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Join me on my musical journey playing live to London and worldwide as I stroll through the finest Vocal, Deep & Soulful House grooves every 2nd Sunday. I hope you enjoy & thanks for listening :)


  • VBW 2014 Poolside Mix: Sep 2014

    VBW 2014 Poolside Mix: Sep 2014

    07/12/2014 Duration: 01h02min

    This mix was recorded live at the Vocal Booth Weekender, an annual soulful music event in southern Spain. It's a mix of some of my favourites for the year so far with some proper classics dropped in.Tracklisting:MJ - Rock With You (The Reflex Revision)DNA ft. Sharon Reed - Can You Handle It (Maurice's Classic Mix)City Soul Project - Carnivale (City Soul Recordings)The Sunchasers - Girlfriend (Original Piano Mix) (Grouper Recordings)Mini Cooler - Space Jam (Richard Earnshaw remix) (Duffnote)Hallex M, DJeff, Mr V, Miss Patty - Let's Get It (N'Dinga Gaba Remix) (Sole Channel Music)DJ Spen, Muthafunkaz, Ann Nesby - It's So Easy (Kiko Navarro Ocha Dub)Joseph Junior, Maqman - Praise Scat (Beats Mix) (Kings of Groove)John 'Julius' Knight, Roland Clark - This Is House (Acapella) (Soulfuric Trax)Mr Mike, The Deep Bros - Let's Do It Again (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Remix) (MapDance Records)Hercules & Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)Nova Fronteira - Brothers From Rio (Soul Love)Bob Sinclar - Got To Be Fr

  •  :: 09-Nov-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 09-Nov-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    09/11/2014 Duration: 01h59min

    I return once more with another Soulful House Session, playing some of the latest music available right now plus a good dose of classic tunes as I dig a little deeper into the bag for this week's show. Enjoy!Tracklisting:Dalminjo, Pete Simpson, Zara McFarlane - If This World Were Mine(QB's Hot Mix) (Warm Days)D-Reflection, Christa - Make Believe (Adaptation Music)Carlos Vargas, Danny - Summer Nights (Ars Domini Vocal Mix) (Grooveland Music)Souldynamic, ft. Robert C. Walker - I Can (House Afrika)Sunchasers - Girlfriend (Grouper Recordings)Tiger Wilson -  Anything Is Possible (Souldynamic Remix) (Makin Moves)Ralf GUM, Hugh Masekela - With Her Hand (GOGO Music)Supernova, Ann Saunderson -  R.L.H (Shur-I-Kan Vocal) (Lapsus Music)** Tune Of The Week **Sean MacCabe, Donae'o - Tomorrow's Another Day (Z Records) Danny Clark, LT Brown - Amazing (King Street)Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (dj Spen Edit)Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper, Yasmeen - Loving You (Tom Gianelli's 7odiac Vocal) (

  •  :: 26-Oct-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 26-Oct-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    26/10/2014 Duration: 02h19s

    Welcome along to another Soulful House Session. This has to be one of my favourite shows this year so far simply because of the great tunes that are around at the moment that I can play for you. In addition, Souldynamic step up for my guest mix this month, and it's a stormer.Tracklisting:Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham - The Pap (GOGO Music)Lisa Shaw, Dario D'Attis - All Over Again (Rocco Deep Mix) -Lapsus MusicDJ Beloved - The Journey (Movement Soul)Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love (Eric Ericksson Bigga Bingham Drum Rewoek) - Papa RecordsLiquid - Welcome Aboard (Mario Basanov Remix) - MentalwaveSoulfunktion ft. Fama - Tease Me (Blackwax Remix) - Soulfunktion RecordsDarryl D'Bonneau - Patience (T's Box Main Mix) - Omi TutuSeb Skalski ft. Fred Triplett - The Path (Seb Skalski & Masta P Remix) - PurpleSoulful Sessions, Lizzi Nightingale - Before The Night Is Over (Rightside Remix) - Tony RecordsElements Of Life, Anane - You Cam Into My Life (Sean McCabe Remix) - Vega Records**Souldynamic Guest Mix**

  •  :: 28-Sep-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 28-Sep-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    28/09/2014 Duration: 02h13s

    Welcome to the latest instalment of the Soulful House Sessions. Apologies for the quality of the mic levels during the show - I hope it doesn't distract you from the wonderful music I was able to play throughout. This week's show features an extra special guest mix from legendary producer Richard Earnshaw. Enjoy!Tracklisting:E-Jay, Over12, M.C.M. - Sensual Seduction (MoBlack Records)Lani SolidDeep, Jade Lovedale -  Love Music (Souldynamic Remix) (Dursoul Records)DeepInked - Fabjous Nights (Lamor Music)Mr. V - The Groove (Groove Odyssey)Lenell Brown, Terry Lex -  Stun the Night (Push On Music)Mark Di Meo, Laura Jackson - Far From Me (Quantize Recordings)Kai & Kyle, Gordon Chambers, CK Gospel Choir - Higher Than High (Sean McCabe Remix) (King Street)Preslava Peicheva - Midnight People (Earl TuTu & John Khan Mix English Version) (Soulful Evolution)The Journeymen - Close To Me (unquantize)**Richard Earnshaw Guest Mix**Promonova ft. Janine Johnson - My Soldier (Richard Earnshaw Remix) (Bobbin&rsq

  • :: 31-Aug-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 31-Aug-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    31/08/2014 Duration: 01h58min

    Welcome to another instalment of the show. This week I entertain for 2 hours playing the latest new releases with more classics included. There will be no show for 4 weeks as I will be attending and playing at the 2014 Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain. I will return with this mix and another extra special show. Thanks for listening and your continued support! Tracklisting: Arkadiusz-s - Deep Button for Me (Look Ahead Records)Stereo Tone feat. Mosa - Joy (DNH)Ultra Soul Project, Khowcie - He Was Right Here (Gruv Shack)Louie Vega, Byron Stingily - Ain't No Stoppin' Love (Vega Records)Spiritchaser, Orlando Vaughan - All I See (Guess Records)RÜFÜS - Take Me (Sweat It Out)Dutchican Soul, Saxy MR. S House - Deny (Random Soul Recordings)Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - 3am (Defected)Mistura, Kendra Cash - Smile (Z Records) **Tune Of The Week**MG Select, Cece Peniston - Love Don't Take Over (Ruff N' Tuff) Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Shane D Unreleased Mix)Dj Vivona, Miss D - To Another Day Part 2 (Super Soul M

  • :: 17-Aug-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 17-Aug-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    17/08/2014 Duration: 01h56min

    Welcome to the latest instalment of the Soulful House Sessions. This show is another special one featuring a guest mix from international DJ and producer Sean McCabe who treats us to a one hour mix. Wrapped around that is a selection of the best new and forthcoming releases - enjoy! Tracklisting:Khensy, MdCL - Hiya Kaya The Return (Warm Days)Elements Of Life, Anane - You Came Into My Life (Vega Records)Sofia Rubina - Make Me Beautiful (MN2S)Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly - It's Your World (T's Box)Dj Able - The Right Way (Groove Odyssey)Mode Nine, Damon Trueitt - Hurt My Soul (Deep 8 Recordings)Richard Earnshaw, Orlando Vaughan - Never Gonna Let You Down (Duffnote) ** Sean McCabe Guest Mix **Matthew Bandy & Zano - No Lies (Limestone Recordings)Luyo - You’re My Delight (Luis Radio & Pablo Martinez Remix) (Double Cheese Records)Sean McCabe ft. Jennifer Wallace - Something About You (Z Records)Toddy Terry - 4 YouGypsy Woman - Reelsoul 2014 Instrumental RemixGypsy Woman - Reelsoul 2014 Vocal RemixEli Esc

  • :: 20-Jul-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 20-Jul-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    20/07/2014 Duration: 01h53min

    Introducing 2 hours of summer-infused soulful house. One of my favourite tunes from Quantize Recordings in 2014 makes it into my tune of the week. Hope you enjoy the show - please like or comment if you do to help increase the ranking of the show :)Tracklisting:Eric Benèt - Harriett Jones (Feat. The Afropeans Revisit) (Peppermint Jam)Leoesco - Apiu (Manyoma Records)Erin Leah - Just a Girl (Calliope 22 Music)Rasmus Faber - Hush of Day (Label Unknown)Two 4 Soul, Chelsea Como - I Want You (Tony Records)Charvoni - Together We Stand (TyRick Music)Carolyn Victorian - Tears (Consortium Muzik)Mini Coola - Space Jam (Duffnote)Steve Mill, Anna Cavazos (Muak Music)**Tune of the Week**Michele Charvarini - Let Me See (You Clap Your Hands) (Quantize Recordings)Mind Soul, Andrea Love - Celebrate (Stereo Flava Records)Rhemi, Carmichael Music Lover - Everything Is Good (Rhemi Music)Melissa B - Be Free (Quantize Recordings)Namy, Stephanie Cooke - I'm Not Ashamed (King Street)Alvaro Vela - Excite (Manyoma Records)Richard

  • :: 06-Jul-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 06-Jul-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    06/07/2014 Duration: 02h14s

    Welcome to another special show today as I host a special mix from legendary producer Wookie. Around that there are plenty of great tunes both old and new. Enjoy the show. Tracklisting:Set Mo, Erin Marshall - Keep On (Random Soul Recordings)Ralf GUM, Portia Monique - Free (Is All I Wanna Be) (GOGO Music)Matthew Bandy, Aphrodisiax, Adeola Ranson - Little Bird (Tribe Records)Nathan Adams, Sean McCabe - I Wonder (Tribe Records)Bobby, Steve, Wyen Solo - Smile (Groove Odyssey)4BeatClub - The Clouds Above (Different Attitudes)Andrea Carissimi - Brand New Day (Just4Funk)Ian Friday, Kelli Sae - Live In Me (Global Soul Music)Sean Smith, Carla Prather - So Gone (Smooth Agent)Mr. V, Christian Nielsen - Jus Dance (Muzik 4 Tomorrow) ** Wookie Interview **Tunes playing in the background:Ian Friday, Chris Rob - Found Myself (Global Soul Music)Wookie, Lain - Live On (Soul Heaven Records) Wookie Guest Mix Tracklisting:Man Without A Clue, S.Chu - Get Ready (Beating Music)Tom Shorterz - Wot U Do (Four40 Records)Prospectors - Co

  • :: 08-Jun-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 08-Jun-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    08/06/2014 Duration: 01h54min

    This week is a 2 hour session full to the brim of Summer-infused tunes, featuring some artists that I have not played before such as Kekkotronic and The SynthTigers. I also play some great tunes from the likes of Mark Di Meo, Distant People, Souldynamic and many more - enjoy the show!Tracklisting:GodSon, Shatti - Love You More (Bluesoundz)Kiko Navarro, C.B. - Sonando Contigo (Clubstar)Chieko Kinbara, Josh Milan - Higher Love (King Street)Kenny Summit, Reelsoul - The Right Way (Good For You Records)Souldynamic, Miranda Nicole - Trust (Tribe Records)Dj Able, Hannah Khemoh - Ain't Got Time (Tony Records)The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle - Just Let Go (Free Fall Into Me) (Moulton Music)DJ Angelo - Let The Music Play (Tribe Records)Zano - No Lie (Limestone Recordings)Janice B, N'dinga Gaba - Feelin Fine (Quantize Recordings)Distant People, Nontu - Summer Time (Tony Records)Montana & Stewart, Stephanie Cooke - You (Universe Media)Rightside, Troy Denari - Come Back To Me (Quantize Recordings)Soulfunktion, Nita S

  • :: 25-May-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 25-May-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    25/05/2014 Duration: 02h04min

    Welcome to the latest instalment of the Sunday Soulful House Sessions. This episode is an extra special one that features house music maestro Aaron Ross. I spoke to him to see what he has been up to and he treats us to a guest mix. Wrapped around this is my selection of the finest Soulful house currently in my bag.If you enjoy the show please share, comment or like - thanks again! Tracklisting: S.Chu - Closure (Defected)Andy Compton, Rowan - Touch (Peng)DJ Exte C, Feat, Fifi - Make One In My Dreams (Kings of Groove)Hallex M, DJeff, Miss Patty - Let’s Get It (United Music Records)Tony Lionni, Maria Marcial – Do You Believe (MadHouse Records)Kings of Groove ft Jessi Colasante – Now That You’re Gone (Kings of Groove)Neil Pierce, Vanessa Freeman – Ready For Your Love (Quantize Recordings) ** Aaron Ross Interview **Tune playing in the background: Aaron Ross, Sterling Ensemble - Talia (Restless Soul)  Aaron Ross Guest Mix Tracklisting:Billon Ft. Yasmin - Thinking About YouMr Mike-

  • :: 27-Apr-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 27-Apr-14: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    27/04/2014 Duration: 01h02min

    Welcome to my first show of 2014 - it’s been a while. The focus for this show was to showcase some of the music I have been collecting for the last 9 months or so - a bit of a catch up if you will. Unfortunately a problem with the recording meant that only the first hour of the show was available for you to listen to - apologies for this. I do hope you enjoy this show nevertheless. Thanks for your support as always! Tracklisting: De Capo - Take Me There (DNH)SK95, V. Cho - Land Of Dreams (DNH)Chasing Kurt - From The Inside (Defected)Wookie ft. Zak Abel - Higher (ManChu Recordings)Matthew Bandy, Diane Charlemagne - Pieces of My Dreams (Limestone Recordings)Kenny Bobien - With All My Might (Room Control)Fuzion, Arnold Jarvis - Love is Beautiful (Fuzion)Fanatix ft. Darien - Can’t Get Away (Groove Odyssey)Allovers, Lisa Shaw - All I’m Sayin’ (Gotta Keep Faith) All music available from Traxsource - please support the artists:http://www.traxsource.com  

  • :: 28-Jul-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 28-Jul-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    28/07/2013 Duration: 01h53min

    After another long break away from the show I return with some more of the finest in Soulful House. Please remember to share this with your friends if you enjoy the show – thanks for your support!  Tracklisting: Git, Big Brooklyn Red – Higher (Yoruba)Joey Negro, Akabu - Crystalized feat. Foremost Poets (Z Records)RYB, Angelita Jiminez - Brasilian Breeze (Mutated Music)Janice B, N'dinga Gaba - Feelin Fine (Quantize Recordings)Jask, Jocie - Beautiful (Soulfuric)Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash - Smile (Z Records)Mark Di Meo, Sofia Rubina - Be Mine (Solid Ground Recordings)Micky More, Angela Johnson - Too Late (Hi.Rise)Dj Duke, Freedom - Closer (1NCE Again) **Exclusive Tune Of The Week**Wookie feat. Eliza Doolittle – The Hype (Strictly Rhythm) ATFC - When the Needle Drops (ATFC Music)Grant Nelson – The Sound (Swing City)Sharon Pass, Steve Silk Hurley - The Word Is Love (S&S Records)Grant Nelson – Feel The Music (Swing City)Kiko Navarro, Concha Buika - Up To The Sky (Groovef

  •  :: 16-Jun-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 16-Jun-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    16/06/2013 Duration: 01h51min

    Welcome to the latest session featuring the finest Soulful House has to offer! This has been one of my favourite shows this year just by the sheer number of great productions on offer. Enjoy the show. Tracklisting: Black Coffee, Hugh Masekela - We Are One (BBE)Kimara Lovelace - Merry Go Round (Newlite Muzik)Ethan White, Lisa Shaw - Find The Way (Large Recordings)Meropa Park, Suges - Live A Lil' (Deeper Shades Recordings)Fistaz Mixwell & DJ Hloni feat. Mellow Soul – I’m Free (Soul Candi Records)Ralf GUM, Jocelyn Mathieu - Everything (GOGO Music)Montana, Stewart, Sofia Rubina - I Need U Back (Universe Media)Eric Jadi, Natasha Watts - Weekend (Stimulated Soul Recordings)Soulplate, Marck Jamz - Passing Me By (Soulplate Records) **Tune Of The Week**Fanatix, Sara Devine, Sterling Ensemble - Call On Me (Rhemi Music) Lisa Millet - Where Were You? (HiLife Records)Random Soul, Chuck Love - Another Day (Random Soul Recordings)Bah Samba, Anna Cavazos - Lost Without You (King Street)Julius Papp, Lisa Shaw

  •  :: 19-May-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    :: 19-May-13: Soulful House Sessions on Point Blank FM ::

    21/05/2013 Duration: 01h58min

    Welcome to the latest installment of the Soulful House Sessions from your truly. Hope you enjoy the show :)  Tracklisting: Raffa Scoccia, Cato - Honey Drip (Ristretto Music)Da Capo – I Choose To Stay (DNH)Mr Funk Daddy, DJ Sue - Set Me Free (Tambor Music)Jask – Paradise (ThaiSoul)Osunlade – Butterfly (Yoruba)Dolls Combers, Jacy Mai – I’m Gonna Go (Dolls Combers Records)Neil Thompson, Nicole Mitchell – Façade (Solid Ground Recordings)Ralf Gum, Kenny Bobien – The Only Way (GoGo Music)Artful, Ridney, Terri Walker – Missing You (Extra Dry)  **Tune of The Week**Booker T, Katherine Ellis – Give Me Joy (Liquid Deep) Akabu, Alex Mills - Everybody Wants Something (Z Records)Dan-E-MC – Freak Your Body (Sound Division)Fabrizio Marra ft. Tracy Braithwaite – You’re Getting Me Started (Sounds Of The Booth)Random Soul – For All Seasons (Random Soul Recordings)Justin Michael, Phonic Funk, Maiya - My Destination (Seamless Recordings

  • VBW 2012 Mix on Pressure Radio

    VBW 2012 Mix on Pressure Radio

    18/09/2012 Duration: 59min

    This mix was played live at the 2012 Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain. Pure Summer vibes - enjoy! The White Lamp - It's You (Ron Basejam remix)‬Cajmere & Russoul presents Ari Lourdes - Love is YouMoon Rocket - Ton Regard Eclaire Ma VieJazzanova - Theme From Belle Et FouNova Fronteira - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Sean McCabe Mix)Wookie feat. Lain – Live OnZiggy Funk feat. Taliwa - What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Phobia Mix)Dennis Ferrer feat. K.T. Brooks - How Do I Let Go (DJ Slider Remix)Brandi D - Love It (Shane D Remix)Random Soul - Music InsideJoey Negro pres. Z Factor - Sounds In The Air (Soul Purpose Mix)Kyodai - Breaking

  • Classic Soulful House: Volume 1

    Classic Soulful House: Volume 1

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h11min

    Tracklisting:01: DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together02: Hardsoul - Caracho (Rough & Dirty Dub)03: Junior Jack - e-samba (club re-edit)04: Bob Sinclair - Feel For You05: Milk & Sugar - Let The Sun Shine 06: Cerrone feat. Jocelyn Brown - Hooked on You (Jamie Lewis Club Mix)07: Jamiroquai - Little L (Brian Tappert Edit)08: Hardsoul feat. Ron Carroll - Back Together09: Dajae - Everyday My Life (CF’s NY Vocal Mix)10: Michelle Weeks - The Light (Jazz-n-Groove Club Mix)11: Afro Medusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep Club Mix)12: Bob Sinclair - Got to be Free13: Jask feat. Jocie - Beautiful (Jocie in my Room Mix)14: Mambana - Libre (Axwell Essence Dub)

  • Classic Soulful House: Volume 2

    Classic Soulful House: Volume 2

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h04min

    Tracklisting:01: Jill Scott - Golden (Sir Piers ‘curious’ Main Mix)02: The Coffee Kids - Dangerous Frequencies (Original Mix)03: Jaimeson - Common Ground (Bimbo Jones Remix)04: Hardsoul - Committed (Original Mix)05: Audiowhores - Subject of My Affection (Original Vibe)06: Gadjo - So Many Times (Dub Mix)07: Soul Avengerz - Love You Feel08: Mambana - Felicidad (Axwell Dub Mix)09: Dina Vass - Waiting For You (Soul Avengerz Remix)10: Musaphia & Mayhem - Fantastico11: Monkey Brothers - Invisible (MoD Dub)12: Audiowhores - Orillas Del Mar (Original Vibe)

  • Classic Soulful House: Volume 3

    Classic Soulful House: Volume 3

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h02min

    Tracklisting:01: Arnold Jarvis - Take Good Care (of Me) (SOLE Channel Vox)02: Kaskade feat. Josyln - It’s You, It’s Me03: Julien Jabre - Swimming Places (Original Mix)04: Change 4 Me (White)05: Cerrone - Not Too Shabby (Jamie Lewis Goes Disco Mix)06: Shawn Christopher - You Can Make It (Ron Carroll Original Mix)07: Kings of Tomorrow - Another Day (Fanatix Remix)08: One Track Minds - Essence of Life (Main Mix)09: Fanatix feat. Kele le Roc - Lesson Learned (Fanatix Club Mix)10: Mambana - Felicidad (Rasmus Faber Remix)

  • Classic Soulful House: Volume 4

    Classic Soulful House: Volume 4

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h09min

    Tracklisting:01: Roy Davis Jr. Feat. XL – Reach (Get Large Vocal)02: DJ Circle – Sundance (Central Avenue’s Main Mix) with Andre Harris – The Sunset EP (Acapella)03: Jon Cutler feat. E-man – It’s Yours (DJ Fudge Remix)04: Alfred Azetto – Colors (Are Forever) (DJ Fopp Vocal Mix)05: Yves Murasca – All About House Music (Bongoloverz Remix)06: Knee Deep – Darlin07: Orlando Vaughan – Better Than Never (Earnshaw’s Latin Excursion)08: ElektroOrganik feat.Christian Fontana - The Monologue Session (Original Mix)09: Orienta Rhythm feat. Joi Cardwell – Happy (Orienta Rhythm Club Mix)10: Deep Swing & DJ Meme feat. Linda Jackson – Lift Up (Your Soul & Your Spirit)11: Micky More – Zero Gravity (Jask Thaisoul Mix) with Jask – Paradise (Spanish Sunset Pella)

  • Best of 2009

    Best of 2009

    09/03/2012 Duration: 01h08min

    Tracklisting:01: Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa - All About Love (Knee Deep Vocal Mix)02: Vincent Kwok - Las Llaves (UPZ soWHAT Remix) with ThaiSoul presents - Set Me Free (Spoken Wordapella)03: Lisa Shaw - Like I Want To (Fred Everything Vocal)04: Bah Samba feat. Tasita D'Mour - Live In The Summer (Andy Ward Sunshine Mix)05: N' Dee Ft Cleo Sol - Time To Let Go (Louis Benedetti Vocal Mix)06: Grant Nelson - Brave New World (Original Mix) with John 'Julius' Knight & Roland Clark - This Is House (This is House-A-Pella)07: Physics - Viva L'Amour (Grant Nelson Remix) 08: DJ Jorj feat. Michelle Weeks & Byron Stingily - Back 2 Me (Original Mix)09: Dutchican Soul feat. Andrea Love - Back In The Day (Original Mix)10: Heather Johnson - Destination (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix) 11: ThaiSoul presents - Thai-Rican-Soul (Main Mix) with Joey Negro - Can't Get High Without U (Acapella)

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