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Welcome to the Underground Music Show! This shows goal is to break the mainstream Top 40 cycle. We allow independent people, who love to make music to get their voice heard. The artists who do it for the art instead of the money. It is the belief of this show that every artist deserves to get their voice heard. This show is also for music lovers. For people who enjoy every kind of music, no matter what it is.If you are an artist who wants to get his music heard please register in the forum. You will need to include a bio, a clean mp3, and contact information for an interview.


  • Underground Music Show Episode 1

    Underground Music Show Episode 1

    31/01/2013 Duration: 12min

    This episode of the Underground Music Show features the Jamaican Raggae sensation known as K-Don, a punk rocker who has been featured on CSi and CBS Sports, and finally a Trip Hop group from Ohio. Tell me what you think about the premiere. Call at 206-339-3588 Email: djnextgen@gmail.com Facebook: Underground Music Show Website: http://www.undergroundmusicshow.weebly.com You can always hit the forums up as well at www.undergroundmusicshow.weebly.com All music on this show is free and legal to download. http://www.musicalley.com If you are an artist and want your music featured on the program please hit the forum under artist registration. http://undergroundmusicshow.weebly.com The Underground Music Show is produced by Josh Nierstheimer under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License. The license means you can do whatever you want with the podcast as long as it is for personal use. Next episode will be February 11th.