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Techno, Tech House, House Music, House, Electronica, Workout Mix : I became involved in the electronic music movement in 1998 when a close friend dragged me into a dark nightclub in San Diego. I heard about the scene on many occasions, but was never willing to open up to it. After one night in that club, I began what has been an incredible 15 year journey. Electronic music whether it's techno, tech house, house music, progressive house, breaks, chill has had a huge impact on my life. It is very emotional to me. It can match any of my moods, and it has a way of just letting me be. These mixes are a reflection of my moods some are mellow and some are very intense. You probably share those ups and downs, and for that reason I'll sit in my room, late at night, and try to get these mixes just right. Hope you like them. Etch


  • Etch Radio [031 : Surrender]

    Etch Radio [031 : Surrender]

    14/11/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, indie house, deep house : This is a unique mix for me. It's in a genre I've been really digging for a while - Indie House. My intention for this mix is to capture the vibe from one of those nights that wasn't supposed to happen. Tonight you're not planning some night at an overly popular, glitzy club with a VIP table for 10 of your friends. This night is some unplanned, last minute gig at an unknown location that a friend of a friend invited you to. It's a place that you're not totally comfortable in as you descend a dark staircase to the basement of an abandoned church. The muffled sound of the bass slowly becomes more pronounced as the damp, warm air passes you up the staircase. On this night, you'll soon find yourself on the dancefloor with your eyes closed, the lights streaking across your eyelids, and you'll swear you just heard a part from an old Blondie song from 1980. You'll also sense hints of Erasure, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Donna Summer, and Dead or Aliv

  • Etch Radio [029 : SONAR one]

    Etch Radio [029 : SONAR one]

    20/10/2017 Duration: 01h19min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : Finally, Etch Radio manifested into a physical entity, as we built an incredible experience at the underground club, Kava Lounge. A hidden gem nestled between downtown, the airport, and the warehouse district, a posh group of sophisticated house heads slowly rolled into the building. Thick with blue light and fuschia highlights, the walls flowed with a cinematic display of naked figures and abstract water forms, while the back room housed a bevy of local artists showcasing live work. The music slowly creeped out of the dark corners, supporting the newcomers as they entered, mixed, and blended into the saturated hues of blue. Slowly, over 3 hours, the set grew in intensity to a peak hour dance set. This podcast is the first half of the night. Mysterious and slow to build, it let the participants know they were entering into something different. This night was going to be special. SONAR.

  • Etch Radio [030 : SONAR two]

    Etch Radio [030 : SONAR two]

    30/06/2017 Duration: 01h38min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : The second in a two part series for the night of SONAR. People transformed from being robots that serve the system to individual beings that began to express themselves in very different ways. There was no more need for simple banter, and there was no sense of responsibility to the constructs that we build around ourselves. The people began to break away from the pods and moved into a different flow. The room started to come alive with this new energy as conversation became movement and focus blurred into a more fluid intention. Dancing became the new desire in the room, and they all shared in that transformation. I watched it happen from the stage. SONAR two

  • Etch Radio [028 : Infinity]

    Etch Radio [028 : Infinity]

    04/03/2017 Duration: 03h14min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : On the edge of an infinity pool overlooking a valley with the Pacific Ocean in the background, my set began at sundown and slowly warmed up the crowd. This night was a true mix of people, so my style had to foray into people's heads slowly and catch them off guard later in the night. This is the actual recording of the mix that night. Starts mellow and gets you going by the end. This is the longest etch radio mix thus far at more than three hours.

  • Etch Radio [027 : In the Palm of Brians Hand]

    Etch Radio [027 : In the Palm of Brian's Hand]

    04/09/2015 Duration: 01h24min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : There were palm trees, there was a hot desert breeze blowing in the night, and there was Brian. It was his bachelor party in Palm Springs, and we were all there to celebrate it with him. Furniture was moved, lights were put up, and dancing went on into the night. Beautiful house, beautiful people, and there was just something in the air that made the night magical. I think it was Brian's new take on life. It was palpable.

  • Etch Radio [026 : Bagatelle Buffet]

    Etch Radio [026 : Bagatelle Buffet]

    07/08/2015 Duration: 01h25min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : I'm a big fan of the popular Bagatelle brunches held in L.A. and NYC, and their weekend shows on Sirius make me want to buy a flight to Miami to get a plate of bacon and some good beats. So a group of us went to Miami this year and stayed at the Bagatelle on our way to a cruise. It was an epic week, so I wanted to commemorate the trip with this mix. Very vocal, some pop, poolside vibe, and great beats. Hope you like it!

  • Etch Radio [025 : An Evening of Bacon]

    Etch Radio [025 : An Evening of Bacon]

    10/07/2015 Duration: 01h33min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : It was a big night for Alicia Bacon. Celebrating a big birthday, she invited all of the good people in her life to her house for an all night party. Lights went up, ginat speakers plugged in, and the music went deep into the night. This mix is taken directly from that set. It starts off kind of tender and melodic, representing the relationship between Alicia and long time soul mate, Dave. It also served as a backdrop to all of the strangers getting to know each other. Slowly and methodically, over 6 hours, the music intensified and deepened. This is house music.

  • Etch Radio [024 : Retox]

    Etch Radio [024 : Retox]

    19/01/2015 Duration: 01h31min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : This mix has a lot of good flavors for the club. There are some tunes that get you warmed up, some tunes that are catchy main room selections, some that will catch you with your head down in your own world, and some that are just trippy, driving techno. The bottom line is that all of the tracks have a focus on big beats along with some simple, catchy melodies. This one belongs in the club and goes out to my boy Clee. Hope you like it.

  • Etch Radio [023 : Between Hither and Yon]

    Etch Radio [023 : Between Hither and Yon]

    11/08/2014 Duration: 01h19min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : This is your high school graduation day, this is your road trip across the country alone, your desperate breakup, your falling hard for someone, your freedom from whatever held you captive. A two-year-long pet project, this mix is a distant cry from what Etch Radio typically delivers, but holding true to the foundation of this podcast, I like to spin a mix for every occasion. Born from a combination of my son growing into boyhood, my nephews growing into manhood, thoughts brought on by the book “Oh The Places You’ll Go,” and a sudden epiphany that struck me in a Wendy’s bathroom, I soon set myself on the course to find a mix that can capture moments that only happen a few times in each of our lives. We’ve all had one. It’s that moment where pure excitement and freedom intersect with fear and sadness. It's bittersweet, with a shot of adrenaline. Most of these moments happen in our youth, but as time goes by, we find comfort, we find safety,

  • ETCH RADIO [022 : Everybody Get Loose]

    ETCH RADIO [022 : Everybody Get Loose]

    24/06/2014 Duration: 01h22min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : This mix is built to carry the house party. Heavy on the house and tech house flavors, it has an ebb and flow between bouncy and rolly. You might feel settled in for a couple songs and then a real cracker will show up. There are some funky flavors thrown in with a lot of sampled and lyrical vocals. This should hang with you deep into the summer. Enjoy!

  • ETCH RADIO [021 : Tito Wants to Dance]

    ETCH RADIO [021 : Tito Wants to Dance]

    08/05/2014 Duration: 01h33min

    Techno, tech house, house music, house, workout mix, deep house : This is an intense, slightly darker mix on the old progressive house side that makes you want to move around. It rolls deep inside and keeps pushing you along. Great for a start to the night or for that mix you need to finish up a late night party. Hope you like it. Tito does.

  • ETCH RADIO [020 : Into the City]

    ETCH RADIO [020 : Into the City]

    06/10/2013 Duration: 01h09min

    workout mix, house music, house, tech house, techno, deep house : Here's one that represents one of those great trips into the city, where crazy and mysterious things can happen. From the nervous excitement of first seeing the glowing city skyline from your car, to the dark alleys and new clubs you stumble upon, this mix takes you deep into the night.

  • ETCH RADIO [019 : Technobender]

    ETCH RADIO [019 : Technobender]

    31/01/2013 Duration: 01h47min

    Technobender delivers a solid, driving set from start to finish. There are hints of tech house and house in the first half, but every song in this mix rides on a backbone of techno. By the second half of the mix, techno completely takes over. This mix is hard, driving, repetitive, swirling, and by the time it's done you should be lulled into a relaxed, focused state. Enjoy.

  • ETCH RADIO [018 : Dirty]

    ETCH RADIO [018 : Dirty]

    15/01/2013 Duration: 01h48min

    Dirty people : Dirty party : Dirty club : Dirty music : Dirty intentions : Dirty

  • ETCH RADIO [017 : The Last Yacht Party]

    ETCH RADIO [017 : The Last Yacht Party]

    05/10/2012 Duration: 01h24min

    It's the end of summer. There is one last party to finish off the season. The set begins on the back deck as the light dims on the horizon. The people slowly begin to lose their minds, and the music carries them deep into the night.

  • ETCH RADIO [016 : Three Queens in Costa Brava]

    ETCH RADIO [016 : Three Queens in Costa Brava]

    30/05/2012 Duration: 01h19min

    I've been collecting these songs for a long time and wanted to make sure I got the vibe on this one just right. This mix tells the story of 3 men on a journey through the south of France and Spain. They quit their jobs, packed their bags, and rented a convertible to drive along the coast of the Mediterranean. They spent weeks in Barcelona and got invited to a yacht party in Nice, France. This is the mix they played on the drive along the coast.

  • ETCH RADIO [015 : Into the Wild]

    ETCH RADIO [015 : Into the Wild]

    12/04/2012 Duration: 01h24min

    It's been almost 2 years since I put the last episode up. Spending time with my little boy and wife was too important. I think he'll be happy I'm back in it. Here's one that starts off dark and mellow, but takes off into a smooth rolling vibe with great basslines. It's got dramatic moments, but mainly it keeps running smoothly the whole way through. Hope you enjoy my new journeys. More to come soon. Etch

  • ETCH RADIO [014 : Electronic Leash]

    ETCH RADIO [014 : Electronic Leash]

    11/06/2010 Duration: 01h26min

    This is a sort of nod to the two DJs who have had the most influence on me over the past decade – Sasha and John Digweed. Most of these songs have been produced by, released by, or spun by these two, with a few selections of my own tossed in that I think they would approve of. Their style is consistently on the cutting edge of the electronic dance music scene, but without losing sight on tracks that are highly listenable and sometimes dramatic. Hope you enjoy it.

  • ETCH RADIO [013 : Balearic Twilight]

    ETCH RADIO [013 : Balearic Twilight]

    01/11/2009 Duration: 01h30min

    Imagine you are on an island off the coast of Spain, wandering down a beach at sunset. You stumble upon a bar on the beach and a DJ begins his set as the sun goes down. Funky, dark, and sweaty with a touch of bliss.

  • ETCH RADIO [012 : Classics Volume 1]

    ETCH RADIO [012 : Classics Volume 1]

    08/06/2009 Duration: 02h05min

    CLASSICS :: 1997-2005 Anyone who was in the rave or club scene from 1997-2005 will absolutely find something in here for them. Hopefully some of these will hit you the way they have me. If you were never a part of that scene, try to imagine a subculture movement that has been compared to the hippy revolution of the sixties. This mix is a tribute to those crazy times. My criteria? It's totally personal. Epic parties, epic clubs, great friends, great memories. Some of these songs transcended the genre, some were from dj mixes that moved me, some are meticulously produced, but all of them have some incredible memory attached to them. Underworld, Oakenfold, Sasha, PVD, U2, Junkie XL, Radiohead, Oliver Lieb, The Crystal Method, Sandra Collins, Solar Stone, BT, Ferry Corsten, Robbie Rivera, Felix Da Housecat, Timo Mass, Hybrid, and Moby are all a part of this mix. They had a huge impact on the electronic movement. This mix is pretty intense and captures the turn of the century electronic music vibe pretty well

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