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Every month I'll post a set with 15 of the best trance tracks selected and compiled by me. You will hear tracks from renowned labels such as Armada, High Contrast, Discover & Spinnin. Also in "The Mexican Trance Sound" find the best tracks and remixes from the best producers in Mexico. I hope your support, and that is to your liking.


  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 029

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 029

    23/11/2013 Duration: 01h27min

    We spent a bit of time, but here already the episode number 29, so they can listen to it again. You know you have the best selection of Progressive, Trance and Psy. Some 'Original Mixes' by Manuel Le Saux, Sunny Lax, Chris Schweizer, phtographer or Will Atkinson. And some Mikkas Remix Jorn van Deynhoven and Harmonic Rush. In 'The Mexican Trance Sound' Mike Rhodes and his great talent, leave us a great remix of Uplifting, he made ??'Overthreat - Loosing Control'. Definitely a theme that will like. On the other hand, Peter Hulsmans leaves a theme with touches Psy acids and Day.Din with his unique style of ProgrePsy delight us.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 028

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 028

    15/09/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    What about friends? Thank you very much to who could listen to the first broadcast of 'TRD', here's a little overview of what we heard in this edition. As always in our section of 'The Mexican Trance Sound' found an excellent remix by an excellent producer and companion, his name is Lagunes Manuelle, and his recent remix signed in D.Max Recordings. We have very good Original Mixes, including by Steve Kaetzel, Alexandre Bergheau & Arman Aydin, Liam Melly, G8, Allen & Envy, and Harmonic Rush. On the remixes, Karanda represented Progressive side and on the side of Tech Trance is Jordan Suckley, Photographer and a powerful remix of Sean Tyas. Now select 2 psychedelic sounds very good tracks, including some of my favorite tracks for now that is 'Ghost Rider - Nasty', finally, the track "Ether" included in the new Coming Soon's EP. Hope is an episode that you like, and you know, we heard the first Thursday of next month.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 027

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 027

    06/08/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    It's August and we're back with a new episode with more groove sounds, but without forgetting the great Progressive, Uplifting and TechTrance. For this month local talent did not disappoint at all, Diego Morrill leaves us another of his beautiful remixes as is usually the occasion for the track 'Awake' from 'Feat Nanje Kooker Michael Nowack'. A Progressive Vocal remix just wonderful. Mentioning some original productions met some great producers including AYDA, Andy Moor, Lee Haslam, Peter Hulsmans, Fergie & Sadrian, ReOrder and the Pharaonic Aly & Fila. In the remix listen to Gal Abutbul, Second Sine and Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase. Also here hear some psychedelic sounds, this by Daniel Lesden for his remix to 'Yoruba' by Mac & Monday. A wide range and selection of styles that I hope you like, and certainly thank you for taking some of your time and listen to this new episode.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 026

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 026

    04/07/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    Hey mates, already we are back with a new episode and going to a third year of "TRDS". For this episode our section, "The Mexican Trance Sound" leaves a remix recently released by the renowned Mark Sherry, I mean "Aizen" and already well supported "Dark Dub Mix" for the track "My Love". Among the best original productions of the month, are the names of Tempo Giusto, Alex O'Rion, Vicky Divine, Bjorn Akesson, Super8 & Tab, Will Atkinson & William Daniel, and then some, so it's a variety of styles from Progressive , to Uplifting and close with TechTrance. Some psychedelic sounds at the hands of Morten Granau & Vice and John O'Callaghan that leaves a big project Henrik Zuberstein. Finally two good remix, a very beautiful by Ilan Bluestone and another quite powerful by Eddie Bitar. Sure that this episode will blow them all. See you in the next edition.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 025

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 025

    09/06/2013 Duration: 02h00s

    Welcome to the 2nd anniversary. It is an honor for me to be sharing every month, the best of Progressive and Trance. And what better way to celebrate in this issue with some of the most admired Mexican talents I mean: Vlind, Aizen, Zutt Muziker, Jorge Caballero, Diego Morrill and Interactive Noise. They have a lot of talent and demonstrate that they are excellent people in what they do. Also in this issue we find amazing tracks from international producers including Ronski Speed, Estiva, Orjan Nilsen, Chris Schweizer, MaRLo, Vertical Mode, Darren Porter & Gareth Weston. Don't forget remixes by Rafael Frost, James Dymond the beautiful remix of Will Atkinson. I can only say THANK YOU to each and every one of you, that every issue they take a little of your time and make every effort to listen, not only to Mexican listeners, but also those who hear us from Spain, Colombia, UK or United States. Truly thank you very much. With much love, your server Amauri Le Roy. ?

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 024

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 024

    12/05/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    One more episode, and we're back, go to the end of the month we leave very good tunes, but let's start with the local talent, in this edition we have a great friend, his name is Jordan better known as 'Zutt Muziker' and we leaves a beautiful track 'Die Trying', brought from the last EP. Speaking of international producers were really good the tunes that came out this month, it is worth mentioning names such as Solarstone, Kaimo K, Simon Patterson & Jordan Suckley, Richard Durand, ReOrder, among others, and remixes by John Askew and Master Darren Porter. Progressive side did not miss the names as Estiva, Orjan Nilsen, Chris Schweizer & Tomas Heredia, Mark Sixma and beautiful Rank1 remix. I hope they like this episode, and we're listening and preparing next month to celebrate our second anniversary, it will be a special 2 hour episode and to celebrate what better to do than Mexican guests. Fuck the problems, feel the power of ? & ?!

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 023

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 023

    10/05/2013 Duration: 01h29min

    Hey dudes, welcome back to another episode of "TRDS" and to begin this spring came loaded with enough ProgressiveTrance, and of course some of TechTrance and Uplifting ... Progressive side brings many known Producers, including Ummet Ozcan, Broning, Max Graham, Myon & Shane54, Heatbeat, a remix of Two & One, and just to mention a few. By the 140BPM also came much excellent material in this month. And to highlight here comes a new member in "The Mexican Trance Sound", his name is "Allan McLuhan" that leaves a wonderful track "Seduction" included in their latest EP. As for international producers have tracks by Ally Brown & Cristian Ketelaars, Darren Porter and F-6, and very good remixes that give Simon Patterson, Peter Plaznik & Eddie Bitar. Definitely an episode that will make us fly into the sky. I hope you like them all and we heard in a month!

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 022

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 022

    06/03/2013 Duration: 01h25min

    Hey guys! #TRDS022 is here! Well, that just for starters in this edition are several Mexican talent, including "Zaa" recently signed by the label of "Armada" and brings his latest release "Timebomb". On the other hand we have a beautiful remix of "Alan Cuevas & Diego.Morrill" for the track "Everlasting" from "Mino Safy". Turning to international talent in this episode come Progressive side Claudia Cazacu, MIKE vs. Aerofoil, Above & Beyond and these are just a few. And if we go further into the Uplifting and Tech Trance entity they are large producers Manuel Le Saux, Eddie Bitar and Will Atkinson. We also find remixes by MaRLo, Kyau & Albert, Tomas Heredia and Estigma. I say goodbye, hoping that this episode is to your liking.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 021

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 021

    11/02/2013 Duration: 01h27min

    Hello friends, this is TRANCE RE-DEFINED SESSIONS 021! \o/ And we're back with a bit of everything. For starters, the first month of the year allowed us an excellent EP, and on a whole track very powerful, for the section of "The Mexican Trance Sound" produced by Mexico's talented, he's Manuelle Lagunes with his track "Darkness ". A month full of "Original Mixes" and large international producers, the likes of Solarstone, Woody van Eyden, Mark Sherry, David Forbes, Photographer and these are just a few, great diversity ranging from Progressive Trance, through the Uplifting, until the loud noise of Tech trance. On the remixes we have a beautiful remix of Orjan Nilsen, and remixes with more force by Kaimo K, Jordan Suckley and Darren Porter. I hope this episode is much to his liking, and we're hearing early next month to let the best of February.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 020 (Top10 Of 2012 amp December)

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 020 (Top10 Of 2012 & December)

    14/01/2013 Duration: 01h56min

    This is my Top 10 of 2012. As to what we heard in December, are the names of Estiva, KhoMha, and Chris Schweizer mention the Original Mixes. Very good remixes by Will Atkinson, Indecent Noise, Eddie Bitar and Gary Maguire, and still have yet to name a few. In "The Mexican Trance Sound" have a great friend, who already has several appearances in this section, I talk about "Jorge Caballero" and his beautiful remix of "In The Air" by Morgan Page Feat Angela Mc Cluskey. I wish that this year 2013, is to fulfill many goals and success! With love, your server Amauri Le Roy.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 019

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 019

    11/12/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    We are back here mates! In this episode, we have no section of "The Mexican Trance Sound" # TMTS, but not preoucupen, will be back next month. But this is rewarded with the powerful episode that I leave. In a first 45 minutes we will find something to what many call "Electro-Trance" and who better to represent that Chris Schweizer, and among other exponents are Orjan Nilsen, Rick Mitchells, Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight, Richard Durand & Heatbeat and the Remixes we leave them as they are very good producers Myon & Shane 54, Mikkas, Space Rockerz and more. The 45 minutes that follow are what the Uplifting and TechTrance where accents are beautiful and powerful tracks that are of Mark Sherry, Bryan Kearney and Matt Skyer. Here go together remixes of Aly & Fila, James Dymond, Brian Flinn and Jonathan Carvajal. An episode where I show my favorite genres and I hope you like them too. Do not forget that the next episode will leave a special 2 hours, and where will choose my Top 10 of 2012 and the

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 018

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 018

    27/11/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    After some delay, we're back with episode 18 and better return in this edition of "The Mexican Trance Sound" have some of the best exponents of Progressive Trance and more recognized in Mexico, he is "Zaa" that leaves a good remix to the next track "Crimson - The Rising". Speaking of the international best tracks of the month, come to #TRDS Andrew Rayel track, Aerofoil & E&G, Orjan Nilsen, Jase Thirlwall and many more. And we can not forget the great remixes we have at this time, you are in charge of Myon & Shane 54, Estiva, Heatbeat, John O'Callaghan and Giuseppe Ottaviani. This episode is to your liking and wait episode 19, which is already cooking in our library and will be here in 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 017

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 017

    16/10/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    Hey dudes, we're here! This time "The Mexican Trance Sound" has a great exponent of Progressive Trance in Mexico, our friend "Diego.Morrill" now presents his track "Lattefield". In the original tracks are DJs such as Orjan Nilsen, Norin & Rad, Paul Trainer, Thomas Ulstrup, Echo and more. And do not forget we also have the best remixes of the month, where the following DJs: Juventa, Jonathan Carvajal, Bjorn Akesson, Fergie & Sadrian and Bowdidge & Taylor. Hopefully this new episode will make them fly and we are hearing in the next episode!

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 016

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 016

    12/09/2012 Duration: 01h30min

    It is September and this "TRDs" is back ... For starting, we mention the great remix we have in our section "The Mexican Trance Sound", where our friend Jorge Caballero and his project "Andherson" delight us with an explosive remix to a beautiful tune "Thing Called Love" Above & Beyond, to secure the fall in love. And hope they do not disappoint with this month's selection of songs where you found Ana Criado, Aly & Fila, Rave CHannel, Super8 & Tab, Daniel Kandi Aligator Feat, among others ... A variety of sounds and styles. On the remixes we have very good examples such as Beat Service, Phynn, Indecent Noise, and more. Hopefully this episode is to your liking and make them dance! Starts the flight ... \o/

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 015

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 015

    08/08/2012 Duration: 01h27min

    We're back friends ... In this edition, number 15, I have for you some progressive tracks from the master Paul van Dyk, DNS Project, Nitrous Oxide & Space Rockerz, Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten, Virtual Vault, plus remixes by Arnej, Aurosonic .. . And you can not miss TechTrance Uplifting and Des McMahon and Weston Porter & leave us explosive tracks, by Tomas Heredia, Cristian Ketelaars and Paul Webster remix leave us some pretty powerful. Finally in "The Mexican Trance Sound," we have one of the most talented DJs and producers in Mexico "Vlind" that leaves a track of their latest EP, this is "Internal Resolution". They like this episode and to fly a little! : D

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 014

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 014

    20/07/2012 Duration: 01h27min

    We're back mates! And this time we come with some techy and Trance for Team140, for that we have tracks from Gareth Emery, Heatbeat, Ummet Ozcan, Bryan Kearney and Peter Plaznik, and these are just a few. In the remixes we are with MaRLo, Jonathan Carvajal, Peetu S and more ... Don't forget the section to highlight the power of the Mexican Trance, in this episode a beautiful remix of our friend "Mike Rodas". That this episode will make them fly and we hear next month. #TRDS

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 013 [1st Anniversary]

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 013 [1st Anniversary]

    13/06/2012 Duration: 02h00s

    Hi friends! In this edition, we have been celebrating, and we meet one year to bring to you every month the best Trance Tunes. And this time we bring tracks by Maor Levi, Orjan Nilsen, MaRLo, RAM and Matt Skyer, and the remixes arrive Chris Schweizer, Shogun and Briann Flinn. To celebrate this 1st anniversary, nothing like little more than half an hour with tracks and remixes from Mexican producers such as Mike Rodas, DJorge Caballero, Diego.Morrill, Zutt Muziker & Beyro C'Mendez. Thank you very much for all that I have heard all this year and hope to continue with us, or recommending listening tracks that would listen to any of the episodes. We count on you for years to come. With ? Amauri Le Roy.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 012

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 012

    06/05/2012 Duration: 01h25min

    How about friends! We're back with the 12th episode of "Trance Re-Defined Sessions", and this time full of energetic beats. In this episode we'll find DJs like Aaron Camz, Woody van Eyden, or Phil Taylor, plus powerful remixes by Dave Schiemann, Daniel Kandi, Indecent Noise and Peter Plaznik. For this occasion we will not have "THE MEXICAN TRANCE SOUND" but instead is my latest mashup: "Simon Patterson vs. John O'Callaghan & John Askew - Smackstest (Amauri Le Roy Mashup)". Hope you love this episode, and we heard next month celebrating the first anniversary of #TRDS.

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 011

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 011

    06/05/2012 Duration: 01h28min

    Hi guys! Here comes the eleventh installment of my monthly podcast in which we find beautiful tracks from Ashley Wallbridge, Rave Channel, Greg Downey and Bjorn Akesson, to name a few DJs. In the remixes we can point to Cosmic Gate, Alexander Popov and Marc Simz. Finally in our section "THE MEXICAN TRANCE SOUND" we have a powerful remix of "DJorge Caballero" has been showing us his latest project with the alias "Andherson".

  • Trance Re-Defined Sessions 010

    Trance Re-Defined Sessions 010

    31/03/2012 Duration: 01h31min

    Hi guys ... A little late but here we are back and I bring in this episode tracks by excellent DJ's such as "Mat Zo, Tempo Giusto, Gareth Emery, Sektor V" and many more beautiful and remixes, ranging from the peaceful progressive Andy Duguid to energy and melodic sound of Will Atkinson. And not forgetting our monthly and selection in the "THE MEXICAN TRANCE SOUND" in this edition that a young Mexican talent "Zutt Muziker".