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  • Recondite - Absurdcast014

    Recondite - Absurdcast014


    Recondite, the newest signing to the Acid Test label. The mix features all original works from the Berlin native. His upcoming mini-album, "On Acid", features remixes from Tin Man and Scuba, and will be out soon.

  • Eric Cloutier - Absurdcast013

    Eric Cloutier - Absurdcast013

  • Jonsson/Alter - Absurdcast012

    Jonsson/Alter - Absurdcast012

  • RVDS - Absurdcast011

    RVDS - Absurdcast011

  • Iron Curtis - Absurdcast010

    Iron Curtis - Absurdcast010

  • Edit Piafra - Absurdcast09

    Edit Piafra - Absurdcast09


    Reviving the series for 2011 is a new member to the Absurd roster hailing from Nuremberg Germany Edit Piafra! We thought why not kick things off in raw acid style in conjunction with the new series. Enjoy!

  • Smash TV - Absurdcast08

    Smash TV - Absurdcast08


    Episode 8 comes from our own Holger ZIlske who's started up his Smash TV project again with new partner Kai Preussner.

  • John Tejada - Absurdcast07

    John Tejada - Absurdcast07


    A late 80s acid affair from LA's John Tejada

  • Pablo Bolivar - Absurdcast06

    Pablo Bolivar - Absurdcast06


    A deeeeep mix from our friend Pablo, enjoy the Barcelona sound...

  • Todd Bodine - Absurdcast05

    Todd Bodine - Absurdcast05


    Next up in the series comes a mix from Berlin's Todd Bodine. Look out for upcoming releases from Todd on Absurd, and check out this up front mix from the Highgrade HQ.

  • Dave DK - Absurdcast04

    Dave DK - Absurdcast04


    Deep mix from our man Dave DK 1 Reagenz - Freerotation (Workshop 009.2) 2 Pawel - Mate (Dial) 3 Frivolous - Bats At Twighlight (30porumalinha) 4 Taron-Trekka - Stock Dich Quer (Freude Am Tanzen) 5 Who Made Who - Keep Me In My Plane, DJ Koze Hudson River Dub (Gomma) 6 Four Tet - Love Cry (Domino) 7 Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook, Gluteus Maximus Remix (Kompakt) 8 Sven Tasnadi - Winter (Smallville) 9 Holger Zilske & Dave DK feat. Richard Davis - You Will Find Out (Moodmusic) 10 Kiki - Immortal, Holger Zilske Remix (Bpitch Control) 10 Marek Hemmann - Alias (Freude Am Tanzen) 11 Christian Naujoks - East End Boys (Dial)

  • Mollono.Bass - Absurdcast03

    Mollono.Bass - Absurdcast03


    Next up is the newest artist to the Absurd roster. Hailing from the northern German city Mecklenburg Molle aka Mollono.Bass brings us a deep mix of dubby harmonic house.

  • Nils Penner, Chopstick  Johnjon - Absurdcast02

    Nils Penner, Chopstick & Johnjon - Absurdcast02


    Bringing you the second installment in the series is Germany's Nils Penner, Chopstick & Johnjon's "Sunset By The Pool" mix. The Absurd recording artists latest release on the label comes in the form of a lush remix of Klartraum (ASD011)

  • Eddie Richards - Absurdcast01

    Eddie Richards - Absurdcast01


    We've caved in and joined the world of podcasts bringing you monthly mixes from Absurd recording artists and guests. Kicking off the series of course is our own Eddie Richards. We have absurdcast01!