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Where does a passion come from? How does it get to the point where once you find it its all you want to do?Miki Stefanoski and Dimce Filiposki met many years ago, over a chat service talking about the music they both love. Living in the same city a short distance from each other, many nights are spent in Mikis home studio sharing ideas, creating tracks and mixes to be shared with anyone willing to listen. And there are a lot of people who want to listen!Latent means "potentially existing but not yet realized." In the several years since Miki and Dimce have started mixing together their potential has grown and is now being realized. What was a dream of producing proper house music is now a reality. Their tracks have been signed to numerous labels including Proton Music, Sick Watona, Deepology Digital, Witty Tunes, Avangardia, Fragile Recordings, Outside The Box Music, Dot Dot Records, Pitch Music, Cabrio Records, and Body Rhythm Black.Now their shared passion has come together to create one of the freshest duos on the scene today. Playing all over the Balkans from Slovenia to Bulgaria and even Dubai they are proving that a true passion can take you places. Time and time again they have proved that their professionalism and passion keeps the crowd not only attracted to the sounds bellowing out of the speakers but glued to the dance floor!


  • Latenta Project - Past, Present  Future (February 2013)

    Latenta Project - Past, Present & Future (February 2013)

    12/02/2013 Duration: 01h26min

    Almost 90 minutes with special selection we did for this month, with little bit of everything innit. Just good music that we like. And it goes something like this: [PAST] 1. Donovan - Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) [Epic] 2. Heaven & Earth - Jenny [Ovation Records] 3. Marcos Valle - Mentira (Chega De Mentira) [Odeon] 4. Pamoja - Oooh Baby [Keiper Production] 5. Deep Heat - Do It Again [Cu Wu] 6. Willie 'Beaver' Hale - Groove On [T.K. Records] 7. Sivuca - Ain't No Sunshine [Vanguard] [PRESENT] 8. Bixiga 70 - Grito de Paz [Agua Forte] 9. Sexy Fi - Loro on Loro [Far Out Recordings] 10. Stereolab - Blips, Drips and Strips [Elektra] 11. Benjamin Schoos feat. Laetitia Sadier - Je Ne Vois Que Vous [Freaksville Rec] 12. Tahiti 80 - Easy [Human Sounds] 13. Hawthorne Headhunters - Do 4 U [HVW8 Records] 14. Last Lynx - Killing Switch [SoFo Records] [FUTURE] 15. Roseaux feat. Aloe Blacc - Walking On The Moon [Tôt Ou Tard] 16. Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire [LION BABE] 17. Toro Y Moi - Rose Quartz [Carpark Records] 18. Sepal

  • Life on Mars (January 2013)

    Life on Mars (January 2013)

    09/01/2013 Duration: 01h18min

    Hi folks. After several enjoyable years of playing house music, we decided it's time to expand our music range and try to do something different. We are now back and starting new podcast series with main focus on quality music (old/new). Different styles - genre free! The first episode is soul/disco/funk oriented with some classics innit. Play it when you feel like dancing. :) - Thanks for your support and stay tuned to for our next releases. Tracklist: Donald Byrd - Wind Parade [Blue Note] Johnny Hammond - Star Borne [Salvation Records] The Blackbyrds - The Baby [Fantasy] Sir Own ‎– Hooked (Kon's Nite Time Remix) [Gold Finger] Positive Force ‎– We Got The Funk [Turbo Records] Fatback Band - Goin' To See My Baby [Perception Records] Dexter Wansel ‎– Life On Mars [Philadelphia International Records] Deodato ‎– Whistle Bump [Warner Bros Rec] Disco & Co - Cold Coke [Tubetracks] Mass Production ‎– Welcome To Our World [Cotillion] Rebirth - Evil Vibrations [Kajmere Sound Recordings] B.T. Express – High Spe