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A podcast based in Reno featuring conversations with local and touring bands, musicians and other creative people.


  • Episode 39: Frankly Fictitious

    Episode 39: Frankly Fictitious


    Here’s episode 39 with Frankly Fictitious! The guys in Frankly Fictitious took time out of their busy schedule last week to hang out at the All Independent Reno back-shack. Frankly Fictitious have been together for more than five years, consisting … Continue reading →

  • Episode 38: The Grimtones

    Episode 38: The Grimtones


    Here’s episode 38 with The Grimtones! The Grimtones stopped by the All Independent Reno back-shack last week to talk about how they first got together, the new album they’re currently working on at Dogwater Studios and a cool story about … Continue reading →

  • Episode 37: Prince Robot

    Episode 37: Prince Robot


    Here’s episode 37 with Prince Robot! Prince Robot stopped by the All Independent Reno back-shack last week to talk about a variety of subjects including band spirit animals, Pogs (remember Pogs?) and music that influenced their new album Post-Apocalyptic Dancehall Blues. … Continue reading →

  • Episode 36: The Soft White Sixties

    Episode 36: The Soft White Sixties


    Here’s episode 36 with The Soft White Sixties! The Soft White Sixties are an awesome five piece rock ‘n’ roll / soul group, originally from San Francisco, they have since moved out to LA. They were on tour with Dan … Continue reading →

  • Episode 35: Charlie Parr

    Episode 35: Charlie Parr


    Here’s episode 35 with Charlie Parr from Duluth Minnesota! Charlie Parr stopped into Reno while on tour a few months back at the Peppermill performing songs from his vast repertoire of music including new songs from his latest record entitled … Continue reading →

  • Episode 34: The Brankas

    Episode 34: The Brankas


    Here’s episode 34 with The Brankas! The Brankas are a duo from San Francisco, originally formed in Oakland in 2011, they consist of members Taylor McElroy and Theo Slavin. I first met Theo and Taylor selling their merch after I … Continue reading →

  • Episode 33: Gremfest ’17

    Episode 33: Gremfest ’17


    Here’s episode 33 with Gremfest ’17 coverage! Gremfest started as a house show with friends which has since turned into the most raddest, funnest and most epic house party festival that I’ve ever attended. Spencer Kilpatrick and his girlfriend decided … Continue reading →

  • Episode 32: Tacocat

    Episode 32: Tacocat


    Here’s episode 32 with Tacocat! Tacocat is an American punk rock quartet from Seattle, Washington on Hardly Art records. They founded in 2007 and consist of band mates Emily Nokes, Bree McKenna, Lelah Maupin, and Eric Randall. Tacocat recently performed … Continue reading →

  • Episode 31: Ryan Chrys  The Rough Cuts

    Episode 31: Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts


    Here’s episode 31 with Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts. I had the pleasure to talk to Ryan Chrys and Bradley Weaver from The Rough Cuts before they performed at The Saint in Reno. They were coming through town from … Continue reading →

  • Episode 30: Chris Staples

    Episode 30: Chris Staples


    Here’s episode 30 with Chris Staples! Chris Staples played a solo performance on his living room show tour with Undertow Music Collective at 7th Street Station recently in Reno. We talked about his recording / writing process, his musical roots … Continue reading →

  • Episode 29: Killer Whale

    Episode 29: Killer Whale


    Here’s episode 29 with Thomas Johnson from the band Killer Whale! Thomas and I had a conversation before he performed recently with his band Killer Whale at The Saint in Reno. We talked about their new record Casual Crush, his … Continue reading →

  • Episode 28: Rigorous Proof

    Episode 28: Rigorous Proof


    Here’s episode 28 with Rigorous Proof! The guys from Rigorous Proof had a conversation with me recently at The Saint in Reno about how they got together and their creative process. They are currently working on a new album coming … Continue reading →

  • Episode 27: Travis Hayes and The Young Daze

    Episode 27: Travis Hayes and The Young Daze


    Here’s episode 27 with Travis Hayes and The Young Daze! Travis Hayes and The Young Daze performed at The Saint in Reno this past weekend with Reno hometown heroes Rigorous Proof and People With Bodies. I got a chance to … Continue reading →

  • Episode 26: Nick Eng

    Episode 26: Nick Eng


    Here’s episode 26 with Nick Eng! Nick stopped by the studio to talk about his music and his love for the 60’s British Invasion sounds of The Beatles, The Hollies and how he has translated those influences into his own … Continue reading →

  • Episode 25: Dainesly

    Episode 25: Dainesly


    Here’s episode 25 with Dainesly! Dainesly is a band from Reno, Nevada based around the songwriting of Bryan Daines, formerly of the band Dead Winter Carpenters. Bryan stopped by to talk about his Alt-Country / Americana debut record Snatching Defeat … Continue reading →

  • Episode 24: Uniform

    Episode 24: Uniform


    Here’s episode 24 with Uniform! Uniform formed in New York City in 2013 when old friends Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan reconnected and realized that they had evolved to a similar place musically. Wanting as intimate an experience as possible, … Continue reading →

  • Episode 23: Bluff Caller

    Episode 23: Bluff Caller


    Here’s episode 23 with Cody Rea from Bluff Caller! Cody Rea stopped by the All Independent Reno studio to talk about Bluff Caller’s album The Desert Party and their benefit concert for Planned Parenthood March 4th at Cargo. Bluff Caller … Continue reading →

  • Episode 22: Night Rooms

    Episode 22: Night Rooms


    Here’s episode 22 with Night Rooms! Night Rooms stopped by last week to talk about their latest release Outside Days EP. They are a four piece surf-indie band from Reno NV consisting of members Nic Graver (Vocals/Guitar), Ryan Burt (Drums), … Continue reading →

  • Episode 21: Kristina Esfandiari – Miserable

    Episode 21: Kristina Esfandiari – Miserable


    Here’s episode 21 with Kristina Esfandiari with the band Miserable! Kristina was awesome to talk to before her show Feb. 7th at Holland Project in Reno. She is the front woman for Miserable as well as the “doom metal” band … Continue reading →

  • Episode 20: M. Lockwood Porter

    Episode 20: M. Lockwood Porter


    Here’s episode 20 with M. Lockwood Porter! M. Lockwood Porter stopped by last week to talk about his music and solo acoustic tour playing songs from his repertoire and latest record How to Dream Again. He was in Reno playing … Continue reading →