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Hi, It's me Kreayshawn. Uploading Mixes, Podcasts and Music and whatever fuck else I want.


  • Last Limp Pumpo Rave EVER mix!

    Last Limp Pumpo Rave EVER mix!

    10/09/2020 Duration: 17min

    So, sad and emotional to end Limp Pumpo Second Life Raves! This is my 4th and final one. So, I had to go extra extreme with the set.



    07/07/2019 Duration: 23min

    DJ Karawai - Ghetto Trance #1 Textasy - Check Yo Shit AΣTYTEKK - Lick My Bass DJ Karawai - Breaks Dem DOBRIYDRUG x 33ghostcat - TO MY ACID DJ Tabledance - Park N Ride Lenkemz - SHIFTY Philthkids - Promoters Suck Dick Partiboi69 - Magnificent Spice boy live - around the world De La Fete - Husky Del La Fete -Skrippy

  • Greend Out 420 Juke Mix

    Green'd Out 420 Juke Mix

    20/04/2019 Duration: 30min

    420 mix for everyone. Stoner or Tweaker. Pass that shit.



    12/01/2018 Duration: 39min

    Did a rare electro freestyle mix. Work out to it or gig or whatever. I dare you,

  • KJs X-Mas Bangers Mix

    KJ's X-Mas Bangers Mix

    24/12/2017 Duration: 42min

    KJ's fav. rap hoiday rap bangers :) Put this on repeat this Holiday season :)

  • Kreayshawn - Boutta

    Kreayshawn - Boutta <--- *PROD* by - DJTWOSTACKS (VIDEO IN BIO)

    09/11/2017 Duration: 02min

    Video on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXIUL1lEqrg I made this in my room bored and lonely. This for all the ladies + people who just fed up with everything.

  • Drop It Lo-fi

    Drop It Lo-fi

    01/10/2017 Duration: 47min

    drop dat ass lo-fi

  • Club Mate Mini Mix

    Club Mate Mini Mix

    03/08/2017 Duration: 15min

    Was gonna make a video for this mix but, I got lazy. Счастье есть - Raumskaya x Dj Groove Fuck My Life (2k14 RAVE) - CRZKNY Hank - Lights On Jo Def - Be Mine Stayhight - Mother TREATED ME 2015 Why U Dont Luv Me Justicious - ME U Ready or Not - DJ Flawlez MODJO - LADY (JUKE NUKEM X SIDESWIPE REMIX)



    16/03/2017 Duration: 53min

    Let's see if SoundCloud stays true to their would and doesn't strike me for this mix. ANYWAYS, This is a TRANSFORMATIVE dance mix full of my person fav. dance and 90's rave bangers. So, charge up your glowsticks, get your finger lights on and make sure you have your kandi binkie. It’s a fine day - Opus III 9pm (till I come) - ATB DJ Jean - The Launch Blue - Eiffel 65 Boom Boom Boom - Venga Boyz Do both jay and jane - La Rissa Release me - Angelina Be my love -La Bouche Better off alone - Alice Dee Jay KernKraft 400 - Zombie Nation Met Her at the love parade - Da Hool w I’ll fly with you - Gigi D'Agostino Were in heaven (techno remix) - DJ Sammy Castles in the sky - Ian Van Dahl A little bit of xtc - Jocelyn Enriquez Don’t call me baby - Madison Avenue Sexual - Amber Everybody - Black Box Groove is in the heart - Deee-Lite Breathe - Telepopmusik deadmau5 ft kaskade - I remember Royksopp - Remind me Days go by - Dirty Vegas DOnt look back - Telepopmusik Halcyon - On and On

  • VOL.69 CLUB

    VOL.69 CLUB

    04/02/2017 Duration: 24min

    RA RA ~ UNIIQU3 feat. $JAYY THat Part - (Jersey Club Remix) ChubMaxxx ~ FL!PPS! brrroooccclii 21 Savage Ft. Future - X (Jersey Club Remix) Rob $tone - Chill Bill [No Time To Love] (Jersey Club Remix) chubmaxxx Rich Chigga - Dat $tick (Jersey Club Remix)#Goblinz - @ChubMaxxx - @_Urbvn DeejayQuality - Catch Me Outside HowBoutDatChallenge Fuck it - Cueheat Break Her Back 6 (feat Dj Q-KiDD & King Siyah) Dj Taj & Dj Flex - Let Me Love You (Jersey Club Mix) Blanco In Brazil Lil Uzi - PNQS (2 DEEP's Baile Funk Flip) Bad & Boujee 160 Flip Fake Love(Jersey Club MIX) WORK - DUCKY (SWISHA X LOS) Rihanna - Work (Kabukis Footwork Jungle Re-fix) Jungle Chamber VIP - SLICK SHOOTA

  • KJ$ - Stay On Some Chill Mix

    KJ$ - Stay On Some Chill Mix

    02/01/2017 Duration: 33min

    Chill mix for chilling in the winter time with a cup of coco and some thoughts. swumbeats_chronic {DKO}_whenn (this is not a) hawaiian song corless_backwoods weirdough_green in blue spaceghost_Beat1 Help Me_Dream Of You selrok no rest for the illest ___G O O D M O R N I N G ___ [ w a v v e g a w d x thrash cat x guwop ] Bon Gamin Myth Sizer ft Tommy Wright III - Dans Ma Merde Mallli - Bone Thus Remix snkabeatz_strangers @jtbs - super mario 64 deep blue T I M E - space dolphin _ let em know swum. gwop abidtheproducer waves kdagreat - you name it challenge

  • Kreaydio 49 w/ @SPAGHETTO! Talking all about TWERKING!

    Kreaydio 49 w/ @SPAGHETTO! Talking all about TWERKING!

    15/06/2016 Duration: 01h32s

    @Spaghetto is my homegirl who is a film maker and she made a documentary about Twerking! It get intensive! ALSO My guy John is cracking me up! All the ladies get at John!