrysalis are entombed alongside a casket load of pulsating new tracks at www.myspace.com/deadinsidethechrysalis Out in the bush near here, a bunch of diehards are restoring Steam Trains, and seeing I was offered the chance to ride their pr

  • Scratch and Bite OutCast2

    Scratch and Bite OutCast2

    28/08/2007 Duration: 18min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast.2. G’day Noise Hounds and ImaginEars. Cast two is upon us. Now I have to see if all that running round with my underwear on the outside paid off. I am bloody sure some of you have access to some great sounds and images So I’m going to keep pressuring you all to send me your mp3’s, Images, and words, or refer me to your favourite artists or writers at scratchandbite@podomatic.com Till then I will continue to send you crazy with pieces of my own warped taste. Noise you can hear on this cast include: Tupelo “All My Friends are in the Fridge”. Billy can tell you about Tupelo at www.myspace.com/billyjamesstiffie The Stiffies at “The Pink Palace” Directions to The Stiffies www.myspace.com/thestiffies Scary Clown “Boys Stink” Do the www.myspace.com/scaryclown thing. The Minogues “South” You will find them sunning themselves at www.myspace.com/theminogues Monkey v Robot “Bitter Road” For more info www.myspace.com/monkeyvrobot The images with this episode are from W

  • Scratch and Bite Outcast 1

    Scratch and Bite Outcast 1

    21/08/2007 Duration: 16min

    Scratch and Bite Outcast. G’day luverly Earwigs and Eyefulls. This is the first podcast of what I intend an attempt to cover a diverse range of Noise, Images and words. I will try to pull together some of the most twisted individuals hidden in the interweb share them with those silly enough to listen. My aim is to expand the concept to encompass as much multimedia as possible, so feed me your favourite pieces so I can share them with everyone. Noise you can hear on this cast include: Zygomatic Major “Devil in my head” You can find some downloadable Zygomatic Major at www.demogatedrive.blogspot.com Rebekahs Dream “You Say” Find Rebekah on www.myspace.com/rebekahsdream Thunderbox “Nineteen” More Thunderbox www.myspace.com/thunderbox Space Circus “I’m in Love with a Martian Werewolf” More Space Circus www.myspace.com/spacecircus Replicant Zero “Lost Inside” More at www.myspace.com/replicantzero Ze RobotZ “Warmth of the Sun” Hiding at www.myspace.com/zerobotz Image: Replicant Zero “Blind Rat” Mo