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3 Petals Healing's belief is that everyone everywhere holds the potential to balance and better our lives by becoming more in-tune with the energies of our body. This is the message we aim to spread. We envision a world where anyone who desires to heal or be healed in any way has the resources to do so at arms reach. Our show will focus on educating you on the importance of self-healing, self-care, and maintaining overall balance in your life, and well share various tools with you in order to do so.We believe there are countless healing methods outside of modern western medicine, and we hope to be a source of support, encouragement, and education to anyone who wishes to explore them, so that individuals everywhere can find the method that works the best for them.


  • Throat Chakra

    Throat Chakra

    28/12/2016 Duration: 52min

    This week Lauren will be talking about how to keep our throat chakras in balance. Our throat chakra is the first of the higher, spiritual chakras. Its balance is key in our ability to express our thoughts and feelings. When this energy center is healthy, we are able to listen, speak, and communicate in alignment with our highest self. The throat chakra, also called the fifth chakra, generally resonates with the color blue. Lauren will talk about a variety of stones that can help bring balance our communication, such as aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and larimar.

  • Heart Chakra

    Heart Chakra

    14/12/2016 Duration: 50min

    This week, Lauren will be sharing self-care and maintenance of the Heart Chakra, or the 4th Chakra. It exists in the center of your chest. It is the central place that Love flows through. It is all that is Love and compassion, connection, and integration. The Heart Chakra resonates with a beautiful, bright emerald green. Balancing this chakra will help you find more joy and inspiration with interactions in daily life than you have been able to before.

  • Sacral Chakra

    Sacral Chakra

    23/11/2016 Duration: 52min

    The next Chakra in this series is the Second Chakra, or Sacral Chakra. It exists right below your navel and resonates with bright fiery orange. It is the seat for creativity, ego, and sexuality. This chakra is the most difficult to balance for some people because of its intimate nature. This show will provide more information about the 2nd Chakra with the intention of being mindful of all it embodies and give you the tools for self-care and growth.

  • Root Chakra

    Root Chakra

    16/11/2016 Duration: 51min

    We want to complete the journey through the Chakras so you can have an understanding and awareness of the energy centers that have always been present. The Root Chakra is the base of your energy that acts as a channel to connect your being to Mother Earth. This process is referred to as grounding. The Root Chakra is also the center for basic securities and feelings of safety. This show will provide more information about the 1st Chakra with the intention of being mindful of all it embodies and give you the tools for self-care.

  • Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient Civilizations

    09/11/2016 Duration: 52min

    Crystals have always had deep roots and ties to history across the globe. As we know, minerals and crystals are used to enhance emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. What some may not yet know is that ancient civilizations knew this long before us, and these cultures considered stones to be a major aspect of their existence. Ancient civilizations utilized and loved crystals for their beauty. A variety of crystals were held in high regard depending on which part of the world you look into. In this week’s show we will be sharing with you how gems were used to reflect and emphasize royalty and divine connection in the Crowned Jewels of different countries, and also how ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and Greeks used crystals and how these gems were interwoven within their culture.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra and Personal Sunshine

    Solar Plexus Chakra and Personal Sunshine

    02/11/2016 Duration: 50min

    As winter approaches, we will see less and less sun in the Pacific Northwest. Cold winds will begin to blow in gray skies and rain. The brilliant sun will be covered. This impacts humans’ emotional wellbeing. We start to feel dreary like the weather outside our windows. However, in this show we will cover some self-care and upkeep we can gift ourselves during the changing seasons. Our solar plexus chakra, or 3rd chakra, is our own personal sunshine. It radiates bright yellow energy, full of life force. If we take the time to maintain a balanced 3rd chakra, we will have the ability to carry ourselves through the changing seasons with confidence and grace while maintaining motivation.

  • Protection


    12/10/2016 Duration: 54min

    There is a balance of positive and negative interactions in the universe. The positives are welcomed and enjoyed, but people fear and shy away from the negatives. However, this show will provide information and tools you can use to protect yourself from negative energies and the ability to cleanse and move on from negative interactions and experiences. Having knowledge and tools can reduce fear, and in turn, and give you power of potentially avoiding very destructive situation.

  • About Se-Lyn Boutique

    About Se-Lyn Boutique

    05/10/2016 Duration: 53min

    This week our show will be about how Se•Lyn Boutique came to be: where the idea came from, what our intensions are, and some of the roots of the new business. Since we are building this idea off of 3 Petals Healing, we will go in depth about how we plan on shaping the new business based off of 3 Petals Healing’s foundations: alternative health awareness, education, grounding, aligning and attuning, and crystal, mineral and gem collection education! Tune in and learn about our newest edition: Se-Lyn Boutique where we will sell jewelry, gems, and clothing on Bothell Main Street.

  • Encore: Crystals for Communication/Throat Chakra Crystals

    Encore: Crystals for Communication/Throat Chakra Crystals

    28/09/2016 Duration: 54min

    One of the most profound abilities we as humans possess is the ability of speech! It is an attribute that separates us from most of the animal kingdom, and although it is a wonderful gift, it is not always easy to communicate and does not always come naturally. Words can be powerful, sometimes in a profound way and other times in hurtful ways, so we want to be able to carefully and clearly communicate with those around us.

  • Chakra Kit

    Chakra Kit

    07/09/2016 Duration: 53min

    In our 3 Petals Healing shopping section we have a category called “Kit’s and Jars” where we have three themed chakra kits. Each kit comes with an adult coloring book, a specialty crystal, and a small pouch of small polished gemstones! For our next show we are going to talk about why we made these kits, what intentions we set for these kits, and what each crystal means and why we chose it for the kit. The themes are a “Relaxation kit, Creativity kit, and a Self-Love kit. For the Relaxation kit we provide a Paradise Island-Color Your World adult coloring book, and a specialty crystal called Hemimorphite. The Creativity kit comes with a Color Odyssey-A Creative Coloring Journey, and a Purple Cubic Fluorite specialty crystal. Lastly, the Self-Love kit comes with The Mindfulness Coloring Book-Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People which comes with Pink Halite as the specialty crystal. Tune into our upcoming show to learn more about these kits, and why we think they are important.

  • Self Care Developing intuition by trusting intuition

    Self Care; Developing intuition by trusting intuition

    31/08/2016 Duration: 55min

    Self-worth, Self-love, Self-expression, confidence, and intuition are all such important parts of life whether we realize and acknowledge it or not. Life can be tasking: we work, we go to school, we build bonds and relationships, we have children, and we have elders to care for. A lot of the time we get caught up in our surroundings, and the people in our lives need so much from us that we easily forget to take a moment and care for ourselves. Another concept that we would like to go over today that goes hand in hand with self-love is intuition. When you are in-tune with yourself and taking time to love and care for your body and mind, it will be easier for you to develop and trust your intuition. For our upcoming show we will be teaching you about what crystals can aid in self-love practices, and what crystals can enhance and help develop intuition.

  • Crystals for Transition and Change

    Crystals for Transition and Change

    24/08/2016 Duration: 53min

    Look back on your life. What has changed, in the last 6 weeks, the last 6 months, the last year? Most likely, a lot. Some changes are physical, some are mental. Things change frequently, and a lot of people have found that there are crystals who can aid you in changes in your life. Learn what crystals are best, and how to utilize them in your everyday life.

  • Crystals for Communication/Throat Chakra Crystals

    17/08/2016 Duration: 54min
  • Aura Crystals

    Aura Crystals

    10/08/2016 Duration: 52min

    Aura Crystals are known for their shimmering iridescence and metallic rainbow sheen in many different base colors. Aura Crystals are relatively new, they have been around since the 1980’s and have been great crystals for expanding consciousness and healing the spiritual body with their synergistic energies. In this episode, we will be discussing Aura Crystals in length, and learn more about them and their affects.

  • Introduction To Esoteric Healing

    Introduction To Esoteric Healing

    03/08/2016 Duration: 56min

    We will be talking about the energy healing modality of Esoteric Healing. What is Esoteric Healing and how it’s different from other healing modalities. The importance of Alignment and Attunement and asking for healing to be according to the will of the soul, and how the Soul influences our healing, well-being, and life lessons. We’ll talk a bit about how in Esoteric Healing classes we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings, our spiritual anatomy, and how each chakras influences a physiological system of our physical body as well as the emotional and mental psychological contribution a chakra offers. If you’re feeling lost or stuck in life, dealing with physical or emotional pain, or stuck in mental limitations, Esoteric Healing can help: help you help yourself and help you to help others. In addition to info about our Fall Esoteric Healing Class!

  • An Introduction to High Vibrational Crystals

    An Introduction to High Vibrational Crystals

    27/07/2016 Duration: 54min

    On this weeks episode, we will be talking about a few high vibrational crystals and how you can use them to create extraordinary change in your life. We will also briefly speak on the benefits and importance of keeping yourself grounded.

  • Energetics, History, and Water

    Energetics, History, and Water

    20/07/2016 Duration: 51min

    On this weeks episode we will be talking more on a subject we spoke about in last weeks episode. We will speaking on energetics and how people around the world care for their energetics through history and cultures. We will also be talking about The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto.

  • Align With Your Stones

    Align With Your Stones

    13/07/2016 Duration: 53min

    In this episode, listeners will learn about attuning and aligning with our stones and our soul purpose. This deepens our intuition and understanding of how these beautiful crystals can impact our life.

  • We Are Energetic Beings

    We Are Energetic Beings

    06/07/2016 Duration: 56min

    We’ll begin by quickly discussing how our 7 chakras and etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies influence our well-being. We’ll share with listeners a simple alignment practice they can do throughout their day to help build and strengthen their spiritual connection to their own soul and to Source. And finally we’ll talk about Esoteric Healing as an energy healing modality that balances the science of our physical anatomy with the energy of our spiritual anatomy; where science meets spirituality – where the seen meets the unseen. By helping to create a balance in the flow of energy within our physical and spiritual bodies, we are granted the opportunity to begin to heal our physical body as well as our emotional and mental health.

  • 3 Petals Healing with Lauren Dillon-Merrill

    3 Petal's Healing with Lauren Dillon-Merrill

    29/06/2016 Duration: 50min

    Lauren Dillon-Merrill grew up in north Florida. While spending the summers of her youth playing in the mountains of western North Carolina, Lauren discovered her love of and connection to the natural world. Later as an adult, Lauren returned to those mountains to live and train in esoteric healing. Lauren has completed Levels 1-4 of Esoteric Healing training under Coral Thorsen at Spirit of the Mountain Retreat Center in North Carolina, in accordance with the International Network of Esoteric Healing (INEH) and the National Association for Esoteric Healing (NAEH) requirements. Lauren also completed certification through the NAEH, a year long process involving submitting an orginal paper, multiple case studies, and passing three different examinations. Achieving the title Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing. From the moment Lauren started learning and working with Esoteric Healing in 2009, she has been amazed by the diverse changes she has experienced in her own life.