On The Front Porch With Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues For The 21st Century



In this bi-monthly show, (2nd and 4th Fridays at 10 a.m. PST) your host Ami Chen author of The Spark Inside and the blog Mystical Mama, dialogues with listeners, callers and special guests on the true nature of reality. How do we each create
our personal realities from the fabric of Thought? Ami Chen reminds us of the freedom and pure potential of who and what we really arebefore any form of thought, of religion or spirituality ever appeared.


  • The Farewell Show

    19/12/2014 Duration: 54min
  • The Catalyst for Healing in Mental Health

    12/12/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Simplicity in Recovery

    26/11/2014 Duration: 55min
  • From Complexity to Simplicity: 3 Principles and the Helping Professions

    14/11/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Beyond Teachers & Teachings with Sandra Gonzalez

    24/10/2014 Duration: 55min
  • On "The Role of the Teacher" with Gangaji

    10/10/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Toward Peace Beyond Boundaries

    26/09/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Ex's, In Laws & Beyond: Living Well in Blended Families

    22/08/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Mental Illness is Curable

    25/07/2014 Duration: 54min
  • The Essential Curriculum Part II

    27/06/2014 Duration: 56min
  • The Essential Curriculum: Mind, Consciousness & Thought in Schools

    13/06/2014 Duration: 53min
  • Money & Support, Part II

    23/05/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Freedom in Family

    25/04/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Tales of Burning Love Part II

    11/04/2014 Duration: 54min
  • No Oars, No Compass: Letting Go of Our Agendas & Trusting Life

    14/03/2014 Duration: 54min
  • An Ocean in Mind

    28/02/2014 Duration: 52min
  • Tales of Burning Love! The Valentine's Day Show

    14/02/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Advanced Human Studies, Part II

    24/01/2014 Duration: 54min
  • Advanced Human Studies!

    10/01/2014 Duration: 53min
  • Listener Appreciation!

    29/12/2013 Duration: 54min
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