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A delve into the very best electro house tunes around with Oh My Daze.


  • Its Time For Some Electro House - EP1

    Its Time For Some Electro House - EP1

    01/01/2012 Duration: 44min

    Avicii - Levels (Cazzette's NYC Mode remix) Sultan, BT, Morgan Page, Ned Shepard - In The Air feat. Angela McCluskey (Mord Fustang remix) c2001 - DiscoPoppShit (Dirtyloud remix) DallasK - Jupiter 2way - GalaxyDefender Oh My Daze & MC Cyanide - Lose Control ZXX, Paul Anthony - Sex 101 feat. Laya Bella (Fast Foot remix) Robotic - Tomorrowland (Darth & Vader remix) Soundpusher - Rush (FTampa remix) Yenn, Jay Jacob - New Generation (Soulfix & King Kornelius remix) Wolfgang Gartner - Menage A Trois   Welcome to my first podcast, a journey through some of the best electro around. Due to a cold I sound a bit like a child catcher, so you'll have to wait till next month to get a full taster of my wonderful presenting sills! lolz! Dont forget all feedback is welcome so hit me up on Twitter @djohmydaze