China Design Now (english)



The Victoria & Albert Museum, in South Kensington, London, is arguably the worlds most famous museum of art and design and displays an astounding collection of the finest works of the last 3000 years. China Design Now explores the recent explosion of new design in China. It will display the work of Chinese and international designers, focusing on architecture, fashion, youth culture and graphics as well as film, photography, product and furniture design and digital media. This podcast introduces the full audiotour from Acoustiguide, featuring in-depth interviews with over a dozen contributors to the exhibition, including Han Jiaying, Freeman Lau, Norman Foster, Wang Xu, Jiang Qiong Er, Hu Yang, Zhu Pei & Zhang Xin and provides an excellent commentary and insight into the works on display. To download the complete tour, please visit


  • Part One

    04/03/2008 Duration: 02min
  • Part Two

    04/03/2008 Duration: 01min
  • Part Three

    04/03/2008 Duration: 02min