Journey Through Dark Heat



Join me on a Journey Through Dark Heat...all about rock music from the 1950s to today.


  • Harry Nilsson - 1967-1974

    Harry Nilsson - 1967-1974

    04/09/2009 Duration: 31min

    This podcast covers Harry Nilsson and his career up to 1974. 1.Rainmaker* (Single Version; HARRY; 1969) 2.Without Her* (Pandemonium Shadow Show; 1967) 3.Don’t Leave Me* (Aerial Ballet; 1968) 4.Open Your Window* (HARRY; 1969) 5.The Beehive State** (by Randy Newman) (Nilsson Sings Newman; 1970) 6.Are You Sleeping?** (The Point!; 1971) 7.Driving Along# (Nilsson Schmilsson; 1971) 8.The Lottery Song# (Son Of Schmilsson; 1972) 9.It Had To Be You+ (by Isham Jones & Gus Khan) (A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night; 1973) 10.All My Life^ (Pussy Cats; 1974) 11.She’s Leaving Home* (by John Lennon & Paul McCartney) (Pandemonium Shadow Show; 1967) 12.Daybreak** (Son Of Dracula; 1973) Produced by *Rick Jarrard, **Harry Nilsson, #Richard Perry, +Derek Taylor and ^John Lennon All songs written by Harry Nilsson, except where noted

  • Special Random Episode

    Special Random Episode

    10/02/2009 Duration: 27min

    Hi! It's been way too long! Here's a new podcast. Tracks: 1.So Glad To See You Here – Wings (P. McCartney) 2.You’ll Never See My Face Again – Bee Gees (B. Gibb/R. Gibb/M. Gibb) 3.Next Time You See Her – Eric Clapton (E. Clapton) 4.Vultures – John Mayer (J. Mayer/P. Palladino/S. Jordan) 5.The Girl With No Name – The Byrds (C. Hillman) 6.Life Itself – Bruce Springsteen (B. Springsteen) 7.You’re Only Human (Second Wind) – Billy Joel (B. Joel) Hope you enjoy it and I'll see you soon! my blog:

  • Paul McCartney: 1970-1979

    Paul McCartney: 1970-1979

    15/11/2008 Duration: 36min

    Welcome to the long overdue new episode! This one focuses on…you guessed it…Paul McCartney! These are mostly rare tracks from 1970-1979! 1.That Would Be Something [from “McCartney”] 2.Oh Woman Oh Why [B-Side to “Another Day”; “RAM” sessions] 3.Wild Life [from “Wild Life”] 4.The Mess [“Red Rose Speedway” Sessions] 5.Bluebird [from “Band On The Run”] 6.My Carnival [B-Side to “Spies Like Us”; “Venus And Mars” sessions] 7.San Ferry Anne [from “Wings At The Speed Of Sound”] 8.Waterspout [“London Town” sessions] 9.Cage [“Back To The Egg” sessions] All tracks produced by Paul McCartney Performed by Wings, except “That Would Be Something” and “Oh Woman Oh Why” by Paul McCartney

  • Ringo Starr: 1975-1983

    Ringo Starr: 1975-1983

    18/09/2008 Duration: 32min

    Here's another episode, featuring Ringo! Tracks: 1. Attention*** (Paul McCartney) [from "Stop And Smell The Roses"] 2. I'll Still Love You (When Every Song Is Sung)* (George Harrison) [from "Ringo's Rotogravure"] 3. Out On The Streets* (Richard Starkey & Vini Poncia) [from "Ringo The 4th"] 4. Heart On My Sleeve** (Benny Gallagher & Graham Lyle) [from "Bad Boy"] 5. You've Got A Nice Way# (Stephen Stills & Michael Stergis) [from "Stop And Smell The Roses"] 6. In My Car## (Richard Starkey & Joe Walsh) [from "Old Wave"] 7. Picture Show Life## (John Slate & John Reid) [from "Old Wave"] 8. A Man Like Me** (Ruan Olachainn) [from "Bad Boy"] Produced by *Arif Mardin, **Vini Poncia, ***Paul McCartney, #Stephen Stills and ##Joe Walsh

  • Ringo Starrs Apple Albums: 1970-1974

    Ringo Starr's Apple Albums: 1970-1974

    12/09/2008 Duration: 28min

    Welcome to another episode, this one featuring Ringo Starr's Apple Albums! Tracks: 1. Early 1970+ (Richard Starkey) 2. Stardust* (Hoagy Carmichael/Mitchell Parish; Arranged by Paul McCartney) [from "Sentimental Journey"] 3. I Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way** (with Jeannie Kendall on duet vocals and The Jordinaires on backing vocals) (Chuck Howard) [from "Beacoups Of Blues"] 4. Devil Woman*** (Richard Starkey/Vini Poncia) [from "Ringo"] 5. All By Myself*** (Richard Starkey/Vini Poncia) [from "Goodnight Vienna"] 6. Coochy Coochy** (Richard Starkey) 7. (It’s All Da-Da-Da-Down To) Goodnight Vienna*** (Reprise) (John Lennon) [from "Goodnight Vienna"] 8. Six O’clock*** (Paul McCartney) [from "Ringo"] Produced by: *George Martin, **Pete Drake, ***Richard Perry and +George Harrison

  • Gospel Dylan

    Gospel Dylan

    03/09/2008 Duration: 33min

    Welcome to a unique episode, concentrating on Bob Dylan's short-lived infatuation with Christian music during his (also short-lived) tenure as a Born-Again Christian. Songs: 1. Saved 2. Slow Train 3. Property Of Jesus 4. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar 5. Solid Rock 6. Gospel Plow 7. Precious Angel All tracks written by Bob Dylan, except "Saved", by Bob Dyaln & Tim Drummond. "Gospel Plow" is a traditional song, arranged by Bob Dylan "Slow Train" & "Precious Angel" were taken from "Slow Train Comming", produced by Jerry Wexler & Barry Beckett "Saved" & "Solid Rock" were taken from "Saved", produced by Jerry Wexler & Barry Beckett "Property Of Jesus" & "The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar" were taken from "Shot Of Love", produced by Bob Dylan & Chuck Plotkin "Gospel Plow" was tak

  • John Lennon

    John Lennon

    18/08/2008 Duration: 33min

    Here is the 25th episode, covering John Lennon's entire solo career, which we all know was unfortunately cut short. Songs: 1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)* 2. Hold On* (from "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band") 3. How?* (from "Imagine") 4. John Sinclair* (from "Some Time In New York City") 5. Only People# (from "Mind Games") 6. What You Got# (from "Walls & Bridges") 7. Medley: a. Rip It Up b. Ready Teddy (Robert 'Bumps' Blackwell/John Marascalco)# (from "Rock 'N' Roll") 8. Cleanup Time^ (from "Double Fantasy") 9. Nobody Told Me** (from "Milk & Honey") 10. Nobod

  • The Police

    The Police

    25/07/2008 Duration: 29min

    Here's #23! Featuring The Police! Tracks: 1. Can't Stand Losing You (Sting) [From "Outlandos d'Amour"] 2. Contact* (Stewart Copeland) [from "Regatta De Blanc"] 3. When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around* (Sting) [from "Zenyatta Mondatta"] 4. Ωmega Man** (Andy Summers) [from "Ghost In The Machine"] 5. Low Life* (Sting) [B-Side to "Spirits In The Material World"] 6. O My God** (Sting) [from "Synchronicity"] 7. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da* (Sting) [from "Zenyatta Mondatta] 8. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic** (Sting) [from "Ghost In The Machine"] Produced by The Police, with *Nigel Grey and **Hugh Padgham. The Police are Sting (bass, vocals), Andy Summers (guitars, vocals) and Stewart Copeland (drums, vocals).

  • The Beach Boys in the 1980s

    The Beach Boys in the 1980s

    15/07/2008 Duration: 31min

    Here's the 21st episode! This covers The Beach Boys in the 1980s! Tracks: 1.Keepin’ The Summer Alive* (C. Wilson/R. Bachman) 2.Where I Belong** (C. Wilson/R. White Johnson) 3.Rock ‘N’ Roll To The Rescue (M. Love/T. Melcher) 4.Chasin’ The Sky (R. Bishop) 5.Somewhere Near Japan (M. Love/T. Melcher/J. Phillips/B. Johnston) 6.Lahaina Aloha (M. Love/T. Melcher) 7.California Girls [Live] (B. Wilson/M. Love) All tracks produced by Terry Melcher, except *[Bruce Johnston] and **[Steve Levine].

  • #20: The Beatles Capitol Albums, 1964  1965

    #20: The Beatles' Capitol Albums, 1964 & 1965

    08/07/2008 Duration: 28min

    Here's the twentieth episode, highlighting the first eight albums on Capitol Records by The Beatles. Tracks: 1. Help! (from "HELP!") 2. This Boy (from "Meet The Beatles") 3. I Call Your Name (from "The Beatles' Second Album") 4. Things We Said Today (from "Something New") 5. I Feel Fine (from "Beatles '65") 6. Ask Me Why (from "The Early Beatles") 7. Yes It Is (from "Beatles VI") 8. Another Hard Day's Night (from "HELP!") 9. I'm Looking Through You (from "Rubber Soul") All tracks Produced by George Martion, with assistance from Dave Dexter. All tracks written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. "Another Hard Day's Night" by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ken Thorne. The Beatles are John Lennon (vocals; guitar), Paul McCartney (vocals; bass), George Harrison (vocals; guitar) and Ringo Starr (vocals; drums). "Pease and Love!"

  • #19: The Rutles

    #19: The Rutles

    01/07/2008 Duration: 28min

    The Rutles: A Legend To Last A Lunch Time. Tracks: 1. Goose Step Mama (Previously Unreleased) 2. Hold My Hand (From "Meet The Rutles") 3. With A Girl Like You (From "A Hard Day's Rut") 4. Nevertheless (From "Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band") 5. Another Day (From "The Rutles") 6. Get Up And Go (Single Only) 7. Questionnaire (From "Archaeology") 8. Unfinished Words (From "Archaeology") 9. The Knicker Elastic King (From "Archaeology") 10. Number One (Single Only)

  • #18: The Monkees

    #18: The Monkees

    24/06/2008 Duration: 27min

    Hey! Hey! It's episode #18, featuring The Monkees! 1.Special Announcement# [bonus track on "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd."] 2.Opening Ceremony^ [from "HEAD"] 3.(Theme From) The Monkees* (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Heart) [from "The Monkees"] 4. Mary, Mary** (Michael Nesmith)[from "More Of The Monkees"] 5. Superstitious^ [from "HEAD"] 6.You Just May Be The One*** (Michael Nesmith) [from "Headquarters"] 7.Words# (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Heart) [from "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd."] 8.Zilch*** [from "Headquarters"] 9.Writing Wro

  • #17: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    #17: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

    17/06/2008 Duration: 26min

    Here's #17, covering The Jimi Hendrix Experience's three studio albums. Tracks: 1.The Wind Cries Mary 2.Castles Made Of Sand 3.Gypsy Eyes* 4.Wait Until Tomorrow 5.Little Miss Strange* 6.Are You Experienced? All tracks written by Jimi Hendrix, except "Little Miss Strange", which was written by Noel Redding. All tracks produced by Chas Chandler, except *Produced by Jimi Hendrix. The Jimi Hendrix Experience is: Jimi Hendrix (guitars, bass, vocals), Noel Redding (bass, guitars, vocals) and Mitch Mitchell (drums, vocals)

  • #16: George Harrisons Dark Horse Albums

    #16: George Harrison's Dark Horse Albums

    12/06/2008 Duration: 34min

    Here's #16! Greorge Harrison - 1976-2002 1.It’s What You Value 2.Dark Sweet Lady* 3.Teardrops** 4.Mystical One*** 5.Fish On The Sand+ 6.Poor Little Girl 7.Stuck Inside A Cloud++ 8.Got My Mind Set On You+ [Rudy Clark] All tracks written by George Harrison, except where noted. All tracks produced by George Harrison, with *Russ Titleman, **Ray Cooper, ***Ray Cooper and Phil McDonald, +Jeff Lynne, ++Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison.

  • #15: George Harrisons Apple Albums

    #15: George Harrison's Apple Albums

    05/06/2008 Duration: 30min

    Today, the world gets 'round to hearing the 15th episode! This covers George Harrison's fist albums (and a single)on Apple Records from 1968-1975. Tracks: 1. Wonderwall To Be Here 2. Wah – Wah* 3. Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long 4. Bangla Desh 5. Maya Love 6. This Guitar (Can’t Keep Me From Crying) 7. No Time Or Space All tracks written and produced by George Harrison, except *Produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector.

  • #8: The Beach Boys In The 70s

    #8: The Beach Boys In The '70s

    20/04/2008 Duration: 35min

    This is a continuation of #6, again to make up for the pilot. There won't be another Beach Boy episode for a while, believe me! Tracks: 1. Ding Dang* (B. Wilson/R. McQuinn) 2. Cool, Cool Water (B. Wilson/M. Love) 3. Sail On, Sailor (B. Wilson/J. Rieley/R. Kennedy/T. Almer) 4. Good Timin'** (B. & C. Wilson) 5. All This Is That (C. Wilson/M. Love/A. Jardine) 6. My Diane*** (B. Wilson) 7. Only With You (D. Wilson/M. Love) 8. The Night Was So Young* (B. Wilson) 9. It's About Time (D. Wilson/B. Burchman/A. Jardine) 10. Suzie Cincinnati* (A. Jardine) 11. 'Til I Die (B. Wilson) Produced by The Beach Boys, except *[Brian Wilson], **[The Beach Boys, Bruce Johnston & Curt Belcher] and ***[Alan Jardine & Ron Altbach].

  • The Beach Boys in the 60s

    The Beach Boys in the 60s

    12/04/2008 Duration: 28min

    here's the sixth episode! This features The Beach Boys, whom I featured in my awful pilot. This is to make up for it. Tracks: 1. Carl's Big Chance (Brian & Carl Wilson) 2. Heroes And Villains (B. Wilson/V.D. Parks) 3. The Little Girl I Once Knew (B. Wilson) 4. Wendy (B. Wilson/M. Love) 5. Gettin' Hungry* (B. Wilson/M. Love) 6. Darlin'* (B. Wilson/M. Love) 7. Lana (B. Wilson) 8. Don't Hurt My Little Sister (B. Wilson) 9. Break Away (B. Wilson/R. Dunbar) 10. Be Still* (D. Wilson/S. Kalinich) 11. Let Him Run Wild (B. Wilson) 12. And Your