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Learning to see life from a spiritual perspective can change the way we think, which changes everything. As we let go of fear, worry, regret, blame, anger, guilt, resentment, jealousy and shame, we can create the loving, joyful, prosperous, healthy life that we want and deserve.brbr The best or worst place to live is in our own mind. You will learn how to weed out the negativity and to be grateful and positive in word, thought and deed, resulting in your ever-increasing happiness. Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit is broadcast live every Thursday at 8 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.


  • Helping Our Children Learn During the Pandemic

    Helping Our Children Learn During the Pandemic

    25/02/2021 Duration: 55min

    Our children’s education is suffering because of the pandemic. The current emphasis on distance learning has left teachers at a loss, forced children to be responsible for much of their own learning, and has thrown parents into the role of teacher. Everyone is struggling to figure out how to manage during this unprecedented time. Some parents are hiring tutors and coaches for their children, but not everyone has the money or the ability to access these services. A much better solution is to equip teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills to keep their children focused on the online learning activities. Children of all ages can get excited about distance learning and managing their schoolwork. Learning these skills will help them become more effective in solving daily challenges. Please join us Thursday to discover how to help our children thrive in this new learning environment.

  • Overwhelmed and Over It: Staying Centered in a Chaotic World

    Overwhelmed and Over It: Staying Centered in a Chaotic World

    11/02/2021 Duration: 56min

    Women have been trained to be nurturers, care givers, and emotional support systems for everyone around them, at work, at home, and in the community. The result is that women take on too much and give too much until they are depleted. I remember changing my attitude and behavior when someone said to me: “If the well is dry, you have nothing to give.” I slowly began to realize that life is about giving and receiving. There must be a give and take, a balance between the two if we are to have a full and healthy life. Especially in this time of Covid-19, there is added stress on every family. Women are the emotional center of the family and are taking on the bulk of that stress. Changing long engrained patterns takes commitment, support, and patience. Please join us Thursday to discover how to stop blocking support and how to ask for and accept it when it is offered, thereby creating real balance, harmony, and peace.

  • Radical Intuition: Developing and Using Your Inner Power

    Radical Intuition: Developing and Using Your Inner Power

    04/02/2021 Duration: 54min

    My guest says: “Radical Intuition is an all-new way of understanding intuition. This ‘new school’ intuition challenges the fundamental nature of consciousness. It invites you to open your mind — and discover a revolutionary, new reality beyond “thinking” as we know it. This is a radical change in the way we understand and live in the world. As we learn to honor intuition over our critical minds – to honor our inner truth over the conditioning of the world – we are able to free our minds, once and for all, and reclaim the extraordinary power that awaits inside.” As we discard what others have told us we should and shouldn’t be, can and can’t do, we can discover our true selves. To do so, we must go deep inside, listen to our intuition, and trust it. Because of Covid-19, we have the quiet time to uncover who we really are and what our true path is. Please join us Thursday to learn how to connect with and develop your inner knowing.

  • Seven Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting with Spirit

    Seven Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting with Spirit

    28/01/2021 Duration: 54min

    “Your feelings are your compass,” writes Diana in her new book. “As I worked with this simple yet powerful truth, I realized that if I feel good, I am good — even when the circumstances and events in my outer world don’t unfold exactly as I would like them to. This truth also gave me a new perspective when it comes to what other people are feeling or experiencing. It offered a healthy vantage point that helped me to stop taking responsibility for the emotions and feelings of others. It helped me give myself a break. With better energetic boundaries, I made some rules for myself that you might find useful, too.” Her seven truths will help you think positively, live pain free, and in Jack Canfield’s words: “live the life you have always dreamed of.” Please join us Thursday to begin a relationship with your spirit guide that will help you transform your life and become self-empowered.

  • Root Out the Negative Voices and Achieve Your Goals

    Root Out the Negative Voices and Achieve Your Goals

    21/01/2021 Duration: 55min

    The internet is filled with simplistic advice on how to achieve goals. When we don’t succeed, we often feel defeated, depressed, anxious, and self-critical, all of which is misguided. The truth is that we have conflicting voices in our head. Some are supportive and some are critical. Some want us to move forward and others are feeding us information that cause us to question our capabilities, motives, commitment, time availability, etc. Some voices will throw out roadblocks that make our goals seem unattainable. These negative voices often sound like they’re helping us avoid pain when they are preventing us from experiencing joy. To move forward, we must discover which voices are harmful and which are helpful. We can then enlist the helpful parts of ourselves to accomplish the goals that will bring us the greatest inner rewards. Please join us Thursday to learn how to identify what is imprisoning you and free yourself to reach that elusive goal.

  • What to Expect and How to Navigate 2021: Focus on Positive Change

    What to Expect and How to Navigate 2021: Focus on Positive Change

    14/01/2021 Duration: 53min

    Do you want to know what’s in store for 2021 and what to look for from President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris? This is a year of positive change, progress, and building back our country. Everything has energy, including numbers. That’s why I have Alice on at the beginning of every year. She gives us valuable information on how to use the dominant energies of the year to our advantage. When we are in sync with the Universal energies, our lives flow with more ease, joy, and grace. Last year, Alice told us that the more we are positive and truthful in loving ways, the better our lives will be. On Wednesday, we saw how Trump’s lies hurt America and the world. She also said we could build something big to help society through hard work, cooperation, negotiation, partnership, and creating consensus. We saw how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris worked together to create a new kind of partnership to help America. Please join us Thursday to learn how to successfully navigate 2021.

  • Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

    Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

    07/01/2021 Duration: 58min

    I invite Dawon to come on my show every year because he has such a high accuracy rate. His predictions almost always come true within the year or the near future. For instance, last year, he predicted: a woman would be elected vice-president or president in the USA in 2020; and that we will have a Native American President before long. We saw this possibility emerging with the appointment of a female Secretary of the Interior who is the first Native American Cabinet secretary. Here is a glimpse of the new predictions he will share with us: an airline out of Europe will be developed that is more passenger friendly; New York City will create a subway system that makes travel 2 to 3 times faster; people will be able to communicate directly with their loved ones on the other side; and because people need hope, there will be more angelic help available to all of us. Please join us Thursday to hear what we can look forward to this year and moving forward into the decade.

  • The Power of Crystals and How They Can Help You

    The Power of Crystals and How They Can Help You

    31/12/2020 Duration: 56min

    Crystals caught my attention as a child because of their beauty. Later I hung beveled ones near windows to catch the light and create dazzling displays of rainbows. Then I discovered the healing power of crystals and my journey into the world of crystals deepened. Kac has been one of my guides. She always brings new perspectives and techniques to expand and deepen my understanding. Kac has created a new approach to wellness by combining crystals with the chakras, essential oils, astrological signs, goddess energy, and more. These new approaches help heal emotional wounds, improve every aspect of health, and can even repurpose your life. Please join us Thursday to learn more about these wonderful gifts from nature.

  • Life-Between-Lives: How Your Souls Contract is Guiding Your Life

    Life-Between-Lives: How Your Soul's Contract is Guiding Your Life

    24/12/2020 Duration: 52min

    Everything changed when I realized I had chosen my parents and my life challenges to help my soul grow. Before that, I blamed others for my problems. Knowing I was responsible for my life circumstances, allowed me to take my power back. I chose to stop blaming and start making choices to change my life and become the person I wanted to be. My guest says: “We select our parents because of what they will provide us in terms of environment and opportunity for our soul’s growth. They … fill a karmic agreement to challenge or inspire us, but the rest is on us. Often both parents have been with us in prior lifetimes, so we’re working on karmic residue on both our parts. Other times, one parent is new to our soul group and has come in with the other parent as a ‘package deal.’ For that reason, we may feel a karmic connection to one and not the other.” Please join us Thursday for a fascinating discussion on past lives, life-between-lives, and how the Council of Elders help us plan our lives.

  • Crystals for Physical, Psychological  Spiritual Healing

    Crystals for Physical, Psychological & Spiritual Healing

    17/12/2020 Duration: 55min

    Whether you’re new to crystals, an expert, or anything in-between, my guest has new perspectives and a depth of knowledge to enrich everyone. Crystals are effective for healing because they emit energy. Each crystal contains energy to help us heal in specific ways. Since color also vibrates at its own frequency, it contributes to the healing powers of the crystal. For instance, Nicholas explains: “Green symbolizes growth, renewal, and regeneration. Green stones are therefore employed for physical healing as well as for abundance, luck, and harmony. These stones provide a sense of structure, expansion, and innovation. Green stones often invite compassion and an outward expression of love. In the physical body, green stones can be used to treat conditions affecting the heart, lungs, and immune system: they are adept in situations of infection and abnormal growths.” Please join us Thursday to learn about the physical, psychological, and spiritual healing powers of crystals.

  • How Emotion Underlies Personality and Connects All Life

    How Emotion Underlies Personality and Connects All Life

    10/12/2020 Duration: 55min

    The dominant belief is that thoughts are more important than emotions. Research is showing us, however, that emotion underlies personality, spirituality, and a range of extraordinary perceptions, conditions, and experiences. These include déjà vu, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phantom pain, and extreme empathy, where people feel the physical pain, emotions, or thoughts of other people. Many gifted children, people with synesthesia or autism, and extremely sensitive people describe having innate knowing and psychic experiences. My guest uses scientific studies to show how emotion can influence the development of unusual capacities and sensitivities, and how a hidden emotional intensity underpins both autism and anomalous perception. Strong emotions connect us with animals, one another, and all of nature, and may even last after death. Please join us Thursday to learn about the unseen role of emotion in mind and personality, where science meets wonder.

  • Psychics Help Us Emotionally, Mentally, Physically  Spiritually

    Psychics Help Us Emotionally, Mentally, Physically & Spiritually

    03/12/2020 Duration: 56min

    The U.S. military has psychic spies who do remote viewing, and my guest is in that group. Detectives ask her to help solve homicide cases. Marla can sense physical ailments before symptoms emerge and find structural problems in buildings without standing in them. Being a psychic is more than receiving messages from the other side and providing spiritual healing, although she does that also. As one of the most respected and gifted psychics in the USA, Marla Frees uses her gifts from Spirit to help others in ways that go beyond our usual way of understanding the world. She writes: “When we take responsibility for our behavior while we are alive, it not only helps everyone around us, but also the dead. When the dead accept responsibility, the living are able to feel the freedom, too. The pain of life and death can be transformed on both sides of the veil through love and forgiveness.” Please join us Thursday to be inspired by Marla’s story and learn new ways to heal.

  • Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side

    Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side

    19/11/2020 Duration: 56min

    Imagine writing a book with your 27-year-old son after he passed to the other side. Terri-Ann is the third parent, who I have had on my show, who has written a book with a son after he transitioned suddenly and unexpectedly. This is a level of understanding of the spiritual realm that is needing to be understood by those of us who are here now. We are in a time of great change as the veil between the spiritual realm and the physical realm is thinning. We have easier access to information coming from the spiritual realm through direct communication with guides, angels, and loved ones. This is no longer solely the realm of psychics, mediums, and channels. More and more people are experiencing enhanced intuition, mystical experiences, and prophetic dreams. Not everyone feels safe and comfortable talking about these things. I’m grateful that my guest does. Please join us Thursday to hear Anthony’s message from heaven.

  • Integrative Medicine: A Powerful Tool for Healing

    Integrative Medicine: A Powerful Tool for Healing

    12/11/2020 Duration: 55min

    The body can oftentimes heal itself if we are patient and provide it with the care and support it needs. Integrative medicine is a powerful tool for healing that combines alternative treatments with modern medicine to provide care for both the mind and the body. Popular forms of Integrative medicine include acupuncture, chiropractic, meditations, and psychotherapy along with other natural approaches to health. Integrative medicine is growing in popularity as it can treat many common health conditions such as chronic pain, depression/anxiety, GI issues and musculoskeletal/joint pain. My guest has explored natural medicine, Chinese medicine, psychology, energy medicine, and shamanic healing. She has also spent the last 30 years “in a search of the soul in medicine” after witnessing what she refers to as a loss of soul in contemporary medicine that is practiced today. Please join us Thursday to learn more about how integrative medicine can help you.

  • Empathy: The Upside and Downside

    Empathy: The Upside and Downside

    05/11/2020 Duration: 55min

    Empathy is far more complex than we have been led to believe. When there is healthy empathy, it supports the mutual exchange of love, strengthens cooperation, enhances our passion for life, and increases our well-being. When empathy is out of balance, it can cause problems. When someone has too much emotional empathy, they can easily be manipulated by people with too little empathy. In addition to emotional empathy, we can also have physical, mental, and spiritual empathy. With physical empathy, for example, you may feel someone else’s pain and even unintentionally take some of it into your own body because you want them to feel good. Once we understand what is happening to us and why, we can choose to do things differently and lead a healthier happier life. Please join us this Thursday to learn more about the different kinds of empathy and how to prevent the negative aspects and increase the positives of being an empathetic person.

  • Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption

    Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption

    29/10/2020 Duration: 55min

    The coronavirus has created a huge disruption in our workplaces and in our lives. Many people have lost their jobs or their physical place of work. Old ways of coping with change and disruption are starting to wear thin. Just when we thought the virus was getting under control, we discovered surges of new cases and deaths around the world. The hope that things will go back to normal is diminishing. In fact, we may need to think about a new normal. My guest learned how to do that when she chose to leave her successful and financially lucrative career because it left her feeling anxious and depleted at the end of the day. With her values out of sync with her career, she chose to shift her mind-set from self-interest to concern about others and how to survive serious challenges together. Please join us Thursday to learn how to assess and solve problems proactively and cultivate emotional agility to respond authentically and strategically under pressure for the good and well-being of all.

  • Reconnecting with Your Estranged Adult Child: Heal Yourself and Your Relationship

    Reconnecting with Your Estranged Adult Child: Heal Yourself and Your Relationship

    22/10/2020 Duration: 56min

    Ten million Gen X and Baby Boomer parents are estranged from their adult children. Estrangement is different from just not talking to or seeing each other. It means your child treats you like a stranger. The severity ranges from being totally cutoff and never communicating to emotional disconnection even if you see each other to on-and-off estrangement. Parents feel guilt, shame, and sadness, which can turn into frustration and anger. While each situation is unique, there are practical and effective techniques all parents can use to understand and heal these painful breaches. Reconciliation is a slow process that can lead to renewed relations. Because relationships are about two people, we cannot control the outcome. We can, however, choose to heal ourselves by releasing the guilt, shame, and pain and finding self-love and wholeness. Please join us Thursday to learn how to heal yourself and take steps to heal your relationship with your adult child.

  • Big Boys Should Cry: The New Model of Sacred Masculinity

    Big Boys Should Cry: The New Model of Sacred Masculinity

    15/10/2020 Duration: 54min

    Boys are raised to ignore their emotions or risk being viewed as weak or “unmanly.” This is creating a mental health crisis among our young men. Even before COVID-19, suicide and violence among males was increasing and boys are 3 times more likely to abuse drugs. As women are beginning to allow themselves to be more powerful in the world outside the home, including politics, it is time for males to discover their softer side and allow themselves to feel and express the whole range of human emotions. By inhibiting the emotions that aren’t considered to be “manly,” they are preventing themselves from feeling the highest forms of love, intimacy and joy. It is time for men and women to come into the full spectrum of what it means to be human and experience both their masculine and feminine qualities because in fact, we are not one or the other. We all need to come into a new kind of balance that allows us to be fully human. Please join us Thursday to learn more about Sacred Masculinity.

  • Healing from Childhood Emotional Pain and/or Family Trauma

    Healing from Childhood Emotional Pain and/or Family Trauma

    08/10/2020 Duration: 56min

    When I learned a close friend was divorcing several years ago, I said: “But I thought you had it all together.” My wise friend said, “If you think that about anyone, it’s because you don’t know them well enough.” We are all good at suffering silently while we put on a smile for others, pretending everything is great. This pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for us to continue to pretend. We don’t have our usual distractions and our fears, worries, and buried emotions are coming to the surface. My guest is a Black Indian woman born into a family legacy of highly gifted healers from the Native American Iroquois tribe and the Nigerian Nri Kingdom. She went through a transformative healing journey from deep trauma, near-suicide, and serious emotional pain to connecting with God and embracing her spiritual inheritance to heal herself and help others do the same. Please join us Thursday to learn how you too can reconnect with lost parts of yourself and heal your emotional pain.

  • Words that Incite Violence and How to Confront the Perpetrators

    Words that Incite Violence and How to Confront the Perpetrators

    01/10/2020 Duration: 54min

    President Trump, like Hitler before him, uses 12 specific forms of communication that typically precede acts of mass violence up to and including genocide. My guest, Helio Fred Garcia, has documented these forms of speech and the instances where Trump’s dangerous rhetoric has motivated lone wolves to commit violence and murder. Garcia writes: (Ten days before the 2018 midterm elections,) “In a single week ... two separate terror attacks took place. One killed eleven people at worship in a synagogue. One failed but had targeted a dozen Trump critics with mail bombs. In both cases the perpetrators justified their actions by quoting Trump language. One of them, the mail bomber, described his conversion from being apolitical to being “a soldier in the war between right and left” that resulted from his several years in Trump’s orbit.” Please join us Thursday to learn how to recognize the 12 patterns of dangerous speech early, hold the perpetrators accountable, and prevent violence.

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