Sharp Darts Radio



The audio companion to the Chicago Reader's Sharp Darts music column, including music from Chicago and beyond spanning a range of styles from garage rock to hip-hop to the latest global dance music, plus artist interviews, Chicago music news, and fits of sonic experimentation.


  • Sharp Darts Radio #3

    Sharp Darts Radio #3

    17/02/2010 Duration: 45min

    Ties in with the column I have coming out Thursday. It's a profile of a local builder of cigar box guitars named Diane Sutliff. Diane lent me a few of her instruments and I had Alex White of White Mystery come over and mess around with one of them. The results, along with music by Screaming Females, Golden Triangle, Pierced Arrows, and new cuts from a few Chicago acts, are in this episode.

  • Sharp Darts Radio Vol. 2

    Sharp Darts Radio Vol. 2

    08/01/2010 Duration: 42min

    Local metal, Radiohead-sampling rap, Japanese steel drum music, a D.C. punk rarity, and more.

  • Sharp Darts Radio, Vol. 1

    Sharp Darts Radio, Vol. 1

    30/11/2009 Duration: 37min

    Locally made girl-group pop, horror soundtrack music, and hip-hop, as well as new music from Chicago expats, an interview with the Dutchess & the Duke, and more.