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DC based musician, music arranger/DJ, creating moods through music without classification. The Glory Daze Podcast is a tribute to a time when Rockstars roamed the Earth.


  • Warm, Warmer... Disco!

    Warm, Warmer... Disco!

    16/09/2020 Duration: 49min

    A mix used for making muscles at Crunch Fitness in DC

  • 90s-ish House (gym mix)

    90's-ish House (gym mix)

    09/09/2020 Duration: 46min

    A mix for my CRUNCH class.

  • FGSF


    15/07/2020 Duration: 02min

    try the new and improved, FGSF! do not take FGSF if you are allergic to FGSF.

  • Dick Safari

    Dick Safari

    15/07/2020 Duration: 02min

    A Just Chad Original track. With a little help from Ryan Miller on bass and Keith Hosmer on lead guitar. don't listen if you hate fun.

  • Wear Your Mask

    Wear Your Mask

    25/06/2020 Duration: 01min

    you can DL this tune to your phone and passive aggressively play it when non-science people enter you 6-feet of space.

  • Break Burn Fix, Electric Boogaloo (Batman Remix)

    Break Burn Fix, Electric Boogaloo (Batman Remix)

    10/06/2020 Duration: 03min

    broaden - party line - confine and define, break - party line - defines and divides, burn - party line - divides and lies, fix - the parties that we BROKE! you didn't vote to invoke, need to vote to invoke... it took a choke to invoke, your hearts are being poked, fire being stoked, lies are being smoked. look in the mirror don’t like what you see, don’t be on the wrong side of history. there's time to change, rearrange for the sane, just accept blame for ignoring the pain. We all a play part in history, so let's write a new story of you and me Break burn fix…. you didn't vote to invoke, need to vote to invoke... Need to vote to invoke, shake deniers till they’re woke, open their eyes to the spirits that they broke. Disorientation from a spinning nation, alienation of affiliations. Zombies advance in a trance, better solve in a glance because I need to to move i need to dance. The boom in doom got me locked in my room Wild kingdom unfolding inside of my tomb.

  • Tequlia With You

    Tequlia With You

    05/06/2020 Duration: 04min

    a dark comedy thats both dramatic and whimsical, happy and sad, Laverne & Shirley

  • Social Distance My Insanity

    Social Distance My Insanity

    05/06/2020 Duration: 02min

    chicks, dicks and magic tricks

  • Just Chad Live @LSD 01_19

    Just Chad Live @LSD 01_19

    30/01/2019 Duration: 46min

    A Track Suit track for suits



    11/11/2017 Duration: 43min

    GLORY DAZE RADIO 11:11 by JumpinJackChad

  • breaking beers w leighanna - 9:12:17

    breaking beers w leighanna - 9:12:17

    13/09/2017 Duration: 29min

    creating fun activities for my guests. getting to know somebody privately, then posting it to the public. seems about right. here's a convo with a new friend, a friendship that sparked through movement. fitness > dance > party. life is good so fuck off.

  • Glory Daze KidCast (rated G)

    Glory Daze KidCast (rated G)

    11/07/2017 Duration: 26min

    kids and i doing something other than watching TV

  • Glory Daze Radio (unplugged)

    Glory Daze Radio (unplugged)

    15/03/2017 Duration: 31min

    unplugged and unglued. this is a tribute to when rockstars strip it down to the bare bones and let their talent shine. big voices, big hair big deal. some of these performances solidified the performers rock stardom status. fuck yeah! take a listen or dont.

  • Glory Daze Radio (nice beaver) - 3:9:17, 10.07 PM

    Glory Daze Radio (nice beaver) - 3:9:17, 10.07 PM

    10/03/2017 Duration: 40min

    This is a thing that projects sounds into your ear holes. I would like to F your ear hole with my talking and musical taste buds. Like my buds. Marsha is dying from brain cancer. Chad talks about his glory daze with his band, funkshop loomis. He plays FSL. Music. Love. Hate. FTW.

  • Glory Daze Radio (Rock Covers) - 3:2:17

    Glory Daze Radio (Rock Covers) - 3:2:17

    03/03/2017 Duration: 40min

    This is a good mix to workout to. So throw those 45 lb plates on the bar and bench. Pump up your pecs. Your sexy sexy pecs. you're a big boy aren't you? Rock covers!!! Covers performed by rockstars. do you even lift?

  • Glory Daze Bao Bao - 2:23:17, 10.02 PM

    Glory Daze Bao Bao - 2:23:17, 10.02 PM

    24/02/2017 Duration: 20min

    A tribute to DC's most beloved treasure, Bao Bao. Chad gives us a glimpse into his creative process by sharing his "memos". If you don't listen to this podcast, you will die in 7 days.

  • Lazers For My Bros

    Lazers For My Bros

    20/02/2017 Duration: 02min

    A Glory Daze original art piece. The Outakes. What Mike thought was a silly song turns out to be ear candy for the soul. Enjoy this tune for it will be stuck in your head for eternity.

  • Glory Daze Fight Club

    Glory Daze Fight Club

    20/02/2017 Duration: 01h32min

    Mike, Tete, Heavy Metal Chris, Killer B and Marsha Lopez and I talk about love, marriage, sex, vaginas, music, work, politics and goo. This podcast features Chad's crazy, fucked up week that ended in a fist fight!!! for reelz.

  • Gory Daze Radio (driving songs)

    Gory Daze Radio (driving songs)

    13/02/2017 Duration: 28min

    some good music for you commute. in my opinion "good". there may be a story or 2 sprinkled between the tracks.

  • Glory Daze Radio (monster 90s)

    Glory Daze Radio (monster 90's)

    10/02/2017 Duration: 28min

    Just me, some music and a microphone playing some monster 90's rock! revving up your TGIF with, Pearl jam, Alice in Chains, Green Day, Funkshop Loomis (my old 90's band) and Reel Big Fish. Plus! i call Marsha while she bathes, it soothes her.

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