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With William Patino and Cameron Sandercock, 'Shoot First, Questions Later' is an informative and mildly entertaining photography podcast with a RAW aussie flavour. Thumbnail by Cal Harmer, Header by Sam Markham


  • 16. Overcoming Mountains w/ Elizabeth Gadd

    16. Overcoming Mountains w/ Elizabeth Gadd

    09/10/2017 Duration: 52min

    This weeks episode is a banger! We chat with Elizabeth Gadd, Canadian photographer of portraits and landscapes, and the whimsical combination of the two. Lizzy shares her wisdom on creative ruts, putting emotion into all of her work, enjoying moments in nature instead of getting distracted by a camera, and so much more!! Another first for this episode is the appearance of our first ever canine guest Pepper! I know it seems excessive, but there's not enough exclamation points to explain how great this episode is!!!! As always, see below or @shootfirstpodcast on instagram for show notes and send in any questions to and any feedback to a review in iTunes:Lizzy's recent castle photo in Ireland:'s "Leaf Thief":'s final 365 photo:'s photo in the mountains:'s wise words on creativity:

  • 15. Were Back!

    15. We're Back!

    28/09/2017 Duration: 47min

    We're back! Thanks for tuning in after a short hiatus from the pod, where we took some time to try and improve some aspects and our approach to what content we're giving you guys!In this episode we catch up with the last month or so and what projects we've been tackling and also new adventures on the horizon and then we dive into a good old camera gear question from @lachiezettl, cropped vs. full frame sensor. BIIIIGG shoutout to Cal Harmer who did our new thumbnail image, check out more of his work here: www.calharmer.comPlease feel free to send through any feedback you have on the pod and any questions you have to shootfirstpodcast@gmail.comYou can see any photos from the show below, or at @shootfirstpodcast on instagram!Show Notes (click through):

  • 14. New Zealand

    14. New Zealand

    23/07/2017 Duration: 42min

    Recording from New Zealand after hosting a week long workshop, we answer two questions, look back on our first ever photos, and discuss some stories from the road. Check out @shootfirstpodcast on instagram for show notes, or see links below.Will's 'first' photo:'s 'first' photo:

  • 13. The Marinade Effect

    13. The Marinade Effect

    02/07/2017 Duration: 40min

    We go in depth with our editing process in this episode, so dive in for some good info on our approach towards translating our photos in to a finished product. To clarify, we discuss a photo in Iceland of the aurora that Cam says we took at the same time, and then Will says Cam was asleep. We took the same photo and then a few hours later, after Cam fell asleep, Will went back and reshot it (in better conditions). See notes below or go to @shootfirstpodcast on instagram for photos!Will's bombo photo:'s Kirkjufell photo:'s Kirkjufell photo: Larrain's letter:

  • 12. Point Of Delirium

    12. Point Of Delirium

    25/06/2017 Duration: 29min

    In this ep, we talk about fitting in photography around a busy life schedule, and give praise where praise is due. Show notes below or at @shootfirstpodcast on instagram.Pentax 6x7 Camera: Gadd's photo:

  • 11. Moccasins On The Bed

    11. Moccasins On The Bed

    15/06/2017 Duration: 41min

    We're excited to be back after a short hiatus due to travel, and we've got a new segment to introduce! We talk about film vs digital photography and Will tells us about his recent trip to Canada. See below or @shootfirstpodcast on instagram for show notes.Moccasins on the bed (click through):'s shot in the city (click through):'s icy canada photo: work of Marcus Moller Bitsch:'s 'Lubitel' film medium format camera he uses: Patel's photography:

  • 10. Patagonia Story Time

    10. Patagonia Story Time

    30/05/2017 Duration: 40min

    Will returns from Patagonia and we chat about his first experience there. We also consider what advice we'd give to ourselves when we first started photography. Thanks for being patient with our sporadic uploads while Will is travelling. Don't forget to hashtag #SFQL on your photos and check out the @shootfirstpodcast instagram for shownotes (or see below)Two of Will's patagonia photos (click arrows for more):'s lighthouse photo from storytime: