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Art lover Tony Moschetti sits down with local creatives actively trying to make their mark in the Phoenix arts scene. Join us as they share their inspirations, their struggles, and perhaps their French fries.


  • Rec Room: Rest of the Recs

    Rec Room: Rest of the Recs

    09/11/2018 Duration: 29min

    I'm reccin' the rest of the podcasts I know in town! And it's a really big list, so strap in! Which, if you're listening in your car, I shouldn't have to tell you. So unsafe. Take some time and listen through to find some new podcasts to support, because this one is all wrapped up like a corpse in a hotel rug! Thank you to everyone who supported me over the last two years! It's been so much fun getting to learn more about the community I am forcing myself into!

  • Episode 65: Clare Roy

    Episode 65: Clare Roy

    02/11/2018 Duration: 43min

    Performer, writer and poet Clare Thompson Roy is a strong advocate for “doing the work” for the love of it and not accepting gigs based on money alone. Which is great because she moved to Phoenix. Clare sat with me outside of Urban Beans to talk about working with managers and agents, growing as an artist, and succeeding by not doing what she was taught. Clare has a blog and an instagram page where she shares visual art and poetry called starvinglittleartist that is definitely worth a follow!

  • Rec Room: Ghost Boys  other stuff

    Rec Room: Ghost Boys & other stuff

    24/10/2018 Duration: 10min

    Light em if you got em bruh, it's the Rec Room. Today I'm shouting out a local podcast that is no long releasing episodes, because nothing matters and it's funny.So check out Ghost Boys with Lou Moon and Tristan Bowling! Lou has since relocated but Tristan is still active in town doing fun stuff. On a heavier note, Comedy Off Main St. Needs our help! Here is a link to the, and you can hear more details in the episode You can also go check out the Bro Show this Friday at Sic Sense! Details And I swear to God if you don't rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes and everywhere else.

  • Episode 64: Shandi Ilyse, Allison Bauer, And Jessie Tully

    Episode 64: Shandi Ilyse, Allison Bauer, And Jessie Tully

    18/10/2018 Duration: 54min

    Shandi, Allison, and Jessie are three theatre practitioners who joined forces to create the Blood n'Blush podcast, combining true crime, makeup, and current events. Like a Voltron of shit you drown in on Youtube. We met up at good ol' Urban Beans to talk about acknowledging 2nd jobs as a part of an artist's life, accepting praise from your peers whether or not you agree, and being shocked that anyone actually listens to their weird ass podcast. Shandi Ilyse is currently in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at Theatreworks, which runs Friday-Saturday-Sunday through October 27. You can also downlod their friend's narrative podcast All in my Head starting on Halloween. And of course listen to Blood n' Blush every Monday on all your fav social media and pod sites. Don't forget to rate review and subscribe to mine as well! Or I'll straight murder you myself.

  • Rec Room: Blood n’ Blush  Other Stuff

    Rec Room: Blood n’ Blush & Other Stuff

    10/10/2018 Duration: 10min

    Something spooky is brewing in the Rec Room, and I don’t just mean the Eastern European Milk Liquor I found a recipe for on stumbleupon in college. Our podcast rec’ this week is Blood n’ Blush! Blood n’ Blush is a podcast that takes a deep dive into the two worlds where you find those things, namely true crime and cosmetics. It’s a very fun podcast and the three hosts will be guest on a episode in the near future! I also recommend local haunted house attraction Sanctum of Horror, even though I fucking forget the name on the recording, which is a great haunted house outside of superstition springs mall this season!

  • Episode 63: Holly Pyle

    Episode 63: Holly Pyle

    06/10/2018 Duration: 39min

    Holly Pyle is a vocal artist known for her use of looping, which does not in fact relate to the production of any breakfast cereals, so those questions have now been omitted. We met after her gig at the Vig Arcadia to talk about discovering jazz, struggling with ego, and what happens when you have to play tequila music. Holly has just released an album with House of Stairs available on Bandcamp, and they are jumping right into planning their next. You can see all of their upcoming gigs at and, and on Facebook and Instagram Don't forget to rate review and subscribe rate review and subscribe rate review and subscribe!

  • Rec Room: What The Fork  Other Stuff

    Rec Room: What The Fork & Other Stuff

    27/09/2018 Duration: 08min

    Get ready to half-heartedly play pool with your dorm-mate, because we are back in the Rec Room! This week I'm rec'in' a brand new podcast only one episode deep: What the Fork with Jared Duran and Jason Keil. What the Fork is a podcast that takes the hilarious sitcom The Good Place episode by episode basically just talking about how freakin great it is, and I am here for it. You can also hear Jared on the other Hoot n' Waddle podcasts like Ltd Engagement and Hoot n' Review, and you can read Jason's work in the Phoenix New Times. I also talk about Brelby Theatre and babies so those are good things. Don't torget to rate review and subscribe!

  • Episode 62: Casey Anderson

    Episode 62: Casey Anderson

    21/09/2018 Duration: 44min

    Writer and burgeoning actor Casey Anderson had his life change when he found the books of Cormac McCarthy, similar to my experience with the Captain Underpants series. We talk about how art teaches patience, engaging people with the barest minimum, and why even as a child he knew Flubber was trash. Casey is making his stage debut in Reasons to be Pretty at Laughing Pig Theatre, opening Friday September 28. Tickets available at [(] Don’t forget to rate review subscribe and buy tickets to the motherfucking play!

  • Rec Room: On the Grid and other stuff

    Rec Room: On the Grid and other stuff

    13/09/2018 Duration: 11min

    Hey it's another Rec Room! This week I'm rec'in' a podcast fairly similar to mine but with much more gravitas and deeper Phoenix roots and better microphones: It's On the Grid with Phillip Haldiman and Chris Ayers! Also Now & Then Theatre Company and Joe's Farm Grill. Listen now even though I just told you what I say!

  • Episode 61: Jacque Arend

    Episode 61: Jacque Arend

    06/09/2018 Duration: 43min

    Actor and improvisor Jacque Arend says the changes she is making right now are her beginning her "second life." Fearing witchcraft, I threw her into the murkey depths of the river, where lo she did sink. But first we talked in thr lobby of the TCA about not getting encouragement to do what you love, craving drama after a life of comedy, and how easy it is to teach without really knowing what the hell your doing. Jacque is making her theatrical comeback in Theatreworks' The Red Velvet Cake Warson October 26, more details at You can also see her in Arizona Actor's Academy's Scene Festival, next Saturday September 15 at 7:30, tickets and info at And you can always see something fun at The Torch, where Jacque still occaisionally performs and teaches. And you can always rate review and subscribe to the podcast I guess IF THERE'S TIME