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I'll be bringing you the best in ska, reggae and rocksteady with a few soul tunes thrown in every now and all on 100% pure vinyl!


  • DJ Pork Chops - True Grit

    DJ Pork Chops - True Grit

    03/02/2013 Duration: 58min

    It's been 8 months since we last met. It's been too long. Hopefully this can patch things up between us...lads. BOSS! TRACKLISTING... val bennett and the upsetters - val blows in dandy - i'm your puppet the visions - girl i love owen gray - give me little sign karl bryan - parapinto pete's all stars - version 2 bongo herman and the crystalites - true grit dennis alcapone - master key lynn tait and the jets - soul shot count sticky and the upsetters - rockfort psychedelia lynn tait and the jets - the brush junior soul - chattie chattie lester sterling - lester special the wailers - stir it up the ethiopians - i'm shocking lloyd charmers - the premises the emotions - i can't do no more the techniques - what you gonna do roland alphonso - jazz ska the sensations - the last time roland alphonso and baba brooks band - tribute to don lynn tait and the jets - batman

  • DJ Pork Chops - Cool It Amigo!

    DJ Pork Chops - Cool It Amigo!

    20/06/2012 Duration: 34min

    So recently I've managed to get some 50p bargains at car boots where the dealers obviously didn't actually look at their stock. Let's just say Otley car boot has been ransacked by yours truly. AND HERE THEY ARE! Some goodies and some naughties for the swingers and bouncers. Remember if anyone gets just a little bit too much aggro on their shirt just pull them to one side and tell them to 'cool it amigo' and get the selector to spin some rocksteady. TRACKLISTING... the ethiopians - satan girl rico - jumping the gun the tennors - reggae girl roland alphonso - sticker the ebony sisters - let me tell you boy roy richards and the soul vendors - summertime lloyd charmers - mr. rhya the ethiopians - cool it amigo sir gibbs - people grudgeful glen and dave - la la always stay the reggae boys - me no born yah the ethiopians - the whip hortense ellis - willow tree

  • DJ Pork Chops - It Aint What You Do...

    DJ Pork Chops - It Ain't What You Do...

    11/05/2012 Duration: 40min

    This is certainly a mixed bag. All the bases are covered with some new reissues that I've nabbed and presented to you in this as well as a few favourites. Recently, I've been shuffling all sorts round and stumble on some records I forgot I had and thank the Lord I found them! So here it is. Remember ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. You'll know what I mean soon enough. Tracklisting.... the hollywood soundmakers - titoli the upsetters - high plain drifter carl 'cannonball' bryan - run for your life the tennors - hopeful village the soulmates - on the move chuck jacques with lynn tait ad the comets - dial 609 herman's all stars - nightmare jackie mittoo - take 10 roland alphonso - down beat special tommy mccook and the supersonics - smooth sailing baba brooks - strong man's weed the virgins - the angelic brothers the charmers - long walk home the skatalites - junior's jive tommy mccook and the supersonics - pink champagne fun boy three with bananarama - it ain't what you do Check out

  • DJ Pork Chops - Hot Bread And Butter

    DJ Pork Chops - Hot Bread And Butter

    06/03/2012 Duration: 30min

    A bitesize episode of reggae, ska and rocksteady to wet your appetites for more! Sweet hot bread and butter for you all. Some new re-issues and rarities in a disorganised order. None of this restrictive theme lark! I have to say that I'm digging The Visions 'Captain Hook'. That's some organ reggae goodness if I ever heard it! the crystalites - blacula owen gray - give me little sign the visions - captain hook al senior - bonaparte retreat gg allstars - champion claudette and the corporation - hot bread and butter bob andy - let them say buster's all stars - sting like a bee the maytals - scare him the jays - hug and kiss sound dimension - poison ivy carl dawkins - rhythm of my heart The usual social networking sites for the latest Pork Chop news are linked right here....!/djporkchops69

  • DJ Pork Chops - Soul Jamaica

    DJ Pork Chops - Soul Jamaica

    11/01/2012 Duration: 59min

    This is dedicated to those tunes of excellence that don't belong in the reggae or ska genres but exist outside of them in the musical wilderness alone. Some are welcomed and gain fellowship but others are forever lost in musical purgatory. I have rescued those gems that need an airing. Here we are then. A podcast for those tunes you love to hear - or at least that's the plan. Apologies again for erratic mixing. One day a proper mixer will be within my reach. TRACKLISTING... jackie mittoo - stereo freeze carlton moore - soul jamaica the sultans - hip hugger sam cooke - chain gang the soul vendors - soul junction derrick morgan - just a little loving jackie mittoo and the soul brothers - chicken and booze roy c - high school dropout laurel aitken's band - blue rhythm shirley kay - we have happiness jo jo bennett with mudie all stars - leaving rome georgie fame - yeah yeah! jackie mittoo - soul finger bill moss - sock it to 'em soul brother derrick harriott - being in love the locomotive - ru

  • DJ Pork Chops - In Cold Blood

    DJ Pork Chops - In Cold Blood

    19/11/2011 Duration: 01h04min

    Here are some ferocious tunes captured, skinned and slaughtered to the reggae Gods all in cold blood. All for your listen pleasure! The lengths I go to are immeasurable. This episode sees some classics and lesser known records that might satisfy your insatiable musical appetites. Let's get on with the feast. Whether you're in your starved, ravished or just peckish, let's tuck in! TRACKLISTING... sound dimension - in cold blood rudy mills - john jones king perry - doctor dick hot rod all stars - the graduate derrick morgan and owen gray - take a letter maria clancy eccles - fatty fatty u b barrett - i wonder the soulmates - them a laugh and a kiki lee perry and the upsetters - moon dub laurel aitken - jesse james rides again the crystalites - ghost rider derrick and paulett - i'll do it lenox brown - lenox mood dave barker - set me free the upsetters - clint eastwood herman's all stars - nightmare slim smith - never let go val bennett - judgement warrant ferdy nelson - certainly dave smith and the astronauts

  • DJ Pork Chops - Rocksteady Special

    DJ Pork Chops - Rocksteady Special

    17/10/2011 Duration: 01h06min

    The summer break was hot and full of fun so it's time to cool down to some easy rocksteady. Over an hour of soothing rocksteady hits aimed to keep you breezing through it all. Featuring a load of classics and version there's also a new tune or two to get any reggae head nodding. So sit down, stand up and run around or whatever you bloody do to this big, bold selection of rocksteady goodness! ROCK IT STEADY! the enforcers - musical fever the heptones - falling in love symarip - skinhead moonstomp carlton and the shoes - love me forever desmond dekker - keep a cool head alexander henry - please be true tommy mccook - my best dress the gaylads - lets fall in love dandy - double barrel man alton ellis - ain't that lovin' you joya landis - moonlight lover hopeton lewis - lets get together roy wilson - dread saras phyllis dillon - don't touch my tomato the jamaicans - things you say you love alton ellis - live and learn ernest wilson - come back to me monty 'eric' morris - last laugh the bases - river jo

  • DJ Pork Chops - Ali Baba

    DJ Pork Chops - Ali Baba

    04/05/2011 Duration: 01h24s

    It's been too long! I'm back with another reggae stonker of a podcast. If you've got a soundsystem nearby then plug in and play loud! What a historical couple of days it has been so what best way to distract yourself from the hideousness than some true skinhead tunes in the spirit of '69. SKINHEAD REVOLT!!! john holt - ali baba george a penny - win your love the melodians - everybody bawling the ethiopians - train to skaville the kingstonians - mix it up alton ellis - diana the tennors - v rocket pat kelly - coming home (awful condition but couldn't resist it!) the silvertones - blue bird joe the boss - skinhead revolt the techniques - everywhere everyone derrick morgan - moon hop the opening - tea house the upsetters - shocks of mighty slim smith - everybody needs love derrick morgan - i love you lee perry and the upsetters - dark moon ken boothe - when i fall in love (version) the mad lads - ten to one dennis alcapone - this a butter the uniques - out of love ernest wilson - undying love georgie fame - sit

  • DJ Pork Chops - Ska Special (Part 2)

    DJ Pork Chops - Ska Special (Part 2)

    11/04/2011 Duration: 43min

    The final part of the ska special is here! And I've heard it's a goody. Real ska sounds out of Jamaica and just to put the podcasts into context a few 2Tone tunes are thrown in. Ska's influence is paramount. It gave Jamaican music an identity, which it still holds proudly. What I've learnt from Jamaican music is that no matter what you've got to dance to it! So, as always, strap on your dancing shoes and dance! SKA SKA SKA! baba brooks - special event derrick morgan - greatest thing the skatalites - confucius alton ellis and the flames - don't trouble people baba brooks - baby elephant walk the wailers - diamond baby bongo man byfield - bongo man the zodiacs - renegade toots and the maytals & prince buster all stars - dog war johnny moore - red is danger don drummond and the skatalites - chinatown joe white - hog ina coco raymond harper - cool breeze charlie organaire - little village prince buster - one step beyond madness - one step beyond prince buster - al capone the specials aka - gangsters prince buste

  • DJ Pork Chops - Ska Special (Part 1)

    DJ Pork Chops - Ska Special (Part 1)

    31/03/2011 Duration: 39min

    Well it seems the summer is kicking off with some pretty sunny days. So what better than a ska special to chillout in the sun with. Some like it hot but I like it ska! Rude boys and rude girls put on your skanking shoes for we're ska-ing west towards Jamaica and you better be ready for the next 40 minutes. SKA SKA SKA!!! prince buster - cincinatti kid the skatalites - ska la parisian johnny moore - south china sea (take 2) the wailers - destiny baba brooks band - girls town ska the upsetters - country girl don drummond - marcus junior justin hinds - mother banner roland alphonso - ska-ra-van the deacons - man alone the skatalites - malcolm x jackie opel - turn to the almighty ferdie nelson and ivan yap - ska down jamaica way roland alphonso - blow roland blow tommy mccook and the supersonics - travelling on bond street (twice!) Part 2 coming next week ladies and gentlemen! Here is how else to contact/request/congratulate/adore/forward hate mail to DJ Pork Chops. I'm a chatty man! http://djporkchops.tumblr.

  • DJ Pork Chops - Swinging Down The Line

    DJ Pork Chops - Swinging Down The Line

    15/03/2011 Duration: 01h01s

    With spring in full swing and the summer creeping into view there's only one thing to do but prepare. Fortunately, this episode helps you do just that! An hour-long selection of Jamaican goodness that will put a smile on your face. Once again, too much dancing has resulted in a devil may care mix. Still a goody though so enjoy and prance about! TRACKLIST delroy wilson - gave you my love the upsetters - dark moon laurel aitken - jesse james jojo bennett and the fugitives - cantaloupe rock crystalites - ghost rider bruce ruffin - long about now ernest ranglin and tommy mcook - ranglin on bond street u-roy - never get away (version) bob andy - feeling soul the heptones - fallin in love (version) phyllis dillon - perfidia dennis alcapone - the great wogga wogga ken boothe and the soul vendors - when i fall in love the eternals - stars the maytals - just got to be alton ellis - ska beat prince buster - enjoy yourself derrick morgan - the soldier man (aka contented wife) higgs and wilson - she's gone alton ellis

  • Scorchin Reggae Organ Special

    Scorchin' Reggae Organ Special

    26/02/2011 Duration: 01h20min

    Ladies and gentlemen DJ Pork Chops presents yet another blinder of a session. Only the best and unique reggae organ tunes for your listening pleasure packed into 80 minutes. Some might even go as far to say Pork Chops serves a delicious menu or scrumptious organ goodness! Jackie Mittoo, king Stitt, Dennis Alcapone, The Upsetters, Winston Wright and the GG Allstars are all there fiddling away at the keys to those groovy basslines. So if that tickles your fancy have a listen and download it for your mates to have a listen too. Well it get messy towards the end but that's what happens when you start jumping around the place! Lesson learned! TRACKLISTING... harry j all stars - liquidator count machukie - pepper pot lee perry - bronco the upsetters - double wheel the reggaeites - harris wheel tommy mccook and the supersonics - soul for sale GG allstars - champion the dynamites - smokiaan (mr. midnight) reids all stars - mafia lloyd charmers and the hippy boys - 5 to 5 jackie mittoo - killer diller the upsetters

  • DJ Pork Chops - Skaville! Jan 11

    DJ Pork Chops - Skaville! Jan '11

    17/01/2011 Duration: 59min

    In this episode DJ Pork Chops goes back through the 1960s to where ska began! This one's a real stomper for all those skinheads, skinbyrds, rude boys and mods! So get skanking before that train leaves the station for SKAVILLE!!! jackie mittoo - train to skaville andy capp - poppy show derrick morgan - ben johnson day dennis alcapone - spanish omega king stitt and andy capp - herb man toots and the maytals - louis louis the destroyers - compass derrick morgan - johnny pram pram monty morris - deep in my soul the gaytones - target the music specialists - flip sound dimension - full up tommy mccook and the supersonics - my best dress hopeton lewis - rocka shocka the heptones - pretty look rudy mills - a long story pauline morgan and lovelets with lyn tait and the jets - stop the wedding lynn tait and the comets - tender loving care derrick and patsy - little brown girl basil gabidon and prince buster all stars - ena mena al t. joe - slowboat lloyd clarke and smithie's sextet - good morning laurel aitken and hya

  • DJ Pork Chops - Hip Hugger Oct 10

    DJ Pork Chops - Hip Hugger Oct '10

    07/10/2010 Duration: 01h00s

    Skinheads and Skinbyrds! Here are the latest boss sounds from DJ Pork Chops. Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady all melt into one hour-long broadcast of 1965-1970. It's goodness without my chatter over the top. TRACKLISTING soul vendors - swing easy ken lazarus and the crew - musical scorcher derrick morgan - mi nah give up joe the boss - skinhead revolt the reggaeites - harris wheel the gaylads - lets fall in love alton ellis - preacher prince buster all stars - vera cruz toots and the maytals with prince buster all stars - dog war baba brooks band - girls town ska ken lazarus and the crew - square from cuba king sporty and roland alphonso - el cid (dahil sayo) prince buster - al capone ferdie nelson and ivan yap - ska down jamaica way (south of the border) don drummond and the skatalites - chinatown prince buster all stars - wash wash the upsetters - night doctor jackie mittoo - evening time the untouchables - tighten up lord creator - kingstown town delroy wilson - you bend my love phyllis dillon - things of the

  • Introducing DJ Pork Chops

    Introducing DJ Pork Chops

    18/09/2010 Duration: 01h00s

    So here's the first podcast from DJ Pork Chops. An hour long episode of reggae, ska and soul for all the skinheads, mods and suedeheads. I managed to have the microphone off all the way through so no comments or me introducing the tracks unfortunately but hopefully the music can do all the talking. 100% has a way of talking you round! The tracklisting for the hour is as follows... desmond dekker and the aces - problems winston wright and the supersonics - black power toots and the maytals - 54-46 was my number count machuki - pepper pot ken boothe - danger zone phyllis dillon - picture on the wall derrick morgan - i love you tommy mccook & baba brooks and their bands - rocket ship val bennett - spanish harlem the wailers - destiny johnny moore - red is danger the skatalites - malcolm x the sound specialists - dynamic pressure jackie mittoo - high jack ansil and dave collins - double barrel beverleys all stars - the monster shirley kay - make me yours derrick morgan and the rudies - moon hop the upsetters - d