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Now We're Talking features conversation with Jeff Bryant and an in-studio guest. You'll see.


  • Episode #50 - The 50th Episode Episode

    Episode #50 - "The 50th Episode Episode"


    Episode #50 - "The 50th Episode Episode"

  • Episode #49 - The Mick McLeod Episode

    Episode #49 - "The Mick McLeod Episode"


    Mick McLeod

  • Episode #48 - The Return of Jay Hindle Episode

    Episode #48 - "The Return of Jay Hindle Episode"


    Jay Hindle is back for more Hindle than you can handle...

  • Episode #47 - The Jason Newcomb Episode

    Episode #47 - "The Jason Newcomb Episode"


    Jason Newcomb

  • Episode #46 - The Victor Noriega Episode

    Episode #46 - "The Victor Noriega Episode"


    Victor Noriega

  • Episode #45 - The Jay Hindle Episode

    Episode #45 - "The Jay Hindle Episode"


    Jay Hindle

  • Episode #44 - The Ulysses Newcomb Episode

    Episode #44 - "The Ulysses Newcomb Episode"


    Ulysses Newcomb - GHAZM

  • Episode #43 - The Erin Bishop Episode

    Episode #43 - "The Erin Bishop Episode"


    Erin Bishop is an acclaimed event planner, the co-founder of an award winning event band, and an achieved contemporary choral singer. Regardless of what’s she’s working on, she works on it well. Unusually well. She has an unmatched aptitude for the art of making shit happen and she joins me for a conversation about how all this works.

  • Episode #42 - The Ariel Pocock Episode

    Episode #42 - "The Ariel Pocock Episode"


    Ariel Pocock has received international acclaim as an equally captivating jazz pianist, vocalist and composer. She is currently on tour in support of her recently released album “Living in Twilight” and just this afternoon was a featured performer at the Vancouver International Jazz festival.

  • Episode #41 - The Michael Antonakos Episode

    Episode #41 - "The Michael Antonakos Episode"


    Michael Antonakos is an accomplished actor with numerous stage, film, television and voice over credits to his name. Michael is a versatile performer and always seems to be pursuing a variety of projects with relentless determination and focus.

  • Episode #40 - The Kev Holloway Episode

    Episode #40 - "The Kev Holloway Episode"


    Kev Holloway is a Vancouver-based photographer and represents 50% of Adam and Kev photography. In collaboration with Adam Schelle he has also produced the musical event, Playground, an acclaimed project that aired on Telus Optik Local. In 2015, he and Adam also published a photo-based book called So It Is Vancouver. If you’re wondering what led Adam and Kev to broaden their horizons with these projects all you need to do is ask them how they feel about taking headshots of realtors.

  • Episode #39 - The Todd Biffard Episode

    Episode #39 - "The Todd Biffard Episode"


    Percussionist Todd Biffard suffers from relentless curiosity and a complete fascination with the joy of sound. His passion and dedication have opened up many doors, resulting in frequent touring with a variety of musical projects. From 2007-14, Todd was a member of Vancouver band Maria in the Shower and currently he can be see at the Stanley Theatre until July 9th in the Arts Club production of Million Dollar Quartet.

  • Episode #38 - The Cliff Prang Episode

    Episode #38 - "The Cliff Prang Episode"


    Cliff Prang is a professional actor and comedian and amateur husband and father of 3. Cliff joins me in studio for a conversation about making his way professionally as a man with microphone.

  • Episode #37 - The Gareth Moses + Matthew Griffiths Episode

    Episode #37 - "The Gareth Moses + Matthew Griffiths Episode"


    Gareth Moses is a man I’ve only had occasion to speak to in short, fleeting bursts. As show neighbours at CiTR, we've been long overdue for a proper conversation and what better way than on the show? Matthew Griffiths joins for a conversation about electronic music, working in the film industry and their record label, More Than Human Records.

  • Episode #36 - The Eric Regimbald Episode

    Episode #36 - "The Eric Regimbald Episode"


    Versatile filmmaker, stage actor and voice over performer Eric Regimbald joins me in-studio to discuss his unwavering passion for the arts.

  • Episode #35 - The Rachel Fenlon Episode

    Episode #35 - "The Rachel Fenlon Episode"


    Berlin based soprano sensation, Rachel Fenlon, joins me in studio to discuss how she "found freedom in the prison" with her groundbreaking project "Fenlon & Fenlon" which uniquely merges her classical vocal and piano talents.

  • Episode #34 - The Kris Schulz Episode

    Episode #34 - "The Kris Schulz Episode"


    Virtuosic guitarist and composer Kris Schulz joins Jeff in the studio for a discussion about his album "While The City Sleeps", connecting with new fans across the country and coming full circle in his guitar playing experience.

  • Episode #33 - The Musical Memory Episode

    Episode #33 - "The Musical Memory Episode"


    Jeff and Keith re-live some youthful memories through a collection of songs personal to them.

  • Episode #32 - The David Ward Episode

    Episode #32 - "The David Ward Episode"


    Musician David Ward joins Jeff in the studio for a discussion about being allowed to write songs, seeking an audience in the UK, figuring out how to sing like yourself and the possibility of future meetings at DQ.

  • Episode #31 - The 80s Movie Song Nostalgia Episode

    Episode #31 - "The 80's Movie Song Nostalgia Episode"


    Jeff and Keith go down musical memory lane as they remember some of their favourite movie moments from the 1980's.

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